ACRS 1998

Sections: [Agriculture/Soil][Disasters/Pollutions][Water Resources][Education/Training] [Forest/Resources][Oceanography / Meteorology][Mapping from Space][Land Use][Digital Image Processing][Geology/Geomorphology][GIS][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2] [Poster Session 3]

Section 1 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS98-1 Correlation of Spectral Reflectance to Growth in Rice Vegetation
    Chwen-Ming Yang and Muh-Rong Su

  2. AGS98-2 El Nino Damage Assessment in Central Luzon using Multitemporal Remotely-Sensed Images
    Juanito G. Berja Jr.

  3. AGS98-3 Paddy Rice Monitoring with RADARSAT-1
    S.Ross, B.Brisco, R.J. Brown, S.Yun, and G. Staples

  4. AGS98-4 Estimation of Agricultural Productivity Distribution in India
    Yujiro Hirano, Shiro Ochi and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  5. AGS98-5 Remote Sensing and (GIS) applications in the Erosion studies at the Romero river Watershed
    Cristy Crema Perlado

  6. AGS98-6 Using an EM Model in Remote Sensing of Soil Surface from Polarimetric SAR
    K.S.Chen, M.K.Tsay and T.D .Wu

  7. AGS98-7 Modeling Spatial Crop Production: A GIS Approach
    Satya Priya, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Shiro Ochi

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Section 2 : Disasters/Pollutions

  1. DIS98-1 Flood Damage Mapping in North Korea Using Multi-Sensor Data
    Choen Kim and Kwang-Hoon Chi

  2. DIS98-2 An Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS): A Case Study in Sto. Tomas-Marela River, Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales, Philippines
    Rolando 1. Calomarde

  3. DIS98-3 Remote Sensing and GIS Application In Oil Spills Risk Assessment
    Shattri B Mansor and Tee Tuan Poy

  4. DIS98-4 Environmental GIS Database for Desertification Studies in West Asia
    Hussein Harahsheh and Ryutaro Tateishi

  5. DIS98-5 Aspects of Find Sediment Dispersion Along the Zambales Shelf, North Western Luzon, Philippines after Pinatubo
    James Paul H. Esguerra, Fernando P. Siringan

  6. DIS98-6 Characteristics of Satellite SAR Images in the Damaged Areas Due to the Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake
    Hisashi Aoki, Masashi Matsuoka and Fumio Yamazaki

  7. DIS98-7 The Application of Remote Sensing and Hydrological model on Water Conservation Capacity Estimation For Reservior Watershed Area
    Tien- Yin Chou, Mei-Hsin Chen and Lung-Shin Yang,

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Section 3: Water Resources

  1. WR98-1 Development of 1 km Drainage Model based on GTOPO 30 and Global Data Sets
    Shiro Ochi and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. WR98-2 Detection of Coast Lines of Tonle Sap Lake in Flood Season using JERS-1 Data for Water Volume Estimation
    Teng Peng Seang, Shunji Murai, Kiyoshi Honda, Robert L.G. Schumaan And Lal Samarakoon

  3. WR98-3 Ground Subsidence due to Perculating and Pumping Water (Case studies in Iran)
    R. Ajalloeian (B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D),B. Bahadoran (B.Sc, M.Sc)

  4. WR98-4 Reservoir Water Quality Monitoring Using Landsat TM Images and Indicator Kriging
    Cheng, Ke-Sheng, Lei, Tsu-Chiang, and Yeh, Hui-Chung

  5. WR98-5 Short Duration Rainfall Estimation Using GMS IR and VIS Images
    Flaviana D.Hilario

  6. WR98-6 Remote Sensing of SST Around the Outfall of a Power Plant from LANDSAT and NOAA Satellites
    Ruo-Shan Tseng

  7. WR98-7 Study on the numerical simulation of flow pattern in freshening reservoir using satellite image data
    Choi, Moon-Soo, Takashi Hoshi, Kiyoshi Torii

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Section 4: Education/Training

  1. ET98-1 Training Activities of ESCAP in Earth Observation
    Claire Gosselin, Randy John Vinluan and Virgilio Santos

  2. ET98-2 The four dimensions of GIS
    Dr. Karl-Peter Traub

  3. ET98-3 Activities of Education, Training and Research at Asian Institute of Technology
    Shunji Murai, Lal Samarakoon and Kiyoshi Honda

  4. ET98-4 Pilot Project for Public Use in Thailand
    Mr. Masaru Tsukamoto

  5. ET98-5 A Multi-Dimensional View of GIS
    Sergio c. Abad II

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Section 5: Forest/Resources

  1. FR98-1 Characterizing Tropical Forest in Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia, Using Landsat-TM Data
    Phua Mui How, Hideki Saito and Masa Aniya

  2. FR98-2 Applied Landsat-5 TM and Vector Data through Computerized Techniques in Developing Forest Maps and Forest Cover Maps at Thung- Saliam District, Sukhothai Province, Thailand.
    Manasanan kantontong

  3. FR98-3 Geomantics in Emergency Planning and Management : Canadian Forest Fire management Experience
    Dr. P. Chagarlamudi

  4. FR98-4 An Evaluation of Multi-Band/Multipolarised SAR Data For Vegetation Discrimination, In Malaysia
    N.Laili, H. mariamni and K.M. Noh

  5. FR98-5 Urban Sprawl Assessment In The Mount Makiling Forest Reserve Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies
    Love A. Pannguiton, Royce G. Eustaquio, Paolo Campo

  6. FR98-6 Decision of Threshold Values for Extraction of Mangrove Area with TM Data of Landsat 5
    Kazuhiro Sato, Minoru Nakajima, and Takashi Hoshi

  7. FR98-7 Comparative analysis of indicators for sustainable forest management and its implication for of new evaluation indicators
    Yumiko Wada and Ryosuke Shibasaki

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Section 6: Oceanography / Meteorology

  1. OCN98-1 Coastal Zone Monitoring with RADARSAT-1
    Gordon C.Staples, Jeff Hurley, and R. Shawn Burns

  2. OCN98-2 Development of a Radiometric Correction Algorithm for OCTS Data
    Mitsuharu Tokunaga

  3. OCN98-3 Correction of non-uniform aerosol effect of Landsat TM image by using a blockwise approached atmospheric correction model (BACM)
    Chien-hui Liu

  4. OCN98-4 Estimating Atmosheric Turbidity from SPOT and GMS-5 Data
    Gin-Rong Liu, Tang-Huang Lin, A.J. Chen

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Section 7: Mapping from Space

  1. MSP98-1 Construction of a Global Map Around Mindanao, Philippines/1
    Jose Edgardo L. Aban

  2. MSP98-2 Map-Matching Algorithm of GPS Vehicle Navigation System
    Pen -Shan Hung , Tsui -Chuan Su

  3. MSP98-3 Accuracy Assessment an Improvement for Level Survey Survey using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS
    Dinesh Manandhar, kiyoshi Honda, Shunji Murai,Sachio Kubo, Masahiro Yonemura

  4. MSP98-4 Automatic Database Development Methods for a very Large Number of Satellite Images
    Koki Iwao, Taizo Yamamoto, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Shiro Ochi, and Mitsuharu Tokunaga

  5. MSP98-5 Generated Reference Ground Control Points from SAR Image
    Sompong Wisetphanichkij, Kobchai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit, Somsak Mitatha and Somnuk Yartpramo, Chanchai Pienvijarnpong, Chatcharin Soonyeekan

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Section 8: Land Use

  1. LU98-1 Polarimetric Radar Data Analysis of Key Landcover Features in the Coastal Panay Area: A Preparatory Tool for Polarimetric SAR Image classification
    Enrico C. Paringit, Epifanio D.Lopez, Florence A. Galeon and Randy Joh N. Vinluan

  2. LU98-2 Suitability of Landsat TM and JERS1 Data in Land Cover/Use Mapping Application
    Mardiana shafiee, Noraini Surip, Noraini lbrahim and ldris Saedin

  3. LU98-3 Land Use Planning to Avert the Migration Oriented Watershed Degradation
    Sah, Bhuwneshwar Prasad and Shimizu, Eihan

  4. LU98-4 Detection of L-band Corner Reflectors in Japanese Residential Environment from JERS-1 SAR Imagery
    Takako Sakurai-Amano1, Shigeki Kobaryashi1, Naoyuki Fujh2 and Shuhei Okubo3

  5. LU98-5 Total Reflected Radiance Index -An Index To Support Land Cover Classification
    Ngugen Dinh Duong

  6. LU98-6 A New Concept in Modelling Land Use land Cover
    KS Rajan and Ryosuke Shibasaki

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Section 9: Digital Image Processing

  1. DIP98-1 Quality Analysis of Synthesized High Resolution multispectral Imagery
    Yang-cheng Liao,Tengh-yih Wang and Wei-teng Zheng

  2. DIP98-2 Combining The Spectral and Spatial Signature of Information Classes using Artificial Neural Network Based Classifier for Remote Sensing of Spatially Heterogeneous Land-Use/Land Cover System in the Tropics
    Joel C.Bandibas

  3. DIP98-3 Incorporating Cluster Information into Multispectral Image Edge Detection
    Uthai Sangthongpraw, Yuttapong Rangsanseri, and Punya Thitimajshima

  4. DIP98-4 A Fusion Approach of Multi-sensor Remote Sensing Data Based on Wavelet Transform
    He Guojin Li Kelu Hu Deyong

  5. DIP98-5 Application of Change Detection Algorithms for Mine Environment Monitoring
    Joseph Cacdac

  6. DIP98-6 Primary Study of Fourier Spectrum Feature Extraction for HyperSpectral Image
    Pai-Hui Hsu , Yi-Hsing Tseng

  7. DIP98-7 Adaptive Vector Qualification Coding on Wavelet Information for data Compression
    K. Kittayaruasiriwat, F. Cheevasuvit, A. Somboonkaew, K. Dejhan, s. Chitwong, S. Mitatha and S. Wongkharn

  8. DIP98-8 Multiresolution Fuzzy Clustering For SAR Image Segmentation
    Yuttapong Rangsanseri and Punya Thitimajshima

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Section 10: Geology/Geomorphology

  1. GEO98-1 Volcanic Geomorphic Hazards Research In Southeast Asia
    Jan J. Nossin

  2. GEO98-2 AirSAR Capability to Geomorphology and Geologic Mapping Application
    R. V. Abundo, E. Parringit, D. S. Domingo III1, and M. Lituanas

  3. GEO98-3 Gold exploration in North-East golpayagan area using Landsat TM data
    Tabatabaei S. M.: Sharifi M.; GhaziFard A.; Haddadi,

  4. GEO98-4 Shoreline Change Detection Using TOPSAR/AIRSAR Data
    Maged Marphany, Shattri Mansor and Mohd. Ibrahim Hj. Mohamed

  5. GEO98-5 The Methods of permian limestones enhamcement by using of Remote Sensing
    Floriz Khairi and Pegah Izadpanah

  6. GEO98-6 Processing of Landsat TM Digital Data for Sand Dunes Source Studies in Central Iran
    R. Ajalloeian, H. R. Pakzad and M. A. Mackizadeh

  7. GEO98-7 The Environmental Monitoring for Mt. Pinatubo Area in the Philippines Using Satellite Optical and SAR Data
    Genya Saito, Nobuyuki Mino, Shigeo Ogawa, Takuhico Murakami, Naoki Isitsuka, Min Cong, Marcelina M. Dumayac, Arlene M. Evangelista and Hiroshi Ohkura

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Section 11: GIS

  1. GIS98-1 Monitoring and Analysis of Deforestation Process using Satellite Imagery and GIS (Case Study in Myanmar)
    Ko Ko Lwin, Ryosuke, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. GIS98-2 Development of Traffic Accident Information System using Geographic Information System (GIS)
    Noriel Christopher C.Tiglaco

  3. GIS98-3 Application of Remote sensing and GIS for Road (Asian Highway) Network Database creation and Risk Assessment
    Manzul Kumar Hazarike, Lal Samarakoon, Honda Kiyoshi

  4. GIS98-4 Recreation Zoning Management at Taroko National Park using a Self -developed Spatial Information System
    Pei -Wang Lin*, Yueh-Land Liao**

  5. GIS98-5 Development of a Internet/Distributed Image Database System for Multi-sensor and Multi-source Imagery/Raster Data
    Takahiro Endo*, Shiro Ochi**, Mitsuhiro Tokunaga**, Royosuke Shibasaki*

  6. GIS98-6 Identification and Prediction of Dip Slope by API and GIS Approach
    Jin-King Liu

  7. GIS98-7 Application of Satellite Imagery and GIS to Wildlife Habitat Suitability Mapping
    C. Mongkolsawat and P.Thirangoon

  8. GIS98-8 A Study on the Design of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) using activity-based Domain Analysis
    Tsuneki Sakakibara and Royosuke Shibasaki

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Section 12: Poster Session 1

  1. PS198-1 Evaluation on the Usefulness of Digital Microscope Photogrammetry for the Measurement of small Object
    Won- Jin Oh

  2. PS198-2 Investigation of High-Latitude Tracer Characteristics by using Ilas and other Satellite Data
    Wookap Choi and Sumi Kim

  3. PS198-3 Combined Use of SPOT and GIS Data to Detect Rice Paddies
    Lau, Chi-Chung Shiao, Kao-Hsing

  4. PS198-4 Forest Burned Area Mapping by using SPOT Images
    Gwo-Jern Hwant1 Wen-Fu Chen2

  5. PS198-5 A Linear-Feature Based Method for the Quality Assessment of Remotely Sensed Images
    Shue-chia Wang

  6. PS198-6 Observed Spatial Variation in Perceptible Water Vapor by a Ground-Based, Dual-Channel Radiometer
    Shue-chia Wang

  7. PS198-7 Spatial Information Systems which you can Make
    Mu-Lin Wu

  8. PS198-8 Dual Channel Algorithm for Retrieval of Sea Surface Temperatures from Satellite Thermal Images
    Khiruddin Abdullah, Nasirun Mohd Saleh, Yusuf Mahmood, Ruslan Rainis,M.Z Mat Jafri, Ahmad Tajuddin Khader, Alui Bahari

  9. PS198-9 Coastal Erosion Modeling using Remotely Sensed Data
    Maged m.m. and s.b. Mansor

  10. PS198-10 Precision Fishing
    S.B. Mansor, M.I. Mohamed and K.Kassim K.Yaakob

  11. PS198-11 A Study of Neural Network Classification of Jers-1/Ops Images
    Yuttapong Rangsaneri, Punya Thitimajshima, and Somying Promcharoen

  12. PS198-12 Using Stationary Wavelet Transform in the Classificationof Sar Images
    Warin Chumsamrong, Punya Thitimajshima, and Yuttapong Rangsanseri

  13. PS198-13 A Simple Sar Speckle Reduction by Wavelet Thresholding
    Punya Thitimajshima, Yuttapong Rangsanseri, and Prapon Rakprathanporn

  14. PS198-14 Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Inforamation System (GIS) in Forest Survey in Nepal
    Gyani Babu Juwa

  15. PS198-15 Generation of Bathymetric Map in the North Caspian Sea using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images, Republic of Kazakhstan
    Masataka ochi, Minoru hatanaka, Nobutaka oikawa and Takashi hoshi

  16. PS198-16 Recognition of Flooded Area in Radar Image using Texture Feature Analysis
    Yang Xiaomei Zhou Chenghu

  17. PS198-17 A Land Evaluation System Using Artifical Neural Network Based Expert's Knowledge and GIS
    Joel C. Bandibas

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Section 13: Poster Session 2

  1. PS298-1 Correction of time series NDVI by the method of Temporal Window Operation (TWO)
    Jonggeol Park and Ryutaro Tateishi

  2. PS298-2 Road Network Detection by Mathematical Morphology
    Shunji Murai, Chunsun Zhang

  3. PS298-3 Estimation of Annual Total Nitrogen Load to lake from Basin with Remote Sensing
    Kazuo Oki, Yoshifumi Yasuoka and Minour Inamura

  4. PS298-4 The Basic Study of the Maximum Logging Volume Estimation For Consideration of Forest Resources Using Time Series FCD Model
    A. Rikimaru, Y.Utsuki, S. Yamashita

  5. PS298-5 Identification of Damaged areas Due to the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake Using Satellite Optical Images
    Masashi Matsuoka and Fumio Yamazaki

  6. PS298-6 A New Method to make Stereoscopic Animation and Their Application
    Nobuhiko Mori

  7. PS298-7 Automatic Approach for Assessing forest Disasters Utilizing Simulated High Resolution Satellite Imagery
    Tomokazu Hoshino, Tsutomu Suzuki,Tomoyuki Suhama and Krishna Kumar Mishra

  8. PS298-8 Expression of Qualitative and Quantitative Information on Mangrove Forest in Okinawa
    Munetake Kanetomi, Kazuhiro Sto and Takahisa Yamauchi

  9. PS298-9 Inundation Mapping using time series RADASART-SAR images In the Lower Making River Basin
    Akihiko Imazato, Atsushi Rikimaru, Yasumi Yamaguchi, Takatumi Amano and Yoshiaki Otsubo

  10. PS298-10 Urban Vegetation Cover Mapping with Vegetation Cover
    Naoki Shirai, Masahiro Setojima, Akira Hoyano, Donkyu Yun

  11. PS298-11 A Study of a Framework of Integration of Heterogeneous Spatio-Temporal Data
    Yoshihide Sekimoto and Ryosuke Shbasaki

  12. PS298-12 On Development of Land Cover Classification system using Remote Sensing Data in terms of Inverse Problem
    Junichi Suzaki and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  13. PS298-13 GIS for the Development of a Cebu Geographic Planning Atlas
    Eng'r .Christine Delfin -Homez

  14. PS298-14 Using nighttime DMSP/OLS images of Citylights to Estimate District-level Population Distribution in Developing Countries.
    Takahiro Konami, Roysouke Shibasaki, and Guoxin Tan

  15. PS298-15 GIS-Assisted Parcellary approach to Land use Mapping for local Government Units in the Philippines
    Mr. Love A. Panaguiton

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Section 14: Poster Session 3

  1. PS398-1 Automatic Detecting Rice Fields by Using Multitemporal Satellite Images,Land-parcel Data and Domain Knowledge
    Yi-Hsing Tseng,pai-hui hsu and Huang Chen

  2. PS398-2 Updating and application of DTM on Violent Hill-Slope Land Development Hain-Hsing Cheng 1, Kai-Huri Lin2 ,Wen-Fu Chen3Wookap Choi and Sumi Kim

  3. PS398-3 Monitoring of Forest Fires And Oil Pollution from Space
    Soo Chin Liew, Leong Keong Kwoh,Oo Kaw Lim Jinguan Lu, Karunakaran Padmanabhan and Hock Lim

  4. PS398-4 Determination of Land Use Change Categories Using Classification of Multitemporal Satellite Image Data
    Kyu-sung Lee and Mi-Reyoung Joung

  5. PS398-5 The study on multi sensors observing for ground truth using vehicle
    Hirokazu Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Masubuchi, Hironobu Oishi ,Koji Kajiwara and Yoshiaki Honda*

  6. PS398-6 The Study on generating of BRDF table set for Multi Channel Sensor
    Asako Konda, Msatoshi Yokota, Taku Nishijima , Koji Kajiwara, Yoshiaki Honda

  7. PS398-7 Application of GKSIM Model for Estimating the Changes of Land Use and Land Cover
    Takashi Hoshi1), Satoshi Hoshino2), Ichiro Nomura3)

  8. PS398-8 Spatial Model for Habitats Conservation
    Koichi Hirata, Hiroshi Murakami

  9. PS398-9 The Variation of Viewshed Analysis Result Caused by Different Implementations
    Chuo-Pin Cheng and Tian-Yuan Shih

  10. PS398-10 Differences in Observation of Indonesian Fire by DMSP-OLS and NOAA-AVHRR
    Mikiyasu Nakayama, Masayasu Maki

  11. PS398-11 Automated Extraction of Shorelines from Optical and SAR Images
    L. C. Chen and C. C. Shyu

  12. PS398-12 An Improvement of Geometric Correction of Satellite Image
    Sompong Wisetphanichkij, Kobchai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit, Somsak Mitatha and Somkid Hanpipatpongsa

  13. PS398-13 Density and Temperature Profile in the Lower Atmosphere at KMITL, Thailand
    Sokkiat Lerkvaranyu, Kobachai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit

  14. PS398-14 Moving Average Method for Time Series LIDAR Data
    Somkiat Lerkvarnyu, Kobchai Deijhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit

  15. PS398-15 Multi-model Histogram Linear Contrast Stretching For Image Enhancement
    P. Komonvipaht, K. Wongsritong, F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan, S. Chitwong, and S. Mitatha

  16. PS398-16 Principal Component Analysis Image for Multi-Resolution Images
    S. Phasomkusolsil, N. Hinsamooth, F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan, S. Mittatha, S. Chitwong, and A. Somboonkaew*

  17. PS398-17 Coregistration and Phase Coherence: First Steps Towards Complete SAR Interferometry and An Examination of Suitability for Land Cover Identification in Thailand
    W. Jirathana, Robert Schumann, Kiyoshi Honda, Kaew NualchaweeW. Jirathana, Robert Schumann, Kiyoshi Honda, Kaew Nualchawee

  18. PS398-18 A Spectral Transformation Technique for Generating SPOT Natural Color Image
    Chi-Farn Chen and Huang-Yi Tsai

  19. PS398-19 Chinese Statistical Data Analysis and Mapping Software and Its Application
    Zhou Yi Tian Qing Xiao Chunsheng Yan Shouyong Wang Shixin

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