ACRS 1991

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Section 1 : Agricuture/Soil

  1. AGS91-1 Remote Sensing with physical models of soil moisture status to monitor land degradation and drought
    Tim R Mc Vicar, David LB Jupp, Joe Walker,Tian Guoliang

  2. AGS91-2 The Affection of the Vegetation Change on the Eroded Soil in South-East Asia
    Takeharu Kawai, Shunji Murai,Shiro Ochi

  3. AGS91-3 A Remote Sensing model for wheat drought monitoring
    Yang Xihua Tian Guoliang

  4. AGS91-4 Use of Remote Sensing technique in scheduling Irrigation
    D. K. Das

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Section 2 : Agriculture/Vegetation

  1. AGV91-1 Land capability mapping with Landsat Data and GIS : A Methodological Study for Northeast Thailand
    C. Mongkolsawat,P. Thirangoon,S. Pongsai,A. Sowana

  2. AGV91-2 About the Distribution of Shifting Cultivation in Northern Thailand Based on Landsat TM Data
    Ken-inchi Shibata, Tetuji Yamamoto

  3. AGV91-3 Landslide Hazard Remote Sensing Information System
    Wu Jingkun, Ruan Qiuqi, Wang Aijun

  4. AGV91-4 Research on Remote Sensing - Meteorological model for wheat yield estimation
    Li Fuqin, Tian Guoliang

  5. AGV91-5 Spectral Reflectivity of the Crop leaves damaged by Cnaphalocrocis medinalis and Spodoptera litura
    Haruhiko Tahahoto, Kazushinge Sogawa, Tomonari Watanabe,Hiroya Higuchi

  6. AGV91-6 Study on the feasibility of macroscopic monitoring of large area pest damage of forest by using Meterological Satellite
    Mu Jiaxiu, Ren Hongling, Yan Ming, Tu Gang

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Section 3 : Plenary Session

  1. PLS91-1 Perspective on needs and problems in Remote Sensing development in the Escap Region
    He Changchui

  2. PLS91-2 Remote Sensing activities in India - XII
    M. G. Chandrasekhar, K Radhakrishnan, V Jayaraman

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Section 4 : Water Resources

  1. WR91-1 Selection of Priority areas in watersheds using Remote Sensing techniques
    V. V. N Murty,R. P. W. Patabendege,A. Eiumnoh,K. Nualchawee

  2. WR91-2 Integrated Water Resources Planning and Development using Remote Sensing Techniques:- A case study
    R.K. Shrivastava, R.S. Sidhu, H.S. Mehta

  3. WR91-3 Application of Landsat based reflectance Zoning in estimating groundwater depth and salinity : A case study fro the gangetic alluvial terrain of western Uttar Pradesh, India
    V. N. Bajpai,K. V. G. K. Gokhale

  4. WR91-4 Development of Water Resources Information System
    S. Bhos,K. Sen

  5. WR91-5 Satellite Remote Sensing for Surface water assessment and management of Bhopal Lake - An integrated approach
    R. K. Singh, N. V. Deshpande, B. Sakalley, S. N. Rajak and J. Kelsy

  6. WR91-6 Results of the drought investigations in Mongolia and a proposal for future development
    Namkhai. A, Badarch. M
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Section 5 : Education/Research

  1. EDR91-1 Appropriate education and training in Remote Sensing for the Asia/Pacific region
    G. J. E. Hill,S. R. Phinn,G. D. Kelly

  2. EDR91-2 A trilateral cooperation for the development of northeastern Brazil, II
    Klaus A. Ulbricht,Harendra S. Teotia,Daniel L. Civco,William C. Kennard

  3. EDR91-3 The impact of technological change on educational programs: How will we cope?
    Norm Edwards,Greg Ellis

  4. EDR91-4 Exploring ILWIS capabilities for rural land use analysis
    Sally Lim

  5. EDR91-5 Case studies for landcover chance analysis using Micro-Asean
    Abd-alla Gad A. G.,hoji Takeuchi,Kauhei Cho,Mitsunori Yoshiura

  6. EDR91-6 Reflective of Land and Water
    Y. J. Chong, T. L. Tan
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Section 6 : Forestry

  1. FR91-1 Graphical techniques for component type: A case study
    Dr. Omar Mohd. Rijal,Norliza Mohd. Noor

  2. FR91-2 Wasteland and forest density mapping using IRS data
    D. K. Pal & I. V. Ramana

  3. FR91-3 Use of Landsat thematic mapper data for extracting topographic information of a rugged forested region in Indonesia
    Waqar Ahmad

  4. FR91-4 An evaluation of LANDSAT MSS and TM data for mapping vegetation change since European settlement for conservation management
    Waqar Ahmad

  5. FR91-5 Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for heat Island Mapping: A case study of Singapore
    Janet E. Nichol

  6. FR91-6 The microwave emission of layer with random bottom boundary
    Chang Man
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Section 7 : Mapping From Space

  1. MSP91-1 Accuracies and advantages of Mapping from Space
    S. Raghunathan

  2. MSP91-2 South East Asia one kilometer Mosaic from NOAA AVHRR Data
    Udai C. Pradhan, Michael Sheinkman,Suehiro Otoma, Gary E. Johnson

  3. MSP91-3 Conceptual study on forthcoming very high resolution Visible and near infrared radiometers
    Riichi Nagura

  4. MSP91-4 Inter Sensor Comparison of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite - 1A Linear Imaging Self Scanning Sensors for Radiometric behaviour
    J. Kirshnamurthy, A. S Padmavathy, V. Jayaraman & Uday Raj

  5. MSP91-5 Detecting Clouds Using Neural Networks and Generating Cloud Free Mosaics
    T. Hosomura, P. K. M. M Pallewatta

  6. MSP91-6 Relevance of microwave Remote Sensing to India
    Jacob Ninan, B Manikiam, M G Chandrasekhar
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Section 8 : Oceanography

  1. OCN91-1 The Remote Sensing Grey Model for Extracting the Informations on Marine Silts Suspended
    Chen Xiao – xiang, Yi Jian-chun, Li Tie-fang

  2. OCN91-2 Laser Remote Sensing of Sea-Water Plankton
    Victor V. Fadeev, Andrey A. Demidov,Alexander M. Checkalyuk

  3. OCN91-3 The Application of the ways of systematic theory and information Theory to Marine Satellite Remote Sensing
    Li Tie-fang Zhongshan Univ., P. R. China

  4. OCN91-4 The special processing of the ocean micro-information of Remote Sensing in the sea area east to Hong Kong
    Chen Xuelian,Luo Dan

  5. OCN91-5 Connective activity over the tropical Indian Ocean
    M.R. Ramesh Kumar and L.V. Gangadhara Rao

  6. OCN91-6 Evaluation of Landsat TM and Spot data for shallow water Bathymetry
    K. Abduallah, K. Mohd Dimyata, A.P. Cracknell, R.A. Vaughan
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Section 9 : Land Use

  1. LU91-1 The Development of Land Use Classification Method Combining Remote Sensing Data with Geographical Data
    Tim R Mc Vicar, David LB Jupp, Joe Walker,Ryoichi Kojiroi, Masanori Koide, Tokio Mizuno

  2. LU91-2 Analysis of Landuse Change in Bangkok Coastal Area using Satellite MSS Data
    Kiyoshi Torii,Kozo Okazaki,Prasert Milintangul

  3. LU91-3 GPS/GIS Combined System Application Research
    Li Shu Kai,Zhang Zhong

  4. LU91-4 A systematic approach for monitoring Urban Sprawls, their environments using Space Borne images - A case study
    H.S. Mehta, R.S.Sidhu

  5. LU91-5 Integration of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System to study temporal changes in Land Use
    Mrs. P. Venkatachalam, C.V.S.S.B.R. Murty and S. Chowdhury
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Section 10 : Poster Session 1

  1. PS191-1 Correction of solar Zenith Angle effect of NOAA AVHRR data for Global Monitoring
    Koji Kajiwara, Ryutaro Tateishi,Masao Mastumoto

  2. PS191-2 Orientation of NOAA AVHRR Imagery with Few GCPs
    Toshiaki Hashimoto, Shunji Murai

  3. PS191-3 Automatic determination of categories in unsupervised classification
    Sunpyo Hong, Kiyonari Fukue, Haruhisa Shimoda. Toshibumi Sakata

  4. PS191-4 Building a geo-expert system integrating Remote Sensing and GIS
    Mrs. P. Venkatachalam and C.V.S.S.B.R. Murty

  5. PS191-5 Inverse method in estimation of surface characteristics with Radar Backscattering
    Weixing Hao, Changling Zhao

  6. PS191-6 DTM extraction and its application using a digital stereoscopic image processing system with 3d display
    Nobuhiko Mori,Teruyoshi Tagawa,Shunji Murai,Saburo Ito

  7. PS191-7 Classification strategies for forest cover mapping of hilly terrain in eastern Himalayas, Sikkim a case study
    S. Sudhakar and S. Sengupta,M.L. Arrawatia

  8. PS191-8 Application of Remote Sensing for analysis of urban fringe dynamics – case study of Jaipur, India
    B. Ramesh,N. Krishnan

  9. PS191-9 Climatic change and wheat yield in semi ARID region of Punjab-India
    R. Chaurasia, P K Sharma,G S Mahi, Gurmit Singh

  10. PS191-10 Application of Remote Sensing data to epidemiological study
    Saburo Uchiyama,Swee-Cheng Foo

  11. PS191-11 Orthogonal projection mapping of thematic images for Natural Disaster base map
    Takahisa Yamauchi, Dr. Taichi Oshima,Dr. Atsushi Rikimaru

  12. PS191-12 An Aerial Photography - Aided Seaweed Bed Survey Techniques
    Yoshio Matsumoto, Eiji Yamauchi, and Koji Kamihashi

  13. PS191-13 Using Geographic Information System for agricultural planning in Thailand
    Supan Karnchanasutham, Virchan amarakul
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Section 11 : Poster Session 2

  1. PS291-1 Evaluation of Coral Systems through Remote Sensing - A case study in Nicobar Islands, India
    M.V.R. Murti, B. Babu Madhavan, B. Krishna Mohan and G. Venkataraman

  2. PS291-2 Sediment yield prediction & prioritisation of watershed using Remote Sensing data
    A. K. Chakraborti

  3. PS291-3 Mapping from space with photogrammetric instruments from Leica
    A Stewart Walker

  4. PS291-4 Extraction and recognition of map symbol from Topographical Map
    Toru Takaki,Takashi Hoshi

  5. PS291-5 Fuzzy pixel decomposition approach in classification of Remote Sensing data
    Tsukasa Hosomura, Pan Rui

  6. PS291-6 False Color Composite Display of Mulitband Images on Personal Computer using Cubic Color Block Technique
    Jitkasame Ngarmnil, Sujate Jantarung,Fusak Cheevasuvit, Kobchiai Dejhan

  7. PS291-7 Design and Compilation of Color Landsat Map of China
    Zhang Shengkai, Xia Mingbao, Shi Junmei

  8. PS291-8 The Study of the Correction Model of Daul - direction Scanning Error of TM A DATA Image
    Li Shu-kai,Liu Tong

  9. PS291-9 Steady-State Leser Fluorometry in Sea-Water Phyto – and Zooplankton analysis
    Andrey A. Demidov Elina A. Chernyavskaya

  10. PS291-10 Laser diagnostics of natural dissolved organic matter and oil-products in water
    Svetlana V. Patasayeva, Victor V. Fadeev, Elena M, Filippova, Vasily V. Chubarov

  11. PS291-11 Laser method for Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton photosynthetic activity in - Situ
    Alexander M. Chekalyuk, Maxim Yu. Gorbunov

  12. PS291-12 Estimation of sea surface temperature from LANDSAT-5 Satellite data
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd,Samsudin Ahmad,Adeli Abdullah

  13. PS291-13 Digital Image Mosaicing
    R. Parvathi, V Jayaraman,S. Kannan

  14. PS291-14 Use of IRS LISS-II data for Urban Land Use Mapping - A case study of Ludhiana city, Punjab, India
    R Chaurasia, P K Sharma and Gurjit Singh Gill

  15. PS291-15 Multidisciplinary analysis for feature information extraction of Remote Sensing
    Chi Guobin, Li Yan,Din Xuan,Tond Qingxi

  16. PS291-16 An approach to investigating insect pest of forest using Meteoreological Satellite Data
    Liu Zhiming

  17. PS291-17 Modelling the development of Asian cities using Airphotos and Remote Sensing data
    Rr C.A. de Bruijn
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