ACRS 1999

Sections: [Agriculture/Soil][Water Resources][Disasters][Measurement and Modeling][Land Use][Forest Resources][Mapping From Space][Oceanography/Coastal Zone][Topics Including Education][Hyper Spectral Image Processing][Image Processing][Geology] [Environment][GIS][Airborne Remote Sensing][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2][Poster Session 3][Poster Session 4][Poster Session 5][Poster session 6]

Section 1 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS99-1 Rapid Updating of Rice Map for Local Government Using SAR DATA and GIS -In Zegcheng County, Guangdong Province, China
    Tan Bingxiang, Li Zengyyuan, Che Xuejian

  2. AGS99-2 Estimation of NPP based agricultural production For Asian countries using Remote Sensing data and GIS
    Shiro Ochi and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. AGS99-3 GIS-Based Regional Spatial Crop Yield Modeling
    Satya Priya, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  4. AGS99-4 The Precision Analysis of Soil Use Investigating in a level of County with the Data of Spot Imagine
    Li Bingbai, Yu Chumshen, Chen Yuquan, He Wei and Zhang Jinghong

  5. AGS99-5 Root Rot Detection in Sugar Beet Using Digital Multispectral Video
    Allen Hope, L. Coulter, D. Stow, S. Peterson, D. Service, A. Telck, D. Melin, J. Svejkovsky, J. Conger

  6. AGS99-6 Land Evaluation for Combining Economic Crops using GIS and Remotely Sensed Data
    C. Mongkolsawat, P. Thigrangoon, P. Kuptawutinan

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Section 2 : Water Resources

  1. WR99-1 A Fusion Approach of Multi -Spectral with SAR image for Flood Area Analysis
    S. Wisetphanichkij, K. Dejhan, F. Cheevasuvit, S. Mitatha, I. Arungsrisangchai, S. Yimman

  2. WR99-2 The Research of Urban Waterlogging-Dragging Decision Support System Based on GIS
    Li Jun, Bian Fuling, Hu Zifeng

  3. WR99-3 Monitoring Soil Water Contents in Tarim River Area Using NOAA/AVHRR Data
    Liu Peijun Song Yudong Alishir Kurban Fan Zili Zhang Lin Wang Ranghui

  4. WR99-4 Assessment of Climate-Change Impact on Runoff Using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
    Chi-Chung Lau, Kwan-Tun Lee, Ching-Pin Tung, Chin-Hsin Chang

  5. WR99-5 Preliminary Studies for Estimating Surface Soil Moisture and Roughness Based on a Simultaneous Experiment with CRL/NASDA Airbone SAR (PI-SAR)
    Takeo Tadone, Muhtar Qong, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Masanobu Sshimada

  6. WR99-6 Characterizing Patterns and Trends of Wetland Vegetation Using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
    Sunil Narumalani, Donald C. Rundquist Jill Maeder and Stephen Payton

  7. WR99-7 Flood Predicition from LANDSAT Thematic Mapper Data and Hydrological Modeling
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd, Mohamad Adli Bin MansorS. Wisetphanichkij, K. Dejhan, F. Cheevasuvit, S. Mitatha, I. Arungsrisangchai, S. Yimman

  8. WR99-8 Identifying The Morphological Changes of a Distributor of the Ganges in Response to The Declining Flow Using Remote Sensing
    Maminul Haque Sarker, M. M. Kamal, K. Hasan

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Section 3: Disasters

  1. DIS99-1 A Proposal of Integrated Construction of Multi-Satellite Earth Observation System to Meet Requirements of Fast Response to Flood And Waterlogging Monitoring
    Pan Xizhe Li Chanrong Kou Lianquan Tang Lingli

  2. DIS99-2 Attempt for Automated Detection of Damaged Buildings Using Aerial HDTV Images
    Hirotada Hasegawa, Hisashi Aoki and Fumio Yamazaki, Izumi Sekimoto

  3. DIS99-3 GPS Observation of PW Depletion after Typhoon
    Yuei-An Liou, Cheng-Yuang Huang, and Yu-Tun Teng

  4. DIS99-4 An Operational Satellite Dust Storm Monitoring System
    Lu Wenjie, Zhen Xinjiang, Sun Sinheng, Zeng Xiaomei, Sun Siheng

  5. DIS99-5 A Preliminary Attempt To Develop An Erosion Risk Map for Langkawi Island, Malaysia Using The USLE, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
    Kamaruzaman Wan Yosof and Serwan M. J. Baban

  6. DIS99-6 Hazard Monitoring at Pinatubo Volcano using Multi-Temporal Radar Ddata
    Ronnie Torres, Rowena Quiambao, P. Mouginis-Mark, H. Gabriel, K. Kallianpur S. Self

  7. DIS99-7 Backscattering Characteristics of Airborne SAR Images for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment in Urban Areas
    Hisashi Aoki, Masashi Matsuoka, Fumio Yamazaki, Seiho Uratsuka, Tatsuharu Kobayashi, Makoto Satake

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Section 4: Measurement and Modeling

  1. M&M99-1 Cyber City Spatial Information system ( CC-SIS): A new concept for the management of 3-Databases city models in a hybrid GIS
    Armin Gruen, Xinhua Wnag

  2. M&M99-2 Calibraiton of a Vehicle-based Laser/CCD Sensor System for Urban 3D Mapping
    Kazuhisa Inaba, Dinesh Manandhar and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. M&M99-3 Research on the displacement of Spot Images
    Zhang Yonghong, Zheng Jixen, Lin Zongjian

  4. M&M99-4 Simultaneous Observation of Sea Surface Wind Speed. Significant Wave Height and Oceanic Perception Using TOPEX Altimeter Data
    Ge Chen and Hui Lin

  5. M&M99-5 Fully Digital Photogrammetry From Imagery to Digital Earth
    Deren Li, Xiuxiao Yuan, Jianqing Zhang, Jianya Gong

  6. M&M99-6 Analysis and Visualization of 3D Geospatial Data by Using Delaunay Tetrahedral Tessellation
    Xiaoyong Chen and Shunji Murai

  7. M&M99-7 A way To automatic and High Precison Reconstruction of A Real 3D-City Surface
    Jaan-Rong Tsay

  8. M&M99-8 Digital Orthophoto Map Production in China
    Vingcheng Li, Liangcal Chu, Xueyou Li and Tongying Guo

  9. M&M99-9 Accurate DEMlk Extraction from SPORT Stereo Pairs: A Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on The Geometry of the Satellite
    Hae Yeou Lee, Wonkyu Park, Taejung Kim, Heungkyu Lee

  10. M&M99-10 Semi-Automatic System for Roof Reconstruction Based on 3D Linear Segments
    Shih-Hong Chio, Shue-Chia Wang

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Section 5: Land Use

  1. LU99-1 Model Simulated Land Use/Cover Changes in Thailand -Results from AGENT-LUC Model
    K S Rajan and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. LU99-2 Supervised Classification of Multispectral Satellite Images using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network
    Somying Promcharoen and Yuttapong Rangsanseri

  3. LU99-3 Land Use/Land Cover Mapping of Central Water Shed of Iran Area Based on Satellite Data Interpretation
    K. Ahmadi Soroush

  4. LU99-4 Geo-Interpretation Model for Land-Cover/Land-Use Classification
    Zhou chenghu Luo Jiancheng

  5. LU99-5 Evaluation of Filtering and Classification Techniques for Floodplain Land Use/Cover Mapping using Fadarsat Sar Data
    Quazi khalid Hassan, Timothey C.Martin, khaled Hasan, Ahamadul Hassan and Md.Shawkat Ali

  6. LU99-6 Classification of Tropical Algal Bloom types By sea Truth Spectral-Radiometric Data
    1-1 Lin, Soo Chin Liew, Hock Lim, Leong Keong Kwoth, Michael Holmes, Serena, Teo, Siong Teck Koh and Karina Gin

  7. LU99-7 Landuse Change and Urban Growing Monitoring in China
    Yingcheng Li, Liangcal Chu, Tongying Guo, Yanli Xue, Xueyou Li, Xiaobo Ding and Xiaolong Liu

  8. LU99-8 Land Cover Classification Using CRL/NASDA PI-SAR Data
    Muhtar Qong. Tadono, Hiroyuki Weakabayashi, Masanobu Shimada, Tatsuharu Kobayashi

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Section 6: Forest Resources

  1. FR99-1 State of the Art: Remote Sensing Applications for Sustainable Management of Forests
    Yousif Ali Hussin

  2. FR99-2 Researches on Monitoring by Remote Sensing the Tropical Forests in Hainan Island, China
    Xuequian Li

  3. FR99-3 Estimation Model of net primary Production by Vegetation for ADEOS-11\GLI data
    Shinobu Furumi Akiko Ono, Noboru Fujiwara

  4. FR99-4 Monitoring of Forest Cover Change in Tanh Linh District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam By Multi-temporal LANDSAT TM Data.
    Nguyen Dinh Duong, Le Kim Thoa, Nguyen Thanh Hoan, Chu Thi Binh

  5. FR99-5 Forest Burnt Scars Study Using C-band and L-band SAR Imagery
    Oo Kaw Lim, Soo nChin Liew, M. Nakayama, Keong Keong Kwoh, Hock Lim

  6. FR99-6 A Case Study for Evaluation of the Feasibility of Mapping Forest and Non-forest using ILU Image Over Zengcheng Country in China
    Zengyuan Li, B. Rosich, Erxue Chen

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Section 7: Mapping From Space

  1. MSP99-1 Development of the Technology of Making a High-Accuracy DEM using RADARSAT High-Resolution Data
    Takaki Okatani, Nobuyuki Watanabe and Mamoru Koarai

  2. MSP99-2 CCD Camera for CBERS
    Deluo Lin and Slhaochun Cui

  3. MSP99-3 Appling Newly Developed Calibrated Radiance DMSP/OLS Data for Estimation of Population
    Mikiyasu Nakayama, Christopher D. Elvidge

  4. MSP99-4 Improved " Cloud-Free" Multi-Scene Mosaics of SPOT Images
    Min Li, Soo Chin Liew, Leong Keong Kwoh, Hock Lim

  5. MSP99-5 Meteorological Satellite Program of China
    Wenjian Zhang

  6. MSP99-6 A Digital Airborn Camera System for Photogrammetry and Thematic Applications
    Helmut Heier, Alexander Hinz

  7. MSP99-7 Optimum Synthetic Aperture Radar System Parameters for Rice and Tropic Vegetation Monitoring
    Yun Shao and Robert N. Treuhaft

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Section 8: Oceanography/Coastal Zone

  1. OCN99-1 Application of TrajectoryModel, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) for Oil Spill Emergency Response in Straits of Malacca
    Hamid Assilzadeh & Maged, M. & S. B. Mansor & M. I. Mohamed

  2. OCN99-2 Ocean color remote sensing by Sea WiFS in China
    Pan Delu Haung Haiqing Mao Tingming and Mao Zhehau

  3. OCN99-3 The Sea Level Anomalies in China Seas from Satellite Altimeter Data
    Haiying Wang, Lintao Liu, Houtse Hsu, Guangyun

  4. OCN99-4 Mapping Ocean Oil Pollution with ERS SAR Imagery
    Jingxuan Lu, Hock Lim , Mingquan Bao, Soo Chin Liew and Leong Keong Kwoh

  5. OCN99-5 Sea Surface Temperature Derived from Fy-2 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Monitoring
    Li-Yu Chang. A. J. Chen, C. F. Chen and C. M. Huang

  6. OCN99-6 A Robust System for Shoreline Detection and Its Application To coastal-zone
    Li-yu Chang, A.J. Chen, C.F. Chen and C.M. Huang

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Section 9: Topics Including Education

  1. TIE99-1 Interactive Java Applets for Remote Sensing and GIS Education
    Dennis G. Dye, Sucharita Gopal and junchang Ju

  2. TIE99-2 Ground Truth Measurement System Using RC Helicopter
    Tianen Chen and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. TIE99-3 The Development of national GPS network in Mongolia
    M. Saandar

  4. TIE99-4 The Education and Training of Remote Sensing
    Fuling Bian, Liangming Lin, Lite Shi

  5. TIE99-5 Training Program on Remote Sensing for The Asian Countries By NASDA
    Eiichi Muto

  6. TIE99-6 Reflections of The Teaching System of "Remote Sensing" Course
    Dong Yu Yang, Dong Peng

  7. TIE99-7 Development of A Vision-Based Positioning System for High Density Urban Areas
    Tianea Chen and Ryosuke Shibasaki

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Section 10: Hyper Spectral Image Processing

  1. HSP99-1 Extraction and Recognition of Urban Objects by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
    Liu Jiangui, Zhang Bing, Zheng Lanfen, Tong Qingxi

  2. HSP99-2 Feature Extraction for Hyper Spectral Image
    Pai-Hui Hsu, Yi-Hsing Tseng

  3. HSP99-3 Pattern decomposition Method for Hyper-multispectral Satellite Data Analysis
    Noboru Fujiwara, Motomasa Daigo and Rika Urabe

  4. HSP99-4 Mapping the Comstock Epithermal Mineralisation system, Nevada, using Simulated ARIES-I Hyperspectral Data
    Kai Yang, Jonathan F. Huntington and Joseph W. Boardman

  5. HSP99-5 Different Approaches in Nature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification
    D.A. marsaikhan, M. Gangorig

  6. HSP99-6 A New Approach on Operational Offshore Suspended Sediment Algorithm for Satellite Images
    Ming Deng, Yan Li, Jujie Yang, Jin Li, Shujing Li

  7. HSP99-7 Adaptable Class Data Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
    Xiuping Jia

  8. HSP99-8 Development of High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
    Bingxi Yu and Gang Wang

  9. HSP99-9 Spectral Mixture Analysis for Hyperspectral Data
    Yi-Hsing Tseng

  10. HSP99-10 Simulated SPOT-Equivalent Reflectance Characteristics of Common Coral Reef Features
    Heather Holden, Ellsworth Leadrew and Christian Melsheimer

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Section 11: Image Processing

  1. IMP99-1 Operation Concepts and Requirements for Image Receiving Processing and Distribution System-Towards 300 Mbps Down-Link Data Rate and 1m Resolution
    Taejung Kim, Young-Ran Lee, Min Nyo Hong, Tag-Gon Kim

  2. IMP99-2 Fuzzy Training Data for Fuzzy Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Images
    Chi-Farn Chen

  3. IMP99-3 Modified Fuzzy C-Means for Satellite Image Segmentation
    Uthai Sangthongpraow, Punya Thitimajshima, and Yuthapong Rangsanseri

  4. IMP99-4 A Image Fusion Method: Improve the Spatial Resolution While Preserve the Color
    Zhijun Wang, Deren Li

  5. IMP99-5 Application Study of Stereoscopic Animations made from Remote Sensing Images
    Nobuhiko Mori

  6. IMP99-6 Segmentation on the Edge Preserving Smoothing Image
    A somboonkaew, S. Chitwong, F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan and S. Mitatha

  7. IMP99-7 Study on Quality Evaluation of Compressed Remote Sensing Images
    Youping LI, Qingfen Xu, Guoliang Bian

  8. IMP99-8 Research and Develop a Satellite Remote Sensing Monitoring and Disaster Assessment System of Sandstorm
    Siheng Sun , Guosheng Wang, Yaping Liao, Yuxing Zhang, Xinjiang Zheng, Jingning Luo, Wenjie Lu

  9. IMP99-9 High Efficient Compression Encoding using Vector Quantization for the Satellite Image
    Tsukasa Hosomura

  10. IMP99-10 Effects of JPEG Compression on Accuracy of Image Classification
    Kent W. K. Lam*,W. L. Lau**,Z. L. Li***

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Section 12: Geology

  1. GEO99-1 Air SAR: A Tool for Mineral Prospecting-A Case Study at Dumara, Antique, Philippines
    Michael Lituanas, J. H. G. Salvador, R. Subong, D. S. Domingo lii, A. M. J. Valenzuela And E.O. Claridad

  2. GEO99-2 Radar Image for The Study of Landslide Structures in HK
    Huosheng Shi and Hui Lin

  3. GEO99-3 Feasibility to monitor Changbai Mountain volcanic activities by space techniques
    Liqun Bo , Renkui Hua

  4. GEO99-4 A Practical Approach To Creating A Landslide Database Using Taiwan SPOT Mosaci
    Jin-King LIU and Tsun-Cheng WOING

  5. GEO99-5 Estimation of The Prospective ORE-Bearing sites using Multivariate Statistical and Image Analysis
    M. Ganzorig, D.Amarsaikhan, J.Gan-Ochir

  6. GEO99-6 Application of RS and GIS in natural disaster survey: a case studyof mountainous landslide caused by the herb typhoon
    Chinsu Lin *, Yeong-Kuan Chen **, Shoei-Jyi Wu ***

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Section 13: Environment

  1. ENV99-1 Feasibility Analysis for Vegetation Classification from Time Series NDVI Data with "Green Census" Data
    Keiko Kokubu, Krishna Pahari, Masayuki Tamura, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  2. ENV99-2 Estimation of Atmospheric Aerosol Depth with SPOT Satellite Data
    Tang-Huang Lin, A. J. Chen and Gin-Rong Liu

  3. ENV99-3 Observation and Analysis of Ship Wakes in ERS-SAR and SPOT Images
    Christian Melsheimer, Hock Lim, Chaomin Shen

  4. ENV99-4 A Methodology in Detailed Environment Mapping for Viral. Disease Survey
    Haja Andrianasolo, K. Nakhapakorn, D. Fages, Jean-Paul Gonzalez, P. Barbazan

  5. ENV99-5 Estimation of Emission Changes About Green House Effect Gasses By Land-CoverChanges using Remote Sensing and GIS in Sumatra Island, Indonesia
    Lilik Budi Prasetyo, Genya Saito, Haruo Tsuruta

  6. ENV99-6 An Entropy Method to Analyze Urban Sprawl in A Rapid Growing Region Using TM Images
    Anthony Gar-on YEH, Xia LI

  7. ENV99-7 Applying SPOT Data to Estimate the Atmospheric Aerosol Optical in Complex Terrain
    ang-Huang Lin, A.j. Chen and Gin -Rong Liu

  8. ENV99-8 Spectral Model of Water Quality parameters
    Yin Qui, Shu Xiaozhou, Kuang Dingbo

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Section 14: GIS

  1. GIS99-1 Dynamic Linking of Arc View, XGobi and XploRe for Multivariate Spatial Data: Linked Brushing for Points, Polygons, and Lines
    Nicholas J. Lewin-koh, Jiigen Symanzik and Dianne COOK

  2. GIS99-2 The Exemplary Effect of GeoStar in the Spatial Data Infrastructure Construction in China
    Jianya Gong, Deren LI

  3. GIS99-3 Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Land use Effects on Environment using Quantitative Methods in GIS: The Talighan Basin (Iran)
    Dr. Farshad Nourian and Mr. Ali Jahani (Iran)

  4. GIS99-4 A Study on Determination of Proper Service Levels of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Using Activity-Based Approach
    Konami Takahiro, Shibasaki Ryosuke, Sakakibara Tsuneki

  5. GIS99-5 Remote Sensing and GIS for Flood Prediction
    Rohaya Mamat, Shattri B. Mansor

  6. GIS99-6 The Approaches and Practice of Integrating GIS Software
    Yan Li, Guobin Chi, Qifang Liao and Pengde Li

  7. GIS99-7 An Artificial Intelligent Geographical-Spatial Model for Urban Transportation Travel Forecast
    Andre Dantas, Y. Yamashita, E. Hideshima K. Yamamoto, M. V. Lamar

  8. GIS99-8 Assessment of Map Certainty on Urban Growth using Remote Sensing and GIS Integration
    Haja Andrianasolo, Duong Quoc Nghi

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Section 15: Airborne Remote Sensing

  1. ARS99-1 High Spectral Resolution Airborne Optical Sensor
    Wang Jianyu, Xue, Yongqi, Wang Binyong, Xiao Jincai

  2. ARS99-2 Development of Airborne 3D Imager
    Li Shukai, You Hongjian, Zhang Chonghou

  3. ARS99-3 Development of the Technology of Making a DEM Using Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
    Takaki Okatani, Mamoru Korarai, Kouichi Moteki, Nobuyuki Watanabe, Youko Yamada, Kaoru Matsuo and Katsuto Nakagawa

  4. ARS99-4 Applicability of AIRSAR Data Sets to Hazard Mapping of Canlaon Volcano, Philippines
    Rowena B. Quiambao, R. C. Torres, M. E Martinez-villegas, Ma. A. Bornas, B. T. Sikat, M. Isabel Abigania

  5. ARS99-5 Integrating Surface Estimation Into Aerial Triangulation
    Jen-Jer Jaw

  6. ARS99-6 Interpretaion and Comparision of AirSAR Quad-Polarized Radar Images
    D. Amarsaikhan, M.Ganzoring

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Section 16: Poster Session 1

  1. PS199-1 Ground-based radiometric sensing of water vapour and temperature profiles
    Yuei-An Liou and Chuang-: Lun Chang

  2. PS199-2 Digital Orthoimage Generation from Large-Scale Aerial Photography
    Jiann - Yeou Rau

  3. PS199-3 Geometric and Spectral Analyses of Merged Remotely Sensed Images
    Hao-Hsiung Huang and Yi-Sheng Hsieh

  4. PS199-4 Initialization for Image Registration using Feature Matching
    Liang-Chien Chen and Jeng-Daw Lee

  5. PS199-5 Integrating landscape Models in Forest landscape Analyses using GIS: An Example in Taiwan
    Li-Ta Hsu and Chi-Chuan Cheng

  6. PS199-6 Modeling Rice Growth from Characteristics of Reflectance Spectra
    Chwen-Ming Yang, Muh-Rong Su

  7. PS199-7 The Pioneer Project Research of Protection Forests Affairs Management System - An example on Ta-Chia stream working cycle
    Gwo-Jern Hwang, Yuh-Lurng Chung, Wen-Fu Chen

  8. PS199-8 Application of Remote Sensing for Extraction of Road Information
    Manzul Kumar Hazarika, Kiyoshi Honda, Lal Samarakoon, Shunji Murai

  9. PS199-9 A Practical Model for Estimation The Arable Land Change of China Using Remotely Sensed Imagery
    Zhongchao Shi, Haiqi Liu and Ryousuke Shibasaki

  10. PS199-10 Application of RS and GIS in natural disaster survey: a case study of mountainous landslide caused by the herb typhoon
    Chinsu Lin, Yeong-Kuan Chen, Shoei-Jyi Wu

  11. PS199-11 Analysis of Water Quality Pattern near the Lake Hinuma Using Passive Image Data
    Takashi Hoshi, Kazuhito Tanii

  12. PS199-12 Retrieval Model of Infrared Surface Emissary Based on NOAA Satellite Data
    Yonghua Fang and Yulong Xun

  13. PS199-13 Remote Sensing Image Feature of Uranium Ore in China
    Yunzhong Xie, Kexu Ding and Mingsong Li

  14. PS199-14 Requirements of Optimal Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Frequency, Polarization and Incidence Angle for Mapping Underwater Bottom Topography: A Simulation Study
    Weigen Huang, Bin Fu, Changbao Zhou, Jingsong Yang, Aiqin Shi and Donglin Li

  15. PS199-15 Satellite SAR Remote Sensing of Ocean Internal Waves
    Changbao Zhou, Jingsong Yang, Weigen Huang, Bin Fu, Aiqin Shi, Donglin LI

  16. PS199-16 Evaluation of Forest and Nonforest Classification Capability of ILU Image With Dirrerent Kinds of Pixel Size and Choerence Generation Methodology
    Chen Erxue, B. Rosich, Li Zengyuan

  17. PS199-17 Comparison of jers-1 and radarsat synthetic aperture Radar data for mapping mangrove and its biomass
    Mazlan Hashim and Wan Hazli Wan Kadir

  18. PS199-18 Preliminary Classification of Infrared Aerial Photographs using an Advanced Algorithm
    Jaemes Driver

  19. PS199-19 10-Bands Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner
    Feng Qi, Zheng Qin-Bo, Gong Hui-Xing

  20. PS199-20 Radiometer for (Fy-2) Synchronous Meteorological Satellite
    Guilin Chen, Yuntian Pei

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Section 17: Poster Session 2

  1. PS299-1 Estimation of forest biomass density in Kalimantan Island using JERS-1 SAR data
    Yumiko Wada and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. PS299-2 Development of a model of radiation balance near ground level and application to satellite data analysis
    Kanako MURAMATSU1, Anna Beata ADAMZYK And Noboru FUJIWARA1

  3. PS299-3 A Study On The Design Of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Using Activity-Based Domain Analysis (ADA)

  4. PS299-4 A new Composite Method for NOAA/AVHRR GAC Global Product
    Masayuki Matsuoka, Koji Kajiwara, Toshiaki Hashimoto and Yoshiaki Honda

  5. PS299-5 Research and Develop a Satellite Remote Sensing Monitoring and Disaster Assessment System of Sandstorm
    Sun Siheng, Wang Guosheng, Liao Yaping , Zhang Yuxing, Zheng Xinjiang, Luo Jingning, Lu Wenjie

  6. PS299-6 The IRMSS for CBERS
    Wang Huaiyi, Ma Wenpo

  7. PS299-7 Estimation of Rice-Planted Areas in Early stage using RADARSAT Data
    Shoji Takeuchi, Tomohisa Konishi, Yoshinari Oguro and Yuzo Suza

  8. PS299-8 Remote Sensing Research for Geological Area Selection of Coalbed Maehane in Qinshui Basin, Shanxi, Chian
    Feng Fucheng, Mao Yaobaom Wan Young, Wang Xinmin

  9. PS299-9 Conceptual Modeling for Dynamic Revision of Spatio-Temporal Database
    Yoshihide Sekimoto, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  10. PS299-10 Correction of OCTS Sensor Alignment
    Toshiaki Hashimoto

  11. PS299-11 Detection of Oyster Beds Using SAR and Optical Sensor Data
    Yuzo Suga, Yoshinari Oguro, Shoji Takeuchi

  12. PS299-12 Estimation of Biomass Using Three-Dimensional Scanning System
    Hironobu Oishi, Koji Kajiwara, Yoshiaki Honda

  13. PS299-13 Estimation of Grass Canopy Height using Its BRDF Property
    Asako Konda, D. Hongo, H. Ichikawa, K. Kajiwara, M. Moriyama and Y. Honda

  14. PS299-14 Generating Water Resource Distribution Map Using R. S. and GIS at global Scale
    Kiyoo Kamiyama. Shiro Ochi and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  15. PS299-15 Generating of the 1998 North Caspian Bathymetric Map using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images, Republic of Kazakhstan -with special emphasis on seismic survey planning
    Masataka Ochi, M. Hatanaka, N. Oikawa, T. Hoshi

  16. PS299-16 Integrated Use of Backscatter and Coherence Imagery on C and L Band forIdentification of Land Cover in Tropics - A Case Study in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia-
    Masayasu Maki and Miklyasu Nakayama

  17. PS299-17 New Method for Building Collapse Risk Assessment Based on Damage Data due toThe 1995 KOBE Earthquake
    Hiroyuki Tanaka, Osamu Murao, Fumio Yamazaki

  18. PS299-18 Extend Progresses in Synthetic Aperture Radar Technology
    Min Hui Zhu, Yirong Wu.

  19. PS299-19 China Advanced Microwave Remote Sensor
    Heguany Liu, Jingshan Jian, xiaolong Dong

  20. PS299-20 Dynamic Monitoring and Damag Evaluation of Flood in Northwest Jilin with Remote Sensing
    Zhaoli Liu, Fang Huang, Linyi Li, enpu Wan

  21. PS199-21 Dynamic Environment Testing System for Space Remote Sensor
    Zhichun Liao and Bingxin Yang

  22. PS299-22 Issues on The Design of China Imaging Altimeter (CIALT)
    Yunhua Zhang, Jingshan Jiang Maotang Li, Ke Xu, Dehai zhang, Jing Li, Heguang Liu

  23. PS299-23 Research on Calibration Technology of Airborne Imaging Spectrometer
    Mingming Shen, Kangmei Fang, Shuhua Zhao, Weixin He

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Section 18: Poster Session 3

  1. PS399-1 Correlation Analysis between Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Vegetation Distribution
    Mitsugu Sonu, Yasumi Fujinuma, Masayuki Tamura, Yosifumi Yasuoka

  2. PS399-2 Assessment of Thermal Characteristics for different Land Cover Types using NOAA AVHRR Data
    Jun Arita, Krishna Pahari, Youshifumi Yasuoka

  3. PS399-3 Band Selection using Hyperspectral Data of subtropical Tree Species
    Tung Fung, Fung yan MA, Wai Lok Siu

  4. PS399-4 Vegetation Phenological Variation Monitoring by Meteorological Satellite
    Xiao Qianguang, Xiao Lan, Chen Weiying and Guo Liang

  5. PS399-5 Analysis of Orbit Interpolation and Extrapolation Accuracy for High Precison Topographic Mapping Using Satellite Images
    Sunghee Kwak*, Dongseok Shin*, Tag-Gon Kim**

  6. PS399-6 Soil Moisture Determination Under Different Field conditions Using a Scatterometer and Space Borne SAR Systems
    Shakil A. Romshoo, T. Nakaegawa, Masahiro Koike and Katumi Musaike

  7. PS399-7 Study on LUCC and soil Degradation in China by USE OF DMSP/OLS and Other Data
    Jiang Qigang and Shinaro Goto

  8. PS399-8 Update of GIS data by using simple type mobile interface system
    Osamu Akutsu*, Ryosuke Shibasaki**, Bokuro Urabe*

  9. PS399-9 Comparison of JERS-1 and Radarsat Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Mapping Mangrove and Its Biomass
    Mazlan Hashim and Wan Hazli Wan Kadir

  10. PS399-10 Detection of Oil Spills in Malaysian Waters from Radarsat Synthetic Aperture Radar Data and Prediction of Oil Spill Movement
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd. Anura Mohd Salleh & Loh Chen Tze

  11. PS399-11 Modeling of Tidal Current Effects on Oil Spills Movements on Malacca Straits
    Maged Marghany

  12. PS399-12 Digital Photogrammetric Workstation On Windows NT
    Chen Xiangning, Shi Youyu

  13. PS399-13 Deciding the Flood Extent with RADARSAT SAR Data and Image Fusion
    Yang Cunjian Zhou Chenghu Wan Qing

  14. PS399-14 Threshold Operation for Extraction of Managrove Forest with TM Data of Landsat 5
    Kazuhiro Sato, Minoru Nakajima, Takashi Hosh

  15. PS399-15 Use of GIS for The Method of Urban Safety Analysis and Environmental Design
    Osamu Murao, Fumio Yamazaki

  16. PS399-16 The Characterization of Ground Control Point Distribution Patterns for the Performance Assessment of Camera Models
    Dongseok Shin, Young-Ran Lee, Sunghee Kwak, Tag-Gon Kim

  17. PS399-17 Methods for Assessing the Quality of A Digital Elevation Model Generated using Full-Scale ImagesDr. S.A.B. Kim Dr.wonyou Park , Prof. Tag-Gon KimHiroyuki Tanaka, Osamu Murao, Fumio Yamazaki

  18. PS399-18 An Impact Analysis of Shifting Cultivation in The Forest of Northern Laos Using GIS and Satellite Image
    Myung-Hee Jo, Takaaki Niren

  19. PS399-19 Research on the Framework of Computer 3D Simulation SAR Integrated System
    Ge Yong, Jinfeng Wang, Xiaoguang Lou

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Section 19: Poster Session 4

  1. PS499-1 Fire Monitoring In Mongolia
    Magsar Erdenetuya, Sodov Khudulmur

  2. PS499-2 Discriminant analysis of polarimetric SAR data for coastal land cover feature detection
    Randy John N. Vinluan, Enrico C. Paringit and Epifanio D. Lopez

  3. PS499-3 Classificatiuon of Multi-Temporal SAR Images and INSAR Coherence Images usingn Adaptive Neighborthood Model and Simulated Annealing Approach
    Mingquan Bao.

  4. PS499-4 Composite Image of NDVI and SST for Asian Region using AVHRR Imagery
    Ryuzo Yokoyama, Liping Lei, Ts. Purevdorj and Sumio Tanba

  5. PS499-5 Applcation of Multiscale Edge Detection to Speckle Reduction of SAR images
    Siriporn Dachasilaruk, Yuttapong Rangsanser, and Punya Thitimajshima

  6. PS499-6 Landsat -5 Tm Data Analysis and Slope Mapping by GIS and Computer Technique, Showing Topographic Gradient of Li and Thung Hua Chang Districts, Lamphun Province, Thailand
    Manasan Kantontong

  7. PS499-7 Desertification Monitoring and Estimation In China from AVlHRR Data
    Long Jing

  8. PS499-8 Chinese Cryospheric Information System
    Xin Li, Guodong Cheng, Qingbai Wu, Yongian Ding

  9. PS499-9 Using Multi-temporal Remotely Sensed Data to Study The Coastline Evolution in Dayanan Area
    Xia Zhen Chen Taihao

  10. PS499-10 The Making of High Precision Orthoimage of Ancient Buildings
    Wanshou Jiang, Yixuan Zhu

  11. PS499-11 Comparative Study of Positional Accuracy Evaluation of Line Data
    Yoshiaki Kagawa, Yoshihide Sekimoto and Ryosuke Shibaski

  12. PS499-12 Development of A Personal Hybrid Positioning System for High Density Urban Areas
    Yusuke Konishi, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Masako Tsuruoka

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Section 20: Poster Session 5

  1. PS599-1 Histogram Transformation Based Threshold Selection for Image Segmentation
    Pornphan Dulyakarn, Yuttapong Rangsanseri, and Punya Thitimajshima

  2. PS599-2 Multispectral Image Compression using Median Predictive Coding and Wavelet Transform
    Chairat Rittirong, Yuttapong Rangsanseri, and Punya Thitimajshima

  3. PS599-3 Multi-temporal Cloud Removing Based on Image Fusion with Additive Wavelet Decomposition
    S.Wisetphanichkij, K. Dejhan, F. Cheevasuvit, S. Mitatha, C.Netbut

  4. PS599-4 PCA Colour Image Compression Using Vector Quantization
    S. Chitwong, A. somboonkaew, F. cheevasuvit, K.Dejhan and s. Mitatha

  5. PS599-5 The Research on the Land cover and Vegetation Degradation Rate In the Karst Area using Remote Sensing
    Yang Shengtian, Zhu qijiang

  6. PS599-6 Detecting Burnt Tropical Forest Using Optical and Microwave Remotely Sensed Data In South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Heri Sunuprapto and Yousif Ali Hussin

  7. PS599-7 Monitoring Mangrove Forests Using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Yousif Ali Hussin Mahfud M. Zuhair Michael Weir

  8. PS599-8 Change Detection Based on Remote Sensing Information Model and Its Application On Coastal Line of Yellow River Delat
    Xiao Mei Yang, Ron Qing Lan, Qihe Yang

  9. PS599-9 Estimate of Methane Emission from Wetlands in Kanto, Japan using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Hideshi Fujiwara, Toshiaki Imagawa and Kenji Matsumori

  10. PS599-10 Evaportranspiration Estimates from fine-resolution NDVI
    Susumu Ogawa, Takuhiko Murakami, Naoki Ishitsuka, and Genya Saito (Japan)

  11. PS599-11 Using Multi-temporal Satellite Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Data Sets for an Integrated Analysis of Oil and Gil Geology of Sedimentary Basins in Central China
    Yu Wuyi

  12. PS599-12 A Method of Measuring Anti-Radiation Performance for Optoelectronic Components Applied in the Irmss of Cbers
    Zhang Xuhui, Wang Shitao

  13. PS599-13 Remote Sensing and GIS as a Tool in Exploring the Dynamics of Urban Spatial Structure: the case of the Shanghai City
    Shan Zeng

  14. PS599-14 Land Cover Change and its Effect on Runoff in the Doki River Catchment
    Ikuyo Makino, Susumu Ogawa, Genya Saito

  15. PS599-15 An Empirical Investigation of the Thematic Accuracy of Land Cover Classification Using Fused Images
    Waileung Lau, Bruce A. King, Zhilin Li

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Section 21: Poster Session 6

  1. PS699-1 Monitoring the Thermal IR Anomaly of Zhangbei Earthquake Precursor by Satellite Remote sensing technique
    Cui Chengyu , Zhang Jinkai, qin, Xiao, Qig, Liu Qinhuo , Luo Zhuoli, Ding Jinhai, Lu Qiqi

  2. PS699-2 Image Retrieval Theory of Synthetic Aperture Radiometer for Microwave Remote Sensing
    Ji Wu, Xiaolong Dong and Jingshan Jiang

  3. PS699-3 Digital Earth and Geo-Information Science
    Lu Xuejun, Li Huiguo Chen Shupeng

  4. PS699-4 Study on Remote Sensing Method of Classifing High Medium and Low Yield Far-Mlands and Their Formation Factors in Loess Area Take a Example of Dingxiang Cou-nty, Shanxi pravince
    Qiao Yuliang , Feng Jiuliang , Zhang Guorong

  5. PS699-5 Dynamical Detection of Eco-environment in the Upstream of the Yellow River by Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study
    Zeng Yongnian Ma Haizhou Sha Zhanjiang Cao Guangchao Li Lingqin

  6. PS699-6 Remote Sensing Aerosol Optical Depth from Space and Ground
    Zhang Junhua Mao Jietai

  7. PS699-7 Choice of the Best Band Combination of Hyper spectral Data
    Liu Jianbo

  8. PS699-8 The Macroscopic Effect of Remote Sensing Geoinformation and Mineral prospecting
    Qizhong Lin, Suhong Liu, Linhai Jing and Jianwen Ma

  9. PS699-9 Optimization of Building Triangulated Irregular Network
    Tu Jianguang, Zhang Mu, Bian Fuling

  10. PS699-10 Use of DSMP-OLS Images for Early Identification of Impacted Areas due to the 199 Marmara Earthquake Disaster
    Shin Hashitera, Masayuki Kohiyama Norio Maki, Haruo Hayashi, Masashi Matsuoka, Haruhiro Fujita

  11. PS699-11 Flood Detection using Multitemporal RADARSAT and ERS SAR Data
    Chen Ping, Soo C. Liew and Hock Lim

  12. PS699-12 Spaceborne Moderate Resolution Spectrometer
    Zhimin Zhang

  13. PS699-13 Costrained Optimal Surface Tracking
    Pakorn Apaphant

  14. PS699-14 The Application Study of RS and GIS Technology in Environmental Remote Sensing Investigation of She Fu-Dongsheng Coal Fields in China
    Jiannian Lei, Huijun Gao, Shaopeng Qiu, Guangchao Zhang, Feng Zhang

  15. PS699-15 Interferometric Processing of SIR-C Data for DEM Generation in Mt. Kunlun, West China
    Chao Wang, Hong Zhang, Guangdong Pan, Qingyou Yang

  16. PS699-16 Study on Longwave IR Filter for Remote Sensing Instrument
    Lingxin Zhu, Lin Zhang and Bin Fan

  17. PS699-17 The FY-1C Meteorological Stellite and Its Remote Sensor
    Huixin Gong, Qinbo Zheng and Chuijun Weng

  18. PS699-18 Fy-1C Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellite of CHINA: Satellite, Ground System and Preliminary Applications
    Yujie Liu, Wenjian Zhang and zhongdong Yang

  19. PS699-19 Progress in Infrared Sounding Technique of Atmospheric Temperature Profile
    Mochang Wang, Zhaoxian Zhang

  20. PS699-20 Comparison Study on Rainrall Retrieval Algorithm: Model Simulation and Armar Data
    Jinli Liu, Zhehu Cui, Ling Zhang, Xiankang Dou, Daren Lu

  21. PS699-21 Atmoshpheric Correction and Aerosol Remote Sensing Based on Radiative Transfer Model Computation
    Lu Daren Duan Minzheng

  22. PS699-22 The Potential of Multiparamenters SAR Data in forest Application of China
    Liao Jingjuan, Gao Huadong, Shao Yun

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