ACRS 1996

Sections: [Agriculture / Soil][Water Resources / Hydrology][Disasters][Education / Communication][Forestry / Vegetation][Mapping][Oceanography / Meteorology][Land Use][Digital Image Processing][Geoscience / DTM][GIS][Global Environment][Application of RS and GIS to Land Degradation][1 KM Land Cover Data Base in Asia][Poster Session 1]

Section 1 : Agriculture / Soil

  1. AGS96-1 Rice Crop Monitoring in Zhaoqing, China using RADARSAT SAR - Initial Results
    Gordon C. Staples and Jeff Hurley

  2. AGS96-2 Estimating Carbon-fixation in India based on Remote Sensing Data
    R.S. Hooda and D.G.Dye

  3. AGS96-3 The Possibilities of Identifying Landuse Categories On IRS Data

  4. AGS96-4 The use of Remote Sensing Data for Identifying Development of Sugarcane in Buttala Area
    P.A.P. Guruge

  5. AGS96-5 Assessing Irrigation Performance of Rice-Based Bhadra Project in India
    S. Thiruvengadachari

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Section 2 : Water Resources / Hydrology

  1. WR96-1 Effect of Landuse Derivation Strategies from Remote Sensing Data on Hydrologic Modeling
    Srikantha Herath and Dushmanta Dutta

  2. WR96-2 Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies for Denudation Estimation in a Siwalik Watershed of Nepal
    Kioshi Honda, Lal Samarakon, akichika Ishibashi, yasushi Mabuchi, Shigechika Miyajima

  3. WR96-3 Use of IRS Data in the Production of a Hydrology Map of Sri Lanka
    Bandu Adhikari and Sarath Jayatilaka

  4. WR96-4 Application of Satellite Image Date to Large-scale Water Use System in Arid Areas of Iran
    Kiyoshi Torii, Tahei Yamamoto, Makio Kamichika, Kyochi Otsuki Sizuo Hayasi Yoshiaki Sinmura, Takashi Hoshi, Abbas Keshavarz And Ebrahim Pazira

  5. WR96-5 The use of Radar Remote Sensing Imageries for Developments in Southern Coastal Belt of Sri-Lanka
    T.K.D. Tennakoon

  6. WR96-6 The Effect of Rainfall Echoes on Sar Image
    Nobuhiko Kodaria

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Section 3: Disasters

  1. DIS96-1 Investigating River Channel Changes as a consequence of Continuous Flood Hazard in Terai Region of Napal using Remotely Sensed Data
    Lal Samarakoon, Akichika Ishibashi, Yasushi Mabuchi, Kioshi Honda, Shigechika Miyajima

  2. DIS96-2 Pitfall in Subrogating Slope Maps for Landslide Hazard Maps
    Dr. R.K. Bhandari1, and Kumar M. Weerasinghe

  3. DIS96-3 Application of Landsat-TM Thermal Band and IRS-1A LISS II Imagery in Delineation of Coal Mine Fire in Jharia Coal Field
    V. K. Srivastava

  4. DIS96-4 Satellite Surveillance for Disaster Mitigation
    V.S. Arya, B.S. Chaudhary, A.Beniwal, T.P. Babu and R.S. Hooda

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Section 4: Education / Communication

  1. EDC96-1 Promotion of Education and Training on Geoinformatics in Asia
    Shunji Murai

  2. EDC96-2 Some Thought for Training Planners in the use of Spatial Data Development
    Sarath Jayatilaka

  3. EDC96-3 The Integration of Dragon Image Processing System into the Remote Sensing Curriculum - The Interdisciplinary Approach
    M. Zeman

  4. EDC96-4 Activities of GIS Application Center at AIT and It's Role in Asia-Pacific Region
    Shanker Raj Pathak*, Kiyoshi Honda* and shunji Murai**

  5. EDC96-5 High School Level Education of Geoinformation Science Using 3D Computer Graphic
    Hideharu yanagi, Hiroaki Kakiuchi, Naoki Akimori, Kunihiko Ono

  6. EDC96-6 Ground Truth Database with Portable GPS for Education
    Shiro Ochi and Masataka Takagi

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Section 5: Forestry / Vegetation

  1. FV96-1 Mapping Tropical Forest Cover Types using Optical Satellite Data And GIS In Gentral in Central Sumatra, Indonesia
    Yousif Ali Hussin John S. Mwantdha Hamid Marwat

  2. FV96-2 Classification of Multi-sensor Data using a combination of Image Analysis Techniques
    Gerrit Huunemna, Lucas Broekema

  3. FV96-3 Application of NETVIS to the Evaluation of a Reforestation Project in Northeast Thailand
    Nagata Yoshikatsu, Yoshida Kengo, Takeda Shinya and Kono Yasuyuki

  4. FV96-4 The Environmental Remote Sensing Monitoring and Research of JAINFENG Mountain Country Forest Park in HAINAN
    Li Xuexian

  5. FV96-5 Data Acquisition through Remote Sensing for Management Planning of National Parks and Protected Areas
    Somasiri, S, and M. Herath

  6. FV96-6 Change Detection in Colour : Presentation and Interpretation of Multi-Dimensional Image Data Sets
    Anthony J. Lewis, Qiang Tao and DeWitt H. Braud

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Section 6: Mapping

  1. MAP96-1 A Comparison between ERS-1, JERS-1, and Radarsat Satellite Radar Images for Mapping Tropical Deforestation
    Yourif Ali Hussin Belinda Arunarwati Agus Wuryanta

  2. MAP96-2 Overview of CCRS Activities in Asia
    Zdenek "Denny" Kalensky, Dr. Kian Fadaie and Les Whitney

  3. MAP96-3 A Topographic Database for Geo-information Production Process in the Survey Department of Sri Lanka
    Shyamalie Perera & K.D. parakum Shantha

  4. MAP96-4 Speckle Reduction for Small Feature Detection
    Takako Sakurai-Amano and Joji Iisaka

  5. MAP96-5 Semi-automated geometric correction for mosaicing number of satellite data
    Koki Iwao, Ryosuke Shibasaki & Masataka TakagiI

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Section 7: Oceanography / Meteorology

  1. OCN96-1 Automatic Detection of Oceanic Wave Length and Direction from SPOT Image
    C.S.Wu, C.F. Chen, K.S. Chen and A.J. Chen

  2. OCN96-2 Feasibility studies of changes in Coastline, Sri Lanka
    L.L.S. Roshani Gunasekera.

  3. OCN96-3 Investigation on Tidal Land Reclamation in Korea Using Satellite Image Data
    Kiyoshi Toril, Takashi Hoshi, Takashi Kano, Byung Jin Cho, Byung Ho Lim, and Moon Soo Choi

  4. OCN96-4 A Multiplayer-Multiresolution Approach to Detection of Oil Slicks Using ERS SAR Image
    L.Y. Change, K.S. Chen, C.F. Chen and A.J. Chen

  5. OCN96-5 Mid-day Atmospheric Humidity from Thermal Infrared Observation of the NOAA-14 AVHRR Satellite: Validation in Tropical Environment
    T. Sarvanaapavan, D.G. Dye, and R. Shibasaki

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Section 8: Land Use

  1. LU96-1 Assessing Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics in Two Identified 'Hot Spot' Areas: Oudomxay Province of Lao P.D.R. and Makong Delta of Vietnam
    Chandra P. Gir, Eike kratzachmar, Rey S. Oftren, D. Pradhan and Surendra Shrestha

  2. LU96-2 Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for Land Use/Land Cover Mapping in Nil Wala Basin
    W.T.G. Mendis & A. Wadigamangawa

  3. LU96-3 Ground Truth Survey for the Development of Current Land use map, the western seaboard Regional development Master plan study, Thailand
    Sripen Durongdej, Pornthip Kanchansunthorn, K.Honda, Shanker Pathak, Nguyen Van Dai, Satya Priya, Lal Samarakoon, and Seetharam K.E.

  4. LU96-4 Monitoring of Land use Changes
    Ruklanthi Silva

  5. LU96-5 GIS and RRA in Local -Level Land Use Planning A case study in Sri Lanka
    M.Mari, P.Bitter

  6. LU96-6 On the Architecture of layered Neural Network for Land use Classification of Satellite Remote Sensing Image
    Shimizu, Eihan and Le, Van Trung

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Section 9: Digital Image Processing

  1. DIP96-1 New Texural Extraction Method using Rolling Ball and Riping Membrane Transforms
    Mazlan Hashim

  2. DIP96-2 Automatic Detection of V-Shaped Features from SAR Imagery
    Joji Iisaka, Jonathan H.H. Bloedow and Takako Sakurai - Amano

  3. DIP96-3 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Image Processing in Remote Sensing
    Amal G. Punchihewa

  4. DIP96-4 Multi spectral, Remotely Sensed data compression method using neural networks
    Junichi Suzaki, Eihan Shimizu

  5. DIP96-5 Precise Geometric and Radiometric Corrections of Spot Pan & XS Data for Land Use Monitoring
    Peter Bitter, Priska Haller

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Section 10: Geoscience / DTM

  1. GEO96-1 Hydrological Investigations in Gangetic Basin using Remote Sensing and Basement DEM - A Case Study
    Ajay Srivastava, Nitin Kumar Tripathi and K.V.G.K. Gokhale

  2. GEO96-2 A Study of DEM Accuracy according to Spatial Resolution
    Masataka Tankagi

  3. GEO96-3 Linear Feature Extraction From SPOT Panchromatic Imagery
    K.D. Parakum Shantha

  4. GEO96-4 The Application of the TM data to the gold deposit prospecting
    Liu Yingchun

  5. GEO96-5 Assessment of Erosion in Mountain Regions
    Seyed Ahrmad Heydarian

  6. GEO96-6 DEM Accuracy Derived from ASTER Data
    Mitsuharu Tokunaga, Seiich Hara

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Section 11: GIS

  1. GIS96-1 Solid waste disposal site selection using Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques
    Lourdes V. Abellera

  2. GIS96-2 Combining GIS and Statistical Analysis for Better Decision Making Local Level Planning
    Shyamalie Perera & S. Sivananthgarajah

  3. GIS96-3 Towards a Geographic Information Infrastructure for Sri Lanka
    Peter Bitter

  4. GIS96-4 Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Urban Hydrologic Analysis
    S. Herath, K. Musiake, S. Wijesekara, and L. Samarakoon

  5. GIS96-5 The use of GIS in research and Control of Malaria
    Thisula Abeysekera, D.M. Goonewardena, Gamini Jayasundera, Lal Muthuwatte, P.Kumr Kotta, Thilak Senanayake, Richard Carter, Kamini N. Mendis, A.R. Wickremasinghe

  6. GIS96-6 Preparation of Indicative Land use Plans using GIS
    J. Jayasinghe and W. M. M. Priyanthi

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Section 12: Global Environment

  1. GLE96-1 Land cover classification of Asia using 8km AVHRR data
    Ryutaro Tateishi and Cheng-Gang Wen

  2. GLE96-2 Analysis of urbanization trend in the greater Colombo area from 1956-1994 using air photos
    Malik Majeed (MITP)

  3. GLE96-3 Relation between soil conditions and the vegetation environment in Colombo city, using Remote Sensing data
    Makoto Kawamura, Sanath Jayamanna, Yuji Tsujiko

  4. GLE96-4 Scaling of NDVI and VSW index between LANDSAT TM and NOAA AVHRR data
    Mikio Sugita, Yoshifumi Yasuoka, Yoshiki Yamagata Yamagata and Masayuki Tamura

  5. GLE96-5 Rationality of the use of Remote Sensing Based Land Use Maps for Identification of Eerging Urgan Centres in Sri Lanka
    L. H. Indrasiri

  6. GLE96-6 Application of PAR in Estimation of Agricultural Productivity
    K. S. Rajan and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  7. GLE96-7 Report of ADEOS Initial Mission Checkout
    Haruhisa Shimoda, Yoshifumi Yasuoka and Ryuji matsuoka

  8. GLE96-8 Generation of Global Terrestrial Biomass Map by Integrating Satellite Data and Carbon Dynamics Model
    Hua Hu, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Elgene O. Box

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Section 13: Application of RS and GIS to Land Degradation

  1. SSA96-1 Assessment of watershed degradation and its socioeconomic impacts using remote sensing and GIS: A case study of Trijuga watershed, Nepal
    Bhuwneshwar P. Sah, Shunji Murai, Kiyoshi Honda, Karl E. Weber, Haja Andrianasolo

  2. SSA96-2 Soil erosion assessment and its policy implications: A Case study of Rs and GIS applications in Uthai Thani, Thailand
    Rajendra P. Shrestha, Dr. Apisit Eiumonoh and Somchai Baimoung

  3. SSA96-3 Integrated use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Soil Erosion Hazard Modelling- A Case Study
    S.k. Saha

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Section 14: 1 KM Land Cover Data Base in Asia

  1. LCD96-1 Mask Procedure for Effective Classification of Mangrove Area and a Method to decide Threshold Values with TM Data of Landsat 5
    Kaxuhiro Sato, Minoru Nakajima Takashi Hoshi

  2. LCD96-2 GIS of management of forest in eastern Sri Lanka through a semi-knowledge based approach
    L. K. Perera and Ryutaro Tateishi

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Section 15: Poster Session 1

  1. PS96-1 Thailand Remote Sensing Center in the Globalization ERA
    Praneet ditsariyakul niramon sripumin, Rasamee suwanwerakmtorn

  2. PS96-2 Using High Resolution Satellite Imageries to updata Topographic map and for Monitor Land use Changes
    Komate Hongpakdee, Pipat Sonwong, Suwana Euwaanon, Krisna Klindad and orawn Sudchukiat

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