ACRS 2000

Sections: [Agriculture & Soil][Water Resources][Coastal Zone Monitoring][Digital Photogrammetry][Environment][Forest Resources ][GIS & Data Integration][Hazard Mitigation][Image Processing][Education & Profession][Global Change][Landuse][Mapping from Space & GPS][SAR/InSAR][Oceanography][Hyperspectral & Data Acquisition Systems][AirSar/Master][Poster Session 2][Poster Session 3]

Section 1 : Agriculture & Soil

  1. AGS00-1 Modelling Tea (Camellia (L) O. Kuntze) Yield Using Satellite Derived Lai, Landuse and Meteorological DATA
    R.M.S.S. Rajapakse, Nitin K. Tripathi, Kiyoshi Honda

  2. AGS00-2 Land degradation due to hydro-salinity in semi-arid regions Using gis and remote sensing
    Nasir Mahmood Khan, Yohei Sato

  3. AGS00-3 Analysis Of Spectral Characteristics Of Rice Canopy Under Water Deficiency
    Chwen-Ming Yang, Muh-Rong Su

  4. AGS00-4 Climate change and agricultural food production of Bangladesh: an impact assessment using gis-based biophysical crop simulation model.
    Afzal Ahmed, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  5. AGS00-5 The Study For Assessment Of Susceptibility To Soil Liquefaction In Taiwan
    Horng-Yuh Guo, Chih-Feng Chiang, Tsang-Sen Liu, Jiang-Liung Chu, Jen-Chyi Liu

  6. AGS00-6 On The Retrievals Of Surface Soil Moisture From Simulated Smos And Amsr Brightnesstemperatures
    Shou-Fang Liu 1,2 , Yuei-An Liou 3 , and Wen-June Wang 1

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Section 2 : Water Resources

  1. WR00-1 Identifying Optimum Sites for locating Reservoirs employing Remotely Sensed Data and Geographical Information Systems.
    K. Wan Yusof, Serwan M. J. Baban

  2. WR00-2 Integrated Ground Water Resources Mapping in Gurgaon District, (Haryana) India using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
    B. V. M. Rao Toleti, B. S. Chaudhary, K. E. Mothi Kumar, G. P. Saroha,Manoj Yadav, Ajeet Singh, M. P. Sharma, A. C. Pandey and P. K. Singh

  3. WR00-3 Identification and Mapping of New Maruganga Channel in Northwest India of Indian Sub-Continent
    Dr. Narpat Singh Rathore

  4. WR00-4 Using Spectral Mixture Modeling Techniques to derive Land-Cover parameters for Distributed Sediment Yield Estimation
    Enrico C Paringit,Kazuo Nadaoka

  5. WR00-5 Groundwater Level Forecasting with Time Series Analysis
    Miao-Hsiang Peng, Jin-King Liu

  6. WR00-6 Reservoir Trophic State Evaluation using Landsat TM Data
    Ke-Sheng Cheng, Tsu-Chiang Lei

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Section 3: Coastal Zone Monitoring

  1. CZM00-1 Analysis of the convective mixing characteristics Of estuarine reservoir by landsat tm images
    Takashi Hoshi, Moon Soo Choi and Hideyuki Tonooka

  2. CZM00-2 Near Real Time Monitoring of Taiwan Coastal Waters - A Multiple Sensor Approach
    I-I Lin and L.S. Wen

  3. CZM00-3 Coastal Zone Environment Management With Emphasis On Mangrove Ecosystem, A Case Study Of Ao-Sawi Thung Khla, Chumphon, Thailand
    Dr. Surachai Ratanasermpong, Ms. Dararat Disbunchong,Mr. Thongchai Charupat, Dr. Suwit Ongsomwang

  4. CZM00-4 Application of Remote Sensing with LANDSAT TM Data for Management and Control of Mangrove Forest - A Case Study in Okinawa -
    Kazuhiro Sato, Munetake Kanetomi

  5. CZM00-5 Observing Intertidal Zones Using Satellite Imagery
    Rigel Hian Dee Leow, Yihan Tan, Chee Yuen Wan

  6. CZM00-6 Coral reef ecosystem change detection based on spatial Autocorrelation of multispectral satellite data
    Heather Holden,Chris Derksen, Ellsworth LeDrew

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Section 4: Digital Photogrammetry

  1. DPH00-1 Knowledge-Based Image Analysis for 3D Road Reconstruction
    Chunsun Zhang, Emmanuel Baltsavias and Armin Gruen

  2. DPH00-2 Orthorectification of Stereo Spot Panchromatic and Radarsat Fine Mode Data using Orbital Parameters and Digital Elevation Model
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd and Shahruddin Ahmad

  3. DPH00-3 Hidden Compensation and Shadow Enhancement for True Orthophoto Generation
    Jiann-Yeou Rau, Nai-Yu Chen and Liang-Chien Chen

  4. DPH00-4 Development of Software to create a Rectified Image of an Inclined Plane
    Ryuji Matsuoka and Naoki Shirai

  5. DPH00-5 An Iterative Approach to Acquire Linear Features under the constraints of their knowledge in Object Space
    Shih-Hong Chio and Shue-Chia Wang

  6. DPH00-6 Automatic acquisition of 3D spatial data in city with air-borne TLS Three Line Scanner
    Yoshiaki Kagawa and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  7. DPH00-7 Multi-Resolution approach to Radargrammetric Digital Elevation Models Generation
    Xiaojing Huang, Leong Keong Kwoh and Hock Lim

  8. DPH00-8 Implementation of Digital Photogrammetry for monitoring The Tsaolin Area in Taiwan
    Jihn-Fa Jan and Jih-Cheng Ru

  9. DPH00-9 Topographic Map Revision in Digital Photogrammetric Environment
    K. S. K. Wijayawardana

  10. DPH00-10 Global Image Composite of ADEOS/OCTS GAC Data
    T. Hashimoto, T. Igarashi, A. Mukaida and R. Higuchi

  11. DPH00-11 Extraction and Utilization of Geometrical and Contextual Information in very High Resolution IKONOS Satellite Imagery
    Annie Hui, Soo Chin Liew, Leong Keong Kwoh and Hock Lim

  12. DPH00-12 The Rectification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery
    Chao-hsiung Wu

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Section 5: Environment

  1. ENV00-1 Estimation of the methane emission from west Siberian wetland by Scaling between NOAA/AVHRR and SPOT/HRV data
    Wataru Takeuchi, Masayuki Tamura, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  2. ENV00-2 Land Cover Change And Fluctuation Of Lacustrine Water Quality In Okutama Lake
    Susumu Ogawa and Moe Moriyama

  3. ENV00-3 Vegetation Mapping in Ganges River Basin for Global Mapping Project
    Ms. Mona Lacoul, Dr. Lal Samarakkon and Dr. Kiyoshi Honda

  4. ENV00-4 Verification Of Surface Temperature From Landsat 7/Etm+ Data
    Yuzo Suga, Motohide Yoshimura, Shoji Takeuchi and Yoshinari Oguro

  5. ENV00-5 An Evaluation of Drought Risk Area in Northeast Thailand using Remotely Sensed Data and GIS
    C. Mongkolsawat, P. Thirangoon, R. Suwanweramtorn, N. Karladee, S. Paiboonsank, P. Champathet

  6. ENV00-6 Investigation Of Evaporate Deposits On Gavkhoni Playa Lake
    R. Ajalloeian, H. R. Pakzad, H. Safaei

  7. ENV00-7 Urban Change Study Using RS And GIS
    D. Amarsaikhan, M. Ganzorig and M. Saandar

  8. ENV00-8 Environments transition research in yusan national park After earthquake and typhoon
    Tien-Yin Chou, Chih-Cung Kao and Ying-Huei Chang

  9. ENV00-9 The characterization of vertical mean temperature Over indonesia from 1994 to 1998
    Achmad Sasmito, Urip Haryoko, Riris Adriyanto, Nelly Florida Riama and Rosdiana

  10. ENV00-10 Capability Of Radarsat Data In Monsoon Flood Monitoring
    Mardiana Shafiee, Azman Ahmad and Osman Kadir

  11. ENV00-11 Applying AVHRR Data to Estimate and Monitor Aerosol Optical Thickness
    Tang-Huang Lin and Gin-Rong Liu

  12. ENV00-12 Surface Temperature Analysis of Urban Area using RS and GIS
    Myung-Hee Jo, Kwang-Jae Lee, Ji-Hyun Shin, Ae-Sook Suh, Sung-Nam Oh

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Section 6: Forest Resources

  1. FR00-1 Application of Ecosystem Management Decision Support System in selecting suitable site for Taiwania
    Su-Fen Wang, Yeong-Kuan Chen, Chi-Chuan Cheng

  2. FR00-2 Forest Fire Monitoring with SPOT-4 Satellite Imagery
    Kim Hwa Lim, Leong Keong Kwoh, Soo Chin Liew, Hock Lim

  3. FR00-3 Study on the Relationship among the Machilus Spectral Behavior and Light Intensity and Physiological Activity
    Chinsu Lin

  4. FR00-4 Analysis of Fragmentation and Anthropogenic Disturbances in the Himalayan Forests: Use of Remote Sensing and GIS
    Subrat Sharma, L. M. S. Palni, P. S. Roy

  5. FR00-5 Modeling Landscape changes using Logit Models
    Li-Ta Hsu, Chi-Chuan Cheng

  6. FR00-6 Application and Validation of LWCI (Leaf Water Content Index) to Tropical Seasonal Forest Region
    Michio Anazawa, Genya Saito and Haruo Sawada

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Section 7: GIS & Data Integration

  1. GIS00-1 Implementation of A Geographic Information System (GIS) to Determine Wildlife Habitat Quality Using Habitat Suitability Index
    YuChing Lai, Walter L. Mills, Chi-Chuan Cheng

  2. GIS00-2 Application of GIS to Measure and Evaluate Landscape Changes
    Chi-Chuan Cheng, Jihn-Fa Jan

  3. GIS00-3 GIS for Visual Impact Assessment
    Zongyu Zhang, Jin Yeu Tsou,Hui Lin

  4. GIS00-4 Integration and Application of Socio-Economic and Environmental Data Within GIS for Development Study in Thailand
    Tran Hung, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  5. GIS00-5 Harnessing Information Technology for (Geo)Management and Decision-Making Rowena Bassi Quiambao
    Rowena Bassi Quiambao, Tran Hung, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  6. GIS00-6 GIS Database of The Environmental Information
    Sharav Munkhtuya, Batjantsan Enkhtsetseg

  7. GIS00-7 Application of Geoinformatics on Mountain Land Hazard Mapping: A Case of Annapurna Himalayas, Central Nepal
    Krishna Poudel

  8. GIS00-8 A Surface Interpolation for Large-scale Representation of Terrain in An Urban Area
    Yohko Shimura, Shaobo Huang, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  9. GIS00-9 Dynamic Spatial Modeling using ROS and Carrying Capacity for Ecotourism Management
    Kampanart Piyathamrongchai, Nitin K. Tripathi

  10. GIS00-10 A case - based urban planning support system using an integrated combination of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
    Ko-Wan Tsou, Yao-Lin Chang, Yu - Ting Hung

  11. GIS00-11 An Implementation of 3D GIS on web
    Tien-Yin Chou, Lan-Kun Chung, Wen-Yuan Ku, Wei-Yuan Lo

  12. GIS00-12 The Management System Development of Campus Facility Information using Web-based GIS
    Myung-Hee Jo, Sung-Joong Park, Mal-Suk Kim, Yun-Won Jo

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Section 8: Hazard Mitigation

  1. HM00-1 Information Technology and Natural Disaster Management in India
    Dr. Alok Gupta

  2. HM00-2 High Resolution Remote Sensing Data & GIS Techniques in Updation of Infrastructure Details for Flood Damage Assessment - A Case Study
    YK Srivastava, Binod Doley, DK Pal, RK Das, S Sudhakar, S Adiga,KV Venkatachary, SK Srivastava

  3. HM00-3 Visualization of Water Levels from JERS-1 SAR Images Using Strong Scatters- Phitsanulok, Thailand
    Takako Sakurai-Amano

  4. HM00-4 Drought and Vegetataion Monitoring in the Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of the Mongolia using Remote Sensing and Ground Data
    Yu. Bayarjargal, Ts. Adyasuren, Sh. Munkhtuya

  5. HM00-5 Detection of Disaster Damage Using Changes of City Lights with DMSP/OLS Data in Asia Pacific Region
    Izumi Nagatani, Genya Saito, Masafumi Kodama, Xianfang Song, Chris Eluvidge

  6. HM00-6 Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS for Fire Hazard Categorization & Resource Allocation. A case study of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
    Sunil Bhaskar

  7. HM00-7 Landslides Triggered by the Chi-Chi Earthquakea
    Hsuan-Wu Liao, Chyi-Tyi Lee

  8. HM00-8 Development of GIS-Based Building Damage Database for the 1995 Kobe Earthquake
    Koichiro Umemura, Osamu Murao, Fumio Yamazaki

  9. HM00-9 Airborne Thermal IR Remote Sensing of Lushan Geothermal Field
    Chi-nan Wu, Ta-Ko Chen

  10. HM00-10 Automated Detection of Building Damage Due to Recent Earthquakes using Aerial Television Images
    Hajime Mitomi, Fumio Yamazaki,Masashi Matsuoka

  11. HM00-11 Validity Study of Edes Application to Taiwan Chi-Chi Earthquake Disaster
    Masayuki Kohiyama, Haruo Hayashi, Norio Maki, Shin Hashitera

  12. HM00-12 Asia Pacific Network for Disaster Mitigation using Earth Observation Satellite (ANDES) (1) - Forest Fire Detection
    Taro Shinmura, Haruo Sawada, Izumi Nagatani

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Section 9: Image Processing

  1. OMP00-1 A Neural Network Model for estimating Surface Chlorophyll and Sediment Content at the Lake Kasumi Gaura of Japan
    Pranab Jyoti BARUAH, Masayuki TAMURA, Kazuo OKI, Hitoshi Nishimura

  2. OMP00-2 Urban Image Analusys Using Adaptive Resonance Theory

  3. OMP00-3 Color Image Enhancement based on Segmentation Region Histogram Equalization
    Sakreya. CHITWONG, Fusak CHEEVASUVIT, Kobchai DEJHAN and Somsak MITATHA

  4. OMP00-4 Parallel Computing in Remote Sensing Data Processing
    Chao-Tung Yang, Chi-Chu Hung

  5. OMP00-5 Using Complete Polarimetric Information in Fuzzy Neural Classification of SAR Image Based on Complex Gaussian Distribution
    Masafumi NAKAGAWA, Huijing ZHAO, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI

  6. OMP00-6 Comparative study on model fitting methods for object extraction
    Masafumi NAKAGAWA, Huijing ZHAO, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI

  7. OMP00-7 Some Advanced Techniques for spot 4 XI Data Handling
    Nguyen Dinh Duong, Le Kim Thoa, Nguyen Thanh Hoan

  8. OMP00-8 The Analytic of Remotely Sensed Digital Image
    Li Xianhua, Zhang Dengrong, Yu Gelong, Lin Hui, Shihuosheng

  9. OMP00-9 The statistical correlation with invariant moments for Geometric correction improvement

  10. OMP00-10 Optimization Of Active And Passive Remote Sensing Systems Using Informational Criterion
    Asadov Hikmat Hamid oglu

  11. OMP00-11 Multispectral Image Compression using FCM-Based Vector Quantization

  12. OMP00-12 Comparison Of Two Texture Features For Multispectral Imagery Analysis

  13. OMP00-13 Image Analysis of Remote Sensing Data Integrating Spectral and Spatial Features of Objects
    Joji IISAKA and Takako SAKURAI-AMANO

  14. OMP00-14 A New Approach for Automatic Determination of Edge Center Lines in a Digital Image
    Jaan-Rong TSAY

  15. OMP00-15 Geometric Registration Method for 10-Day Composite Avhrr Data for Asian Region
    Ts. Purevdorj and R.Yokoyama

  16. OMP00-16 Feature Extraction in Residential Areas by Knowledge Modelling
    Ts. Purevdorj and R.Yokoyama

  17. OMP00-17 Subband SAR Image Coding by using Quadtree Decomposition on Variable Block Truncation Code
    Amnach KHAWNE, Somchai OMSIN, Suthichai NOPPANAKEEPONG and Krit WONGRUJIRA

  18. OMP00-18 Optimal Polarization for Contrast Enhancement in Polarimetric SAR Using Genetic Algorithm
    Ruey-Long SU, K.S.CHEN, Jiancheng SHI

  19. OMP00-19 A Reflectance Retrieval Algorithm for Landsat Tm Satellite Image
    C. H. Liu, E. F. Vermote

  20. OMP00-20 A Synergistic Automatic Clustering Technique (Syneract) for Multispectral Image Analysis
    Kai-Yi Huang

  21. OMP00-21 An Efficient Artificial Neural Network Training Method Through Induced Learning Retardation: Inhibited Brain Learning
    Joel C. Bandibas, Kazunori Kohyama

  22. OMP00-22 Flooded Area Assessment with Fused Multi-Spectral Multi-Sensor by using Texture Feature Analysis and Neural Network Classification

  23. OMP00-23 Accuracy Improvement of the Land Cover Classification by using Truncated Normal Distribution
    Tsukasa Hosomura

  24. OMP00-24 Self-Organizing Feature Map for Multi-Spectral Spot Land Cover Classification
    Jen-Hon Luo, Din-Chang Tseng

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Section 10: Education & Profession

  1. EDP00-1 Development of data set for analysis of landsat tm images Using www browser and spreadsheet
    Kiyotada Sato, Ryuzo Yokoyama

  2. EDP00-2 " Survey Department of Nepal : today and tomorrow "
    Krishna Raj Adhikary

  3. EDP00-3 Telling Stories Of Jin-Shan-Miann Adjacent To Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park On A Simulated Rocsat-2 Image
    Ku-Yu Chang, Chih-Li Chang

  4. EDP00-4 Determination Of Original Size Of The Abhayagiriya Stupa
    Siri Diyupathi Dampegama

  5. EDP00-5 Remote Sensing Activities Of Nasda In Southeast Asia
    Eiichi Muto

  6. EDP00-6 The Educational Function Of Satellite Imagery
    Shi-Ming Lu

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Section 11: Global Change

  1. GLC00-1 Desertification Mapping Of West Asia -A GIS and Remote Sensing Application
    Hussein Harahsheh and Ryutaro Tateishi

  2. GLC00-2 Development for Data Base for Eco-System Changes and Emission Changes of GHG Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Sumatra Island, Indonesia
    Lilik Budi Prasetyo*, Genya Saito** and Haruo Tsuruta**

  3. GLC00-3 Modeling the effects of recent land use change On the carbon cycle in the zhu jiang delta region Of southern china
    Dennis G. Dye

  4. GLC00-4 Satellite Observation Of Migration Routes And Habitats Of Migratory Birds Living In Wetlands In East Asia
    Masayuki Tamura

  5. GLC00-5 An Operational Approach For Mapping Bushfire History In The Tropical Savannas Of Northern Australia
    Yue Zhang1 Peter Whitehead2 Waqar Ahmad3 Carl Menges 4

  6. GLC00-6 Relationship between canopy brdf and physical parameters Of 3-d structure of vegetaion in northern wetlands in japan n
    Michiru Miyamoto*, Kunihiko Yoshino**, Keiji Kushida***

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Section 12: Landuse

  1. LU00-1 Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Markov Random Fields
    Brandt TSO , Paul M. MATHER

  2. LU00-2 Machine Learning Methods to Identify Mislabeled Training Data and Appropriate Features for Global Land Cover Classification
    Jonathan Cheung-Wai CHAN, Matthew C. HANSEN and BRuth S. DEFRIES

  3. LU00-3 Development of Trunk-Canopy Biomass and Morphology Indices From Quadpolarized Radar Data
    Peter N. Tiangeo, Bruce C. Froster

  4. LU00-4 CA Land Use Change Study Using Cellular Automata
    Jinn-Guey Lay

  5. LU00-5 Identification of Landslides Induced by Chi-Chi Earthquake using Spot Multispectral Images
    Yu-Chuan Kuo, Hui-Chung Yeh

  6. LU00-6 Determination of Major Factors Affecting the Land Use/Land Cover of upper magat watershed. - a preliminary study for the land Use/Land Cover Change Case Study of Upper Magat Watershed Phase - Ii.
    Victorino A. Bato

  7. LU00-7 Additional Nighttime Avhrr Data for Classifying Land Cover Types in Thailand
    Chada Narongrit , Mitsuharu Tokunaga, Shunji Murai, Kaew Nualchawee, Apisit Eiumnoh, Suphat Vongvisessomjai

  8. LU00-8 Land-Cover Change in China using Time Series Analysis, 1982 - 1999
    Chien-Pin Lee, Stephen S. Young, Hao Chen

  9. LU00-9 Urban planning and monitoring changes using ER Mapper
    Dr Abdullah Mah

  10. LU00-10 Investigation of Land use in Relation to Landslide by using Gis
    R.Ajalloeian, R. Karami, M.Nikzad

  11. LU00-11 The Study of Knowledge-Based Database Assist for Urban Land Use Classification
    Fu-jen Chien, Tien-Yin Chou

  12. LU00-12 Application of Remote Sensing Image Data in the Analysis of Land Use Management for Agriculture in Chianan Irrigation Project in Taiwan
    You Jenn Ming, Kiyoshi Torii, Yoshiaki Mori, Ryohei Kada

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Section 13: Mapping from Space & GPS

  1. MSP00-1 Covariance Propagation In GPS/IMU - Directly Georeferenced Frame Imagery
    Mohamed M.R. Mostafa, Joseph Hutton, and Erik Lithopoulos

  2. MSP00-2 RADARSAT-2 Mission : Overview and Development Status
    Peter MEISL, Alan A. THOMPSON, Anthony P. LUSCOMBE

  3. MSP00-3 Performance Evaluation of RTK GPS Without Sa Effect
    Jenn-Taur LEE Wen-Feng CHEN

  4. MSP00-4 Effect of Coherence on Dems Derived From Sar Interferometry: A Case Study of Mayon Volcano, Philippines
    Vu Tuong Thuy and Mitsuharu Tokunaga

  5. MSP00-5 Use of Digital Terrain Modeles for The Infrastructure Development In Sri Lanka.

  6. MSP00-6 A Method of Map Matching for Personal Positioning Systems

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Section 14: SAR/InSAR

  1. SAR00-1 A MULTI-polarized and Multi-angle C-band Radar System for Soil Moisture Determination Under Bare Soil Conditions
    Shakil A. Romshoo, T. Oki and Katumi Musiake

  2. SAR00-2 AVerification of INSAR Capability for Disaster Monitoring - A Case Study on Chi-Chi Earthquake in Taiwan
    Shoji Takeuchi ,Yuzo Suga, Yoshinari Oguro, A. J. Chen, Chinatsu Yonezawa

  3. SAR00-3 Sar Interferometry Applications In The Philippines using Ers-1, Ers-2 and Jers-1: Case Studies In Mayon and Taal Volcanoes
    Salvador, J.H.G., Kanbara, H., Abundo, R., Tsukada, M., Hirose, K., Dayao, A., Corpuz, E. and Baloloy, A.

  4. SAR00-4 A Study on Differential Interferometry In Subsidence
    C. T. WANG, H. T. WANG, D. C. CHERN, N. Y. CHEN, L. S. LIANG

  5. SAR00-5 921 Chichi Earthquake : Preliminary Interferometric Interpretations
    Deffontaines B., Liang L.S., Pathier E., Wang C.T., Fruneau B., Lee C.T., Raymond D., J.Angelier and Rudant J.P.

  6. SAR00-6 Doppler Coefficient Estimation for Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Sub-Aperture Interferogram
    Jim Min Kuo, K. S. Chen

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Section 15: Oceanography

  1. OCN00-1 Sea surface temperature variability in the seas surrounding The philippines in relation to ENSO events
    Erlinda E. Salamante and Cesar L. Villanoy

  2. OCN00-2 El niño southern oscillation (enso) impact on sea surface temperature (sst) derived from satellite imagery and its relationship on tuna fishing ground In the south java seawaters
    Jonson Lumban Gaol, and Djisman Manurung

  3. OCN00-3 Derivation of Aerosol Optical Thickness over the East Asian Oceans with ROCSAT-1 OCI Imagery
    Shih-Jen Huang and Gin-Rong Liu

  4. OCN00-4 Comparative Performance of SST Algorithms In the Tropical Ocean Using OCTS Data
    K. Abdullah, M. Z. MatJafri and N. M. Saleh

  5. OCN00-5 The Use of SeaWiFS Satellite Data For Ocean Colour Determination In Fisheries Application
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd and Tadris Ahmad

  6. OCN00-6 Classification of algal bloom types From remote sensing reflectance
    Soo Chin LIEW, Leong Keong KWOH, and Hock LIM

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Section 16: Hyperspectral & Data Acquisition Systems

  1. HDA00-1 Vegetation Spectral Feature Extraction Model
    Qian Tan , Hui Lin

  2. HDA00-2 Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Three-Dimensional Wavelet Transformation
    Yi-Hsing TSENG, Hung-Kuan SHIH, Pai-Hui HSU

  3. HDA00-3 Estimation of Photosynthetic Rate of Plant from Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing of Biochemical Content
    Takahiro ENDO, Toshinori OKUDA, Masayuki TAMURA, and Yoshifumi YASUOKA

  4. HDA00-4 Multiscale Analysis of Hyperspectral Data Using Wavelets for Spectral Feature Extraction
    Pai-Hui Hsu, Yi-Hsing Tseng

  5. HDA00-5 Microwave holographic- imaging remote objects using light-modulated scattering technique
    Thammasak Vimonkiattikun, Jirawath Panklang, Anupong Srongprapa

  6. HDA00-6 Application of airborne Hyperspectral imaging in Wetland delineation
    Chung-hsin Juan, Jonathan D. Jordan, and Chih-Hung Tan

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Section 17: AirSar/Master

  1. ASM00-1 Pacrim 2 Airsar Deployment to the Asia-Pacific Region August - October 2000: Report on the Data Acquisition Phase and Early Results
    Professor A. K. Milne, Dr. I. Tapley

  2. ASM00-2 The Use of Airsar Data for Assessing the Potential of Future Spaceborne Sar for Regional Estimation of Woodland Biomass in Australia
    A.K. Milne, N. Cronin, R.M. Lucas, C. Witte and R. Denham

  3. ASM00-3 Estimation of Soil Moisture with Vegetated Surface by Multi-Temporal Measurements
    Jiancheng Shi

  4. ASM00-4 Deployment of the Modis/Aster Airborne Simulator (Master) during Pacrim 2
    Dr. I. Tapley, Professor A. K. Milne

  5. ASM00-5 Advances in Digital Elevation Datasets for Exploration, Topographic Mapping and Disaster Management
    Dr. Ian J. Tapley

  6. ASM00-6 ASM00-6
    Dr. Ian J. Tapley

  7. ASM00-7 Analysis of Polarization Signatures and Textural Features for Airborne Pi-Sar Images
    Takahiro YAMADA, Takashi HOSHI

  8. ASM00-8 A Study of Surface Deformation From Earthquake by Differential Radar Interferometry
    C. T. WANG, L. S. LIANG, K. S. CHEN, A. J. CHEN

  9. ASM00-9 Analysis of Multipolarization and Multi-Band Radar Data Over Iloilo City and Vicinities
    Michael B. LITUAÑAS, Jerry H.G. SALVADOR, Dulcisimo S. DOMINGO III, Aeschylus M.J. VALENZUELA and Eduardo O. CLARIDAD

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Section 18: Poster Session 2

  1. PS200-1 Optical Remote Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Device For Dynamic Load Measurements
    C. Patimapornchai, V. Jewpraditkul and P.P.Yupapin3

  2. PS200-2 Mapping and measuring the troposphere pollutants originated from the 1997 forest fire in south east asia.
    Mazlan Hashim, Kasturi Devi Kanniah, Abdul Wahid Rasib and Lim Chee Ming

  3. PS200-3 Land Cover Change and Long-Term Fluctuation of Evapotranspiration in Okutama
    Susumu Ogawa and Nobuaki Naito

  4. PS200-4 Multisource data fusion- fusing optical and sar data for irrigated rice areas identification

  5. PS200-5 Study on Land Use Management with Geographic Information Systems
    Wei-Hsin Ho and Ge-Wen Lee

  6. PS200-6 Assessment of crop productivity for major river basins in asia Using gis and rs data
    Shiro OCHI and Shunji MURAI

  7. PS200-7 OA Systematic Approach in Remote Sensing Education and Training at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Kasturi Devi Kanniah, Mazlan Hashim and Mohd Ibrahim seeni Mohd

  8. PS200-8 The study on biomass estimation in Mongolian Grassland using satellite data and field measurement data
    Hirokazu YAMAMOTO, Koji KAJIWARA, and Yoshiaki HONDA

  9. PS200-9 Integration of RS and GIS to Assess Human Impact on Ecosystem Change in Llanos Area (Venezuela)
    Yanning GUAN (China), Steven M. de JONG, Johan de MEIJERE (Netherlands)

  10. PS200-10 The Production of Photo Base Map in Taiwan
    Jih-cheng RU

  11. PS200-11 Integration of web-based gis and online analytical processing
    SHAN Yin, LIN Hui

  12. PS200-12 The Study of Precipitation Effects on AMSU and Application of AMSU on Typhoon Monotorning
    Kung-Hwa Wang

  13. PS200-13 Phenology Detection of Forest Area Using Satellite Data
    Asako NAGAO, Koji KAJIWARA, Yoshiaki HONDA

  14. PS200-14 Utilization of landsat-5 (tm) imagery for sugarcane area Survey and mapping in thailand
    W. Hadsarang & S. Sukmuang

  15. PS200-15 Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to Analyses Landscape Structures

  16. PS200-16 Observations of the Daytime Internal Boundary Layer In Onshore Flow
    N. M. Saleh, M.Z. MatJafri and K. Abdullah

  17. PS200-17 Earth Observation System
    Vinai VORRAWAT

  18. PS200-18 Integrating Remotely Sensed Data With an Ecosystem Model to Estimate Net Primary Productivity in East Asia
    Wenjing ZHAO, Masayuki TAMURA

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Section 19: Poster Session 3

  1. PS300-1 A R&D Program for Prompt Response about Forest-Protection Information with Platform Display System
    Gwo-Jern Hwang, Ching-Ming Wu, Ten-Yin Chou and Joou-Shiau Lee4

  2. PS300-2 Application of optical remote sensing technology for oil palm management
    Ibrahim.S , Zainal Abidin Hasan & Mariamni Khalid

  3. PS300-3 Approach to Land-use Analysis in Hetao Irrigation Project of Inner Mongolia, China, Based on Satellite Image Data
    Takashi KUME, Kiyoshi TORII and Toru MITSUNO

  4. PS300-4 Drought Monitoring in Zambia using Meteosat and Noaa Avhrr Data
    Kawana Nawa

  5. PS300-5 Forest Resources in Taiwan
    Jih-Cheng RU

  6. PS300-6 Earth Surface Geophysical Parameters Determination From ATSR Data
    Dr. Yong XUE and Huadong GUO

  7. PS300-7 A Creeping-type Landslide Observed on Aerial Photographs Following the Ji-Ji Earthquake of Taiwan on 21 September 1999
    Jin-King Liu

  8. PS300-8 Volcano Hazard Management Using Digital Elevation Model
    D.John Prabaharan and Kasturi Devi Kanniah

  9. PS300-9 Prospect for the Method of Urban Safety Analysis and Environmental Design
    Osamu MURAO and Fumio YAMAZAKI

  10. PS300-10 The Development of Forest Fire Forecasting System using Internet GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing
    Myung-Hee Jo Myung-Bo Lee, Si-Young Lee, Yun-Won, Jo and Seong-Ryul Baek

  11. PS300-11 Contribution form remote sensing in updating bathymetric chart
    K. Abdullah , M. Z. MatJafri and Z. B. Din

  12. PS300-12 Remote sensing of total suspended solids in penang coastal waters, malaysia
    K. Abdullah, Z. B. Din, Y. Mahamod , R. Rainis, and M. Z. MatJafri

  13. PS300-13 Flood hazard map and land development priority map Developed using NOAA AVHRR and GIS data
    Dr. Md. Monirul Islam

  14. PS300-14 Use of Landsat Images for the Identification of Damage Due to the 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake
    Miguel Estrada and Fumio Yamazaki

  15. PS300-15 Natural-Scientific Approach for Natural Conservation Using GIS
    Byungyang CHOI, Takekazu KOYANAGI, Yuji KUWAHARA and Kunio SHIMA

  16. PS300-16 GIS Application on the Strategy for Sustainable Development in Phitsanulok Province
    Vicharn Amarakul and Sirirat Sanyong

  17. PS300-17 Dynamic Simulation Of Land Use/Cover Change Based On Time Series Satellite Images
    Zhongchao Shi and Ryousuke Shibasaki

  18. PS300-18 Groundwater Prediction Potential Zone in Langat Basin using the Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS
    Khairul Anam Musa, Juhari Mat Akhir and Ibrahim Abdullah

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