ACRS 1994

Sections: [Plenary Session][Forest/Vegetation Mapping][Agriculture/Soil][Mapping From Space][Water/Marine Resources][Digital Image Processing][Global/Regional Change Study][Land Degradation][Workshop on Education and Training][Workshop on Spacial Information Processing][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2][Poster Session 3][Poster Session 4]

Section 1 : Plenary Session

  1. PLS95-1 Outlook on availability of satellite Data and Thai remote Satellite Program
    Dr. Suvit Vibulsresth, Ms. Praneet Ditsariyakul

  2. PLS95-2 Mission Analysis for Engineering Test satellite, Kitsat -3
    Sungdong Park, Sungheon Kim, Dan Kenu Sung, Soon Dal Choi

  3. PLS95-3 The Centre for Earth Observation (Ceo) : An Intiative of European Commission to Promote the use and Availabolity of Earth Observation Data
    P.N. Churchill, M.J. Sharman, G. Schreier, J. Aschbacher

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Section 2 : Forest/Vegetation Mapping

  1. FVM95-1 Monotoring of Wetland Vegetation Distribution and Change by using Microwave Sensor Data
    Yoshifumi Yasuoka, Yoshiki Yamagata, Masayuki Tamura, Mikio Sugita, Jatuporn Pornprasertchai, Supapis Polngam, Rachen Sripumin, Hiroyuki Oguma and Xidong LI

  2. FVM95-2 Integration of Geographic Information System and Area Production Model (Apm) In the Prediction of Forest Degradation at Phrao District, Thai Land
    Yousi ali Hussin Vicente Ato Alfred De Gier

  3. FVM95-3 Monotoring of Wetland Vegetation Distribution and Change by using Microwave Sensor Data
    Haruo sawada, hideki saito

  4. FVM95-4 Evaluation of Asian Elephant Habitat
    Li Zhixi Li Hongga Lu Feng

  5. FVM95-5 Estimating Vegetation Function from Satellite Data in Seasonal Tropical Environments
    Kazue Fujiwara

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Section 3 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS95-1 Towards Sustainable Land ues through Land Evaluation : A Case Study of Muaklek, Thailand
    Rajendra Prasad Shrestha and Apisit Eiumnoh

  2. AGS95-2 A Knowledge-Based Approach to Predicting Salinty in The South- West of Western Australia
    P.A. Caccetta, H.T. Kiiveri, F.H. Evans and R. Ferdowsian

  3. AGS95-3 Assessment of ERS-l SAR Data for Rice Crop Mapping and Monitoring
    Supan Karnchanasutham, Dr .Apichart Pongsihadldchai

  4. AGS95-4 Multi- Seasonal Analysis of SAR Data for Agriculture
    Genya Saito, Nobuyuki Mino and Akira Hirano

  5. AGS95-5 Utilization of statellite Remotely Sensed Data as an Information Source for a GIS in Agricultural Resource Management
    Farhad Jenabfer

  6. AGS95-6 Assesment of Era Sar Data for Tropical Acricultural Crop Monitoring
    J. Aschbacher, A Pongsrihadulchai, S. Karchanasutham, D.R. Paudyal, E. Nezry1, M.Wooding

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Section 4 : Mapping From Space

  1. MSP95-1 Montoring Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Phuket Island
    S. Chutiratanaphan, A. Chanthanaroj, K Otsuka, K . katusta

  2. MSP95-2 Measurement of Topographic variation by Hyogo-Nanbu Earthquake with JERS 1STAR Interferometry
    Yuichi Maruyama, Hiroji Tsu

  3. MSP95-3 Dem Generation by Satellite Imagery and its Accuracy
    Tsuneaki Shimoji

  4. MSP95-4 A Multipurpose Ecological Mapping and Evaluation of Mongolian Nature Based on Remote Sensing and Ground Data
    Dr. M. Saandar, Dr. D. Guntn

  5. MSP95-5 An Archaeolgical Application of synthetic Radar (SAR) in Thailand
    Tsuneaki Shimoji

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Section 5 : Water/Marine Resources

  1. WR95-1 Observation of western Siberian Wetlands by using remote sensing techniques: Estimation of methane emission
    M. Tamura and Y. Yasuoka

  2. WR95-2 Estimation of Chlorophyll Concentration in Lakes and Inland Seas From Near-infrared and Red Spectral Signature
    Kazuo Oki and Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  3. WR95-3 Weather Forecast and Plankton Bloom Detection using Oceanographic Buoy in the Gulf of Thailand
    Dr. Pitan Singhasaneh

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Section 6 : Digital Image Processing

  1. DIP95-1 Data Compression using Vector Quantization and Huffman Coding for Satellite Imagery
    F. Chevasuvit, K. Dejhan, S. Mitatha and S. Wongkharn

  2. DIP95-2 Automation of Road Extraction from Space and Aerial Images
    ArminGruen, Haihong Li

  3. DIP95-3 Verification of Atmospheric Correction for AVH|RR data by Radiometric Simulation Software 6S
    Takayuki, Shoji Takeuchi, Koji Kajiwara and Ryutaro Tateishi

  4. DIP95-4 Adaptive Cubic Convolution Of High Resolution Remotely Sensed Image Data
    Raveentheran Suntheralingam

  5. DIP95-5 Geometric Correction of NOAA AVHRR GAC Data
    Kimiaki Saitoh, Toshiaki Hashimoto, Koji Kajiwara and Ryutaro Tateishi

  6. DIP95-6 A Technique for 3D Modelling of Buildings
    Taejung Kim and Soon Dal Choi

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Section 7 : Global/Regional Change Study

  1. GLC95-1 Nakhon Ratchasima, Resources Atlas
    C. Mongkolsawat and NRCT Sub-committee on landuse, agriculture and forestry

  2. GLC95-2 Land Cover Classification System for Continental/Global Applications
    Ryutaro Tateishi, Wen Cheng Gang, and L. Kithsiri Perera

  3. GLC95-3 Developing Land Cover Classification System for NOAA AVHRR Applications in Asia
    Chandra Giri, Surendra Shrestha

  4. GLC95-4 Satellite Estimation of Environmental Variables by the Contextual Analysis Method: Validation in a Seasonal Tropical Environment
    T. Saravanapavan and Dennis G. Dye

  5. GLC95-5 On the characteristics of the 1993/1994 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite high cloud amount
    Ae-Sook Sub, Kyung-1a Ha, Sung-Euii Moon and Seung-Hee Sohn

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Section 8 : Land Degradation

  1. LD95-1 Diagnosis of Land Degradation In the Semi-Arid Area of Asia and Pacific Region 10-/ Using Remote Sensing Data -JIRCAS's Case Study-
    Satoshi Uchida

  2. LD95-2 Mapping of Salt-Affected Soils using Remote Sensing and Geograp Information Systems: A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchaslma, Thailand
    Awadh k. sah, Apisit Eiumnoh, Shunji Murai and Preeda Parkpian

  3. LD95-3 Monitoring Global Vegetation Degradation Using NOAA NDVI Data
    Shiro Ochi Shunji Murai

  4. LD95-4 A Knowledge-Based Approach for Land Evaluation using Rs And Gis Techniques
    D. Amarsaikhan, M.Ganzorig

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Section 9 : Workshop on Education and Training

  1. WET95-1 A new program in AIT: Space Technology: Applications and Research
    Jean-Pierre Delsol

  2. WET95-2 Remote Sensing and GIS Education in Iran
    Ramin Rahimi Djafari

  3. WET95-3 Cartographic Information Analysis: a Case Study as an aid to teaching
    R. Sudarshana, S. Sebastian*, and S. K. Bhan

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Section 10 : Workshop on Spacial Information Processing

  1. WSI95-1 GA Optimization Technique On Spatio-Temporal Interpolation For Dynamic GIS
    Shaobo Huang* and Ryosuke Shibasak**

  2. WSI95-1 Contour Line Interpolation by using Buffering Method
    Masataka Takagi and Ryousuke Shibasaki

  3. WSI95-1 Comparison of the Certainties in a GIS
    D.Arnarsaikhan, M.Ganzorig

  4. WSI95-1 Plan of the Construction of GIS for Northeast Thailand
    Yasuharu Yamada, Mitsuo Suzuki, Wapakom Amorndham, Somsak Sukjarn

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Section 11 : Poster Session 1

  1. PS195-1 National-Wide Environmental Unit Classification using Remote Sensing and GIS -A Case Study in Zambia
    Ryota Nagasawa, Kazushi Endo, Yoshinori, Takahashi Yukiko Kojima

  2. PS195-2 Classification Of Forest In Malaysia Using Jers-1 Sar And Landsat Tm Data
    Hideki Saito, Khali Aziz Hamzah and Haruo Sawada

  3. PS195-3 Application of Rs and GIS for Forest-Steppe and Dry-Steppe Geosystem Study
    M.Ganzorig, H.Tulgaa, D.Amarsaikhan, B.Enkhtuvshin

  4. PS195-4 Satellite Remote Sensing for Artificial Grassland in Japan
    Nobuyuki Mino, Genya Saito, and Akira Hirano

  5. PS195-5 Monitoring Deforestation in Luzon Island, The Philippines using Satellite Data
    Akira Hirano, Genya Saito and Nobuyuki Mino

  6. PS195-6 Mask Procedure for Effective Classification and Expression on Mangrove Area with TM Data of Landsat 5
    Kazuhiro Sato, Dwi Setyono and Kenshi Takezaki

  7. PS195-7 Relanonship Between Land Cover and Noaa GVI in Thailand
    Eiji Kodani, Haruo Sa Wada

  8. PS195-8 Differences of Sar Image Between JERS-L and ERS-L To Land Use/Land Cover Investigation
    Anusom Chantanaroj, Kenji Otsuka, Keisuka Katsuta

  9. PS195-9 Change Detection in Coastal Zone by Remote Sensing Technique
    Mrs. Valairat Wanpiyarat, Ms.Promchit Trakuldist, Mr. Boonrak Pattanakanok

  10. PS195-10 The Integration of Remote Sensing System and GIS for Forest Landuse Planning
    Dr. Suwit Ongsomwang

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Section 12 : Poster Session 2

  1. PS295-1 Computer Assisted Monitoring of Vegetation Using Multl-resolution Satellite and Geospatial Data
    Mr. Surat Lertlum, Prof. Shunji Murai

  2. PS295-2 Simulating Agricultural Land Use Changes in Thailand
    K.S.Rajan, Ryosuke Shffiasaki & Masataka Takagi

  3. PS295-3 Capability of Remote Sensing Application in Landuse, Land Resources with using TM Data, GIS Facilities, in Part of Iran
    Majid Ghiassi, Mehrdad Nematzadeh

  4. PS295-4 Simulating firest degradation : Apling the Area Product1on Model 1n the Ka11 Konto area 1n East Java, Indonesia1
    Alfred de Gier and Yousif Ali Hussin

  5. PS295-5 Simulating forest degradation: the application of a GIS-based Area Production Model in Kali Konto, area in East Java, Indonesia
    Alfred de Gier, Johan Bode and Yousif Ali Hussin

  6. PS295-6 The Crystal Globe : A GIS-Based Operational Area Production Model
    Yousif Ali Bussin Johan Bode Alfred De Gier

  7. PS295-7 Identification and Mapping of Irrigated Vegetation using NDVI-Climatological Modeling
    Ramesh S. Hooda and Dennis G. Dye

  8. PS295-8 Field Prediction and Potential Monitoring of Cassava Production in Nakhon Ratchasima
    A. Eiumnoh, R. P. Shrestha, S. Baimoung, P. Kesawapitakand A. Noomhorm

  9. PS295-9 Identification of Landuse in Songkhla Lake from the Globesar Data
    Dr.Suvit Vibulsresth, Dr.Darasri Dowreang, Miss Supapis Polngam

  10. PS295-10 Natural Resources and Land use Change of Phuket using Remote Sensing
    Surachai Ratanasermpong, Jatuporn Pornprasertchai, Dararat Disbunchong

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Section 13 : Poster Session 3

  1. PS395-1 Use of Satellite Imagery for Updating Terrain Information in Topographic Databases
    K. D. Parakum Shantha

  2. PS395-2 Integration of Remote Sensing Data With GIS Technology for the Acceleration of the Activities in National Mapping Agencies
    Shyamali Chithraleka Perera

  3. PS395-3 Block Adjustment Method for Mosaicing a Large Number of Satellite Image Data
    Koki Iwao, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Masataka Takagi

  4. PS395-4 A Study of Ecosystem Development Along Coramantal Coast of Tamil Nadu Using Remote Sensing Techniques
    M.Manivel, B.Manikiam,* D.Kumaran Raju, J.Moses Edwin

  5. PS395-5 An Assessment of Sedimentary Envionment using IRS-IA Data : A Case Study in ithe Lower Hooghly Estuary, East Coast of India
    Syriac Seeastian And Amitava Ghosal

  6. PS395-6 Field Prediction and Potential Monitoring of Cassava Production in Nakhon Ratchasima
    Y. Yamano and K. Saito

  7. PS395-7 Modeling for Global Land Degradation using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Krishna Pahari, Shunji Murai

  8. PS395-8 Variation of surface Currents Offshore from Rayong Rivermouth from NRCT Buoy Data in 1994
    Absornuda Stripping, Supichai Tangjaitrong, Sirichai Dharmvanij, Chaiyong Yuangthong and Pakorn Purimatikant

  9. PS395-9 Digital Classification of LANDAST TM for Land Cover Mapping of the Pa Wang Phloeng-Khom-Lam Narai National Forest Reserve, Lop Buri Province, Thailand
    Kaew Nualchawee and Lilita Bacareza

  10. PS395-10 Comparison of Different Sensors and Analysis Techniques for Tropical Mangrove Forest Mapping
    J. Aschbacher, P. Tiangco, C.P. Giri, R.S. Ofren, D. R. Paudyal, Y. K. Ang

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Section 14 : Poster Session 4

  1. PS495-1 A Sobel Edge Detector Digital Filter Structure and its Distributed Arithmetic Implementation
    Kobchai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit, Somjin Thongplew, Soontorn Oraintara

  2. PS495-2 Digital Image Data Recovery from Printed Image
    F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan, V.Tipsuwanporn, and A. Somboonkaew

  3. PS495-3 A New and Efficient Transform for Signal Processing Based on Gabor Discrete Disctete Cosine Transform
    V.K. Singh, A.S. Manjunath

  4. PS495-4 Effect of Atmospheric Correction on Satellite Image Data by Lowtran Model
    Kiyoshi Toril, tomoyuki Mase and Takashi Hoshi

  5. PS495-5 A Massively Parallel Implementation of an Image Classifier
    P.A. Caccetta, N.A. Campbell and G.A. West

  6. PS495-6 Development of a Stereoscopic Image Processing Software
    Nobuhiko Mori

  7. PS495-7 Classification Methodology for Land Cover Mapping Using Global Monthly 8-Km AVHRR Data
    Wen Cheng-Gang and Ryutaro Tateishi

  8. PS495-8 Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection in the Chiang Mai Area using Landsat TM
    Somporn Sangavongse

  9. PS495-9 A Development of DEM Generation System
    Jaeyeon Lee, Kiyonari Fukue, Haruhisa Shimoda and Toshibumi Sakata

  10. PS495-10 Development of high speed programmable formatter for earth observation satillite downlink data formatting
    Hideyo Yokotsuka, Toshobumi Sakata, Haruhisa Shimoda, Shinichi Sobue, Mineo Sekiguchi

  11. PS495-11 Thai Remote Sensing Satellite System
    Dr. Suvit Vibulsresth, Waraporn Suchaichit

  12. PS495-12 Analysis of Multi-Temporal SAR Images
    Rasamee Suw Anwerakamtorn

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