ACRS 2010

Sections:[Satellite Remote Sensing System][Forest Resources (1) ][GIS Application (1)][Coastal Zone][Agriculture & Soil/Vegetation & Crops][GIS Application (2)][Urban Change/Monitoring (1)][Forest Resources (2)][Urban Change/Monitoring (2)][Hydrology/Water Quality & Water Resources][GIS Application (3)][DEM/3D Generation][Hyperspectral/High Resolution/SAR Data Processing (1)][Laser Sensors/LIDAR/Microwave Sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR (1)][Web GIS/Mobile Mapping][Data Processing (1)][Atmosphere/Oceanography (1)][Geo-Hazards/Disasters (1)][GIS Application (4)][Land Use/Land Cover (1)][Ecology/Environment Change][Geo-Hazards/Disasters (2)][Vegetation & Crops (1) ][Digital Photogrammetry][Change Detection][Hyperspectral/High Resolution/SAR Data Processing(2)][GPS & Photogrammetry][Algorithm and Modeling (1)][Atmosphere/Oceanography (2)][GPS Application][Land Use/Land Cover (2)][Vegetation & Crops (2)][Data Processing (2)][Capacity Building/Education/Training/Others][Feature Extraction][Agriculture & Soil][Laser Sensors/LIDAR/Microwave sensors/SAR/InSAR/D-InSAR (2)][Algorithm and Modeling (2)][Land Use/Land Cover (3)][Poster Presentation Session 1][Poster Presentation Session 2][Poster Presentation Session 3][Disaster Management (1)][Current Status of SAFE activities][Disaster Management (2)][JAXA Mini Project][Earth Observation Satellite Program]

Section TS01: Satellite Remote Sensing System

  1. TS 01.1 Hyperspectral Radiometry to Estimate the Grades of Iron Ores of Noamundi, India – A Preliminary Study
    T.Magendran, S.Sanjeevi, Arya K. Bhattacharya and S.Surada

  2. TS 01.2 Improvement of Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Genetic Algorithm for Feature
    Selection and SVMs Parameters Optimization

    Nasehe Jamshidpour, Saeid Homayouni and Farhad Samadzadegan

  3. TS 01.3 Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM)
    Haruhisa Shimoda

  4. TS 01.4 Thales Alenia Space Remote Sensing Technologies
    Francesco Passaretta, Arnaud Zemmour and Eric Pailharey

  5. TS 01.5 Exploiting the Growing DMC Constellation for Global Applications in Agriculture, Forestry
    and Disaster Response

    Gary Holmes, J. Paul Stephens and Stephen Mackin

  6. TS 01.6 Accuracy Assessment of Extracted Endmembers for Hyperspectral Images
    Alireza Sharifi

Section TS02: Forest Resources (1)

  1. TS 02.1 Cashew Plants Growth Monitoring in Cambodia Using ALOS/PALSAR Data
    Ram avtar and Haruo Sawada

  2. TS 02.2 Detection and Analysis of Deforestation in Cloud-Contaminated Landsat Images:
    A Case of Two Philippine Provinces With History of Forest Resource Utilization

    Meriam Meralles Makinano, Jojene Rendon Santillan and Enrico Camero Paringit

  3. TS 02.3 Evaluation of Recovery Potential of Forest Affected by Multiple Fires Using Quickbird and
    Multitemporal Medium Resolution Satellite Data

    Mui-How Phua, Mohd. Abdullah Abdul Ghani, Fadzilah Majid Cooke and Satoshi Tsuyuki

  4. TS 02.4 Applying Different Methods for Prediction of Stand Volume Using SPOT 5 Data
    Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong

  5. TS 02.5 Classification of Coniferous Tree Species Using Aerial Hyper Spectral Observation 2
    Katsuya Yabe, Daisuke Kunii, Chinatsu Yonezawa, Sinya Odagawa, Yukio Kosugi and
    Genya Saito

  6. TS 02.6 Multi-Temporal Monitoring on Forest Fire Distribution in Laos Using MODIS Data
    Vivarad Phonekeo and Lal Samarakoon

  7. TS 02.7 Green growth promotion plan: based on disaster prevention against climate change
    Hyoung Sig Cho, HongGyoo Sohn, Soohee Han and KyungHo Kang

Section TS03: GIS Application (1)

  1. TS 03.1 Integration System of Time Geography and 3-D Geovisualization
    Po Hui YU and Jinn-Guey Lay

  2. TS 03.2 A Literature Study on 3D Topololgy Models for the 3D Spatial Analysis
    Tae Woo Kim, Yang Won Lee and Yong Cheol Suh

  3. TS 03.3 Application of GIS and Optimization Model to Potential Area Selection for Air Quality
    Monitoring Station

    Patiwat Littidej and Warunee Aunphoklang

  4. TS 03.4 Using Game Engine Based Visualization for Raising Awareness of Disaster Risk Reduction
    Huong Thu Luong and HUONG Doan Thi Xuan

  5. TS 03.5 Studing the Effects of Factors Determining Water Erosion Developments Using GIS-RS
    Techniques in Ghori Chay Watershed in South of Ardabil, Iran

    A. Esmali, E. Pazira and N. Chakmehchi

  6. TS 03.6 The Study of Vegetation and Land Use in Relation to Soil Characteristics and Runoff
    Estimation through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

    Babita Pal, Sailesh Samanta and Ram Krishna Maiti

  7. TS 03.7 Based-NSGA-II Intensive Energy Industries Site Selection
    G. Khoshamooza, M.Taleai and A. Mansourian

Section TS04: Coastal Zone

  1. TS 04.1 Sea Pollution Monitoring with Relative Radiometric Calibration and Change Detection on
    Multispectral Remote Sensing Images

    Hsuan Ren and Hung-Ming Kao

  2. TS 04.2 Integration Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data and Bathymetric Data for Studying
    Shoreline Change in Ba Lat estuary, Thai Binh Province

    Dinh Thi Bao Hoa and Tong Thi Huyen Ai

  3. TS 04.3 Multi Stage Remote Sensing For Estimating Thin Ice Thickness with Optical Sensors
    Onboard Satellites

    Kohei Cho, Tukasa Niioka and Haruhisa Shimoda

  4. TS 04.4 Assessment of Coastal Erosion Hazard, Southwest Coast, Sri Lanka
    Bandula Wickramarachchi

  5. TS 04.5 Practical Implementation of Vectorization of Oil Spills Detected at Sea on SAR Image
    Le Minh Hang and Nguyen Dinh Duong

Section TS05: Agriculture & Soil / Vegetation & Crops

  1. TS 05.1 Investigation of Correlation Between Rainfall and Soil Moisture at Darkhan Aimag,

    O.Polpanich, B. Davdai, M. Hakari and L. Samarakoon

  2. TS 05.2 How Remote Sensing Supports Economic Evaluation of Mangrove Ecosystem
    Vo Quoc Tuan, Gebhardt. S, Vo Quang Minh, Huth. J and Kuenzer. C

  3. TS 05.3 Using Empirical Mode Decomposition to Analyze Time-Series MODIS Data for Monitoring
    Rice Phenology

    C.R. Chen, C.F. Chen, N.T. Son and L.Y. Chang

  4. TS 05.4 Variation of paddy rice planted time in recent years for West Java in Indonesia observed by
    using MODIS data

    Satoshi Uchida

  5. TS 05.5 The Application of Satellite Data to Monitor the Encroachment of Agriculture on Forest
    Reserve in the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary, Loei Province, Ne of Thailand

    Rasamee Suwanwerakamtorn, Pataraporn Pimdee, Sirorat Mongkolsawat and Nattaphol

Section TS06: GIS Application (2)

  1. TS 06.1 Locating Potential Alternatives for Micro-Hydropower Plants along Streams within Low-
    Relief River Basin Using GIS

    Sunya Sarapirome, Nueng Teaumroong, Thanatchai Kuluworawanichpong, Suwit Ongsomwang and Wipop Paengwangthong

  2. TS 06.2 Potential Grape - Growing Sites in the Tropics: Exploration and Zoning Using A GIS Multi-
    Criteria Evaluation Approach

    K. Sanga-Ngoie, K.J.C. Kumara and S. Kobayashi

  3. TS 06.3 Geographycal Information System for Archeological Heritage Resource Management in Sri


  4. TS 06.4 Ecosystem Service Value Assessment by Change of Land Cover Area in South Korea
    Shin Yup Kim, Ahn Ho Yong, Park So Young and Choi Chul Uong

  5. TS 06.5 The Potential of Multimedia Electronic Atlas in Promotion of Vietnam's Tourim Industry
    Giang Huong Tran

Section TS07: Urban Change / Monitoring (1)

  1. TS 07.1 Research on the Change of Urban Surface Temperature Under Impact of Urbanization in
    Hochiminh City by Using Remote Sensing Data

    Tran Thi Van, Hoang Thai Lan and Le Van Trung

  2. TS 07.2 Global Urban Area Mapping Using Global ASTER Satellite Images
    Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Xiaowei Shao, Koki Iwao and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. TS 07.3 Large Area Impervious Surface Mapping on The Basis of Optical and SAR Data
    Patrick Leinenkugel, Thomas Esch, Claudia Kuenzer and Steffen Gebhardt

  4. TS 07.4 Evaluation of Urban Expansion in Hanoi Using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Tran Thi Mai Dung and Vu Anh Tuan

  5. TS 07.5 Land Suitability Assessment for Industrial Location Development Using MCDA
    Suriporn Charungthanakij and Sunya Sarapirome

Section TS08: Forest Resources (2)

  1. TS 08.1 Semi-Automatic Forest Classification Using Free and Open Sources Software
    Vu Anh Tuan

  2. TS 08.2 Identification of Woody Plantation Species in Insular Southeast Asia Using 50m Resolution
    ALOS PALSAR Mosaic

    Jukka Miettinen, Wee Juan Tan, Soo Chin Liew and Leong Keong Kwoh

  3. TS 08.3 The Remote Sensing Approaches for Pasture Biomass Estimation and Monitoring in

    M. Erdenetuya and B. Erdenetsetseg

  4. TS 08.4 Landscape Structure of Arid and Semi-Arid Forest in Iran
    H. Fadaei, T. Sakai, K. Torii, T. Yoshimura and A. Tada

  5. TS 08.5 Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Continuous Forest Cover in Kalimantan from 1982-2009
    Wataru Takeuchi, Hasi Bagan and Yoshiki Yamagata

Section TS09: Urban Change / Monitoring (2)

  1. TS 09.1 A Method for Detecting and Mapping Urban Area by ALOS/PALSAR Data
    Koichiro Itabashi, Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Koki Iwao, Kazuki Nakamura and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. TS 09.2 Application of TERRASAR and QUICKBIRD Data for Urban Land Cover Classification
    D. Amarsaikhan

  3. TS 09.3 Application of Advanced Technologies in Strateging Conservation of Wetlands Against
    Urban Expansion in the Colombo District, Sri Lanka

    Plnr. Pushpa Gamage, Plnr. L H Indrasiri and W R Navodani

  4. TS 09.4 Use of Satellite Data and Potential Surface Analysis for Urban Expansion of Hua Hin
    Municipality, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand

    Suvalak Nakya, Supaporn Kaewko Leopairojna and Lertwit Rangsiraksa

  5. TS 09.5 Mapping Urban Growth Probabilty in South Korea : Comparision of Environmental
    Damage by Use of Environmental Conservation Value Assessment Map

    So Young Park, Jin Cheong Gil, Jeon Sung Woo and Choi Chul Uong

Section TS10: Hydrology / Water Quality & Water Resources

  1. TS 10.1 Water Quality and Soil Erosion Analysis of A Sub-Watershed Using Remote Sensing and
    Geographical Information System

    Ab.Latif Ibrahim, Yuswirda Muhammad Yusak and Muhammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman

  2. TS 10.2 Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality Integrating Multivariate Statistical
    Analysis with GIS in Shiwaliks of Punjab, India

    C. K. Singh and S. Mukherjee

  3. TS 10.3 Groundwater Potential Mapping at Upper Part of Langat Basin Using Index Model Overlay
    Method of GIS Modelling Technique

    Mohamad Abd Manap, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Mohammad Firuz Ramli and Noraini Surip

  4. TS 10.4 Identification of Ground Water Potential Zones Using RS & GIS
    A.S. Chandra Bose, M.V.S.S.Giridhar and G.K.Viswanadh

  5. TS 10.5 Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) for Reservoir
    Water Balance Analysis

    Mohd Sani, Ab.Latif Ibrahim, Tam Tze Huey and Mohammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman

Section TS11: GIS Application (3)

  1. TS 11.1 GIS Based Monitoring of Landuse Around Rivers Using Cadastral Maps for Non-Point
    Source Pollution Management

    Cholyoung Lee and Kyehyun Kim

  2. TS 11.2 GIS Application for Assessing the Effects of Land Use Change on Surface Runoff and Soil
    Erosion in Phatthalung Watershed, Southern Thailand

    Anisara Pensuk and Rajendra P. Shrestha

  3. TS 11.3 RESTful WISDOM (Water-related Information System for the Sustainable Development of
    the Mekong Delta)

    Verena Klinger, Thilo Wehrmann, Steffen Gebhardt and Claudia Künzer

  4. TS 11.4 Locating Suitable Dam Site Along the Tien Yen River, Quang Ninh Province by Employing
    GIS and Multi - Criteria Analysis

    Quang Binh Bui

  5. TS 11.5 Landslide Susceptibility Map of Namli Watershed, Uttaradit, Thailand
    Sirilak Tanang, Sunya Sarapirome and Sasikarn Plaiklang

Section TS12: DEM / 3D Generation

  1. TS 12.1 Increase the Level of Detail of 3D Building Models with Close-Range Images
    Meng Ju Lee and Fuan Tsai

  2. TS 12.2 3D Reconstruction from UAV-acquired Imagery for Road Surface Distress Assessment
    Chunsun Zhang and Ahmed Elaksher

  3. TS 12.3 Shadow Detection and Information Recovery in Aerial Images
    ChihWei Chang and Jaan-Rong Tsay

  4. TS 12.4 DEM Filtering Methods for Obtaining Geological Information
    Taro Yajima and Makoto Inoue

  5. TS 12.5 DEM Generation from RTK-GPS Survey along the Eastern Coast of Thailand
    Amornchai Prakobya, Sitthisak Moukomla,Kridsakorn Auynirundornkun and Thudchai Sansena

  6. TS 12.6 Reconstruction of 3D Models for Complex Buildings from Airborne and Ground-based
    Lidar Point Cloud Data

    Shiang-En Hung and Fuan Tsai

  7. TS 12.7 3D Building Modeling from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using a Plane-based Binary
    Space Partitioning Tree

    Changjae Kim, Hyo Keun Park, Su Hong Yoo, Joon Heo and Hong Gyoo Sohn

Section TS13: Hyperspectral / High Resolution / SAR Data Processing (1)

  1. TS 13.1 Segmentation of Dual-Frequency Polarimetric SAR Data for an Improved Land Cover

    Ken Yoong Lee and Timo Rolf Bretschneider

  2. TS 13.2 Integrated C and L-band Satellite Interferometry for Investigation of Surface Deformation
    in Northern Vietnam Fault Zone

    Chin Fu Chao, Kun Shan Chen, Chih Yuan Chu, Chih Tien Wang, Tran Quoc Cuong and Dinh Van Toan

  3. TS 13.3 Assessment of Noise Effect on Robustness of Specral Similarity Measure
    Alireza Sharifi

  4. TS 13.4 A Comparision of Backscatter Coefficients of ALOS PALSAR FBD Products in Different
    Ground Conditions

    A.Bormudoi, M.K.Hazarika, R.Schumann and L. Samarakoon

  5. TS 13.5 SLC SAR Speckle Filtering Using Homoskedastic Features in Logarithmic Transformed

    Thanh-Hai Le, Ian Vince McLoughlin, Ken-Yoong Lee and Timo Bretschneider

  6. TS 13.6 Clustering of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Ant Colony Optimization
    Farhad Samadzadegan and Hadiseh Hasani

  7. TS 13.7 A FBGA Based Range Delay Active Radar Calibrator
    Chih-Yuan Chu, Tzong-Huei Chien and Kun-Shan Chen

Section TS14: Laser Sensors / LIDAR / Microwave Sensors / SAR / InSAR / D-InSAR (1)

  1. TS 14.1 The Generation of Inferred Stereo Images From Lidar Data
    Tee-Ann Teo, Tian-Yuan Shih, Yao-Tsung Lin and Ching-Mei Huang

  2. TS 14.2 A Method to Detect and Remove Overlapped Points in Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
    Soohee Han, Sangmin Kim, Hyokeun Park, Changjae Kim and Joon Heo

  3. TS 14.3 Detecting Shallow Landslides from Lidar nDSM
    Jin King Liu, Wei Chen Hsu, Yu Chang Chan, Yu Chung Hsieh and Tian Yuan Shih

  4. TS 14.4 Microsatellite Based Frequency Modulation (FMCW) Bi-Static SAR
    Tippawan Wanwiwake and Craig I. Underwood

  5. TS 14.5 Recent Deformation In and Around the Eastern Taiwan Longitudinal Valley Revealed By
    PSI Technique

    Chung Pai Chang and Jiun Yee Yen

  6. TS 14.6 Automatic Robust GCP Extraction of Multi-Temporal And Polarimetric Sar Images
    Kamolratn Chureesampant and Junichi Susaki

  7. TS 14.7 A Study on PS-InSAR and D-InSAR for DDM Determination in Hilly Areas in Taiwan
    Jia-Shiang Yang and Jaan-Rong Tsay

Section TS15: Web GIS / Mobile Mapping

  1. TS 15.1 Development and Implementation of a Geospatial Web-Based System for Monitoring
    Logging Activities

    M.K.A. Musa, A. W. Azzam, S. Syalini and K.A Mahmood

  2. TS 15.2 Integrating Grid and Trajectory Data Via A Web Service: Case Study of Iceberg Movement
    Ha Duc Nguyen, Ulanbek D. Turdukulov and Connie A. Blok

  3. TS 15.3 The Analysis of City Lights on DMSP/OLS Data Using Digital Telophone Data
    Hiroaki Sengoku, Yuki Akiyama and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  4. TS 15.4 Improving the Accuracy of Mems IMU/GPS POS Systems For Land-Based Mobile Mapping
    System By Using Tightly Coupled Integration and Auxiliary Odometer

    Thanh Trung Duong, Yun-Wen Huang and Kai-wei Chiang

  5. TS 15.5 The Use of Software Engineering Technique to Develop a GIS-Based System for
    Infrastructure Assets

    Salah Omer Hagahmoodi

  6. TS 15.6 Mapping of Personal Schedules on the Android-Based Smartphone
    HaJung Lee, Yang-Won Lee and YongCheol Suh

  7. TS 15.7 Developing a Web-GIS Besed Decision Support Systems for Tourism Planning
    Z.Bahari sojahrood ,M.Taleai and A.Mansourian

Section TS16: Data Processing (1)

  1. TS 16.1 ICA/PCA Base Geneticly Band Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
    M. Hasanlou and F. Samadzadegan

  2. TS 16.2 Verification of Image Control Points
    Kyaw Sann OO and Masataka Takagi

  3. TS 16.3 Suitable Type of GCP For Accurate Registration Of High Resolution Satellite Data
    Koji Uda and Masataka Takagi

  4. TS 16.4 Feature-Based Registration for Aerial Images And 3D Building Models
    Chao Yuan Lo and Liang Chien Chen

  5. TS 16.5 A biologially-inspired optimization algorithm for urban evacuation planning in disaster

    F. Samadzadegan and M. Yadegari

Section TS17: Atmosphere / Oceanography (1)

  1. TS 17.1 Optically Thin Cirrus Cloud Contamination In Sun Photometer Data
    Boon Ning Chew, James R. Campbell, Jeffery S. Reid, David M. Giles, Santo Valentin Salinas and Soo Chin Liew
  2. TS 17.2 Analysis of Sea Surface Temperature Using Time Series of Landsat Satellite Images: a Case
    Study in Kwang-Yang bay, Korea

    SangMin Kim, Changjae Kim, Joon Heo and Suhong Yoo
  3. TS 17.3 Using Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Images To Monitor the Sea Surface Temperature in
    East Sea Region, Vietnam In June Of 2003, 2006 And 2009

    Hanh Tran Hong and Phong Doan Ha
  4. TS 17.4 A Prediction Method for the Global Distribution of CO2 Concentration Introduced Land
    cover Information into Non-stationary Kriging

    Mitsuhiro Tomosada

  5. TS 17.5 On Characteristics of Harmful Algal Blooms in the South Sea of Korea by Using in Situ and
    Multi-Satellite Data

    Widhiyanuriyawan Denny, Dae Hyun Kim and Hong Joo Yoon

Section TS18: Geo-Hazards / Disasters (1)

  1. TS 18.1 Estimation of Groundwater Table at Forested Peatland in Kalimantan Using Drought Index
    Towards Wildfire Control

    Wataru Takeuchi, Takashi Hirano, Nanin Anggraini and Orbita Roswintiarti

  2. TS 18.2 The Effect of Spatial Resolution on Landslide Mapping - A Case Study in Chi-Shan River
    Basin, Taiwan

    M.F. Lee, S.F. Wang and T.C. Lin

  3. TS 18.3 Mapping Evaluation in All Cycles of Disaster
    Fahmi Amhar

  4. TS 18.4 Temporal Change Observation on Damage Situation of the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku
    Earthquake in 2008 Using ALOS Satellite Images

    Naoki Sato, Chinatsu Yonezawa, Daisuke Kunii, Madoka Hori and Genya Saito

  5. TS 18.5 Desiccated Lik River of the THAR Desert:
    A Potential Site for Flood Fury, Rajasthan, Western India

    S. R. Jakhar

Section TS19: GIS Application (4)

  1. TS 19.1 Ontology Based Approach for Geospatial Semantic Web
    Tran Thai Binh, Thilo Wehrmann, Steffen Gebhardt, Verena Klinger, Juliane Huth, Vo Quoc Tuan, Claudia Kuenzer

  2. TS 19.2 Developing Multi Objective Linear Programing (MOLP) to Improve the Decision Making of
    Land Use Planning

    Huy Quang Man

  3. TS 19.3 A GIS- based CBR Model for Land-use Inferenfe
    Tan Lu

  4. TS 19.4 Forest Tree Distribution of Dry Dipterocarp Forest With Environmental Factors
    Yaowaret Jantakat

  5. TS 19.5 Application of GIS Based Mapping for Integrated Disaster Risk Management Planning at
    the Provincial Level

    Nguyen Thanh Long

  6. TS 19.6 Development of Modis-Based Firewatch System for Forest Fire Management in Vietnam
    Hung Tran

Section TS20: Land Use / Land Cover (1)

  1. TS 20.1 Land Use/Land Cover Classification – a Geomatic Approach
    A.S. Chandra Bose, M.V.S.S.Giridhar and G.K.Viswanadh
  2. TS 20.2 Remote Sensing and GIS Applications to Build Map of Landcover in Chan May Area, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province
    Anh Nguyen Huy and Kien Dinh Thanh
  3. TS 20.3 The Combined Application of ALOS PALSAR and LANDSAT Images for Efficient Land Cover Mapping
    D.Amarsaikhan, M.Ganzorig and B.Nergui
  4. TS 20.4 An Analysis of the Impact of Landuse on the Rate of Sedimentation Using Satellite Data
    Mainozalawati Binti Mohd Nor, Ab.Latif Ibrahim and Nor Liyana Bt Mohammad Khan
  5. TS 20.5 Utilization of Multi-Dates and Multi-Sensors Remote Sensing Data in Monitoring Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Kuwait
    Mamdouh M. Abdeen and Fatima Al Masoudi

Section TS21: Ecology / Environment Change

  1. TS 21.1 The Capability of Eco-Physilogal Approach to Determine Net Primar Productivity (NPP) of
    Tropical Rainforest Using Remote Sensing Data

    Mohd Azahari Faidi, Ab.Latif Ibrahim, Abd Wahid Rasib and Tam Tze Huey

  2. TS 21.2 Determination of Moisture in Mongolia Using Remotely Sensed Data
    Enkhjargal N. and Tsolmon R.

  3. TS 21.3 Effect of Gas and Oil Pipelines in Sensitive Areas to Environmental Change
    Yushi Nakao and Haruo Sawada

  4. TS 21.4 Integration of Biometric and Remote Sensing Techniques for Estimation of Net Ecosytem
    Productivity In Tropical Rain Forest

    Abd Wahid Rasib, Ab. Latif Ibrahim, A.P. Cracknell, Nur Supardi Md.Noor, Abd Rahman Kassim,
    Khali Aziz Hamzah , Muhammad Firdaus Abdullah Sani and Tam Tze Huey

  5. TS 21.5 Determination of Seasonal Dynamics in Glacier and Snow Coverage in Western Part of
    Mongolia Using Remote Sensing

    Oyuntsetseg T. S. and Tsolmon R.

Section TS22: Geo-Hazards / Disasters (2)

  1. TS 22.1 Observation of Tsunami Damage to Marine Farm on Coast in Tohoku District Caused by the
    2010 Chili Earthquake Using ALOS Satellite

    H.Watanabe, D.Kunii and C.Yonezawa

  2. TS 22.2 Remote Sensing Methods for Mapping Flood-Prone Areas
    Tam Tze Huey, Ab.Latif Ibrahim, Mohd Sani Saayon and Muhammad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman

  3. TS 22.3 Integration of RS/GIS for Estimation of Soil Erosion in Lam Phra Phloeng Reservior,
    Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand

    O.Polpanich, K. Nongpho, K. Boonwan, C. Chandraphabha, M. Hakari and L. Samarakoon

  4. TS 22.4 Vegetation Fire Activity in Sumatra Since 2002
    Chenghua Shi, Jukka Miettinen and Soo Chin Liew

  5. TS 22.5 A Design of Slope Failure Detection System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
    Masaki Imai, Masayuki Iwai, Ryousuke Shibasaki and Kaoru Sezaki

Section TS23: Vegetation & Crops (1)

  1. TS 23.1 Evaluation of Cassava Plantation Area Using Rule-based Classification of Multi-temporal
    Satellite Imagery

    Jiratiwan Kruasilp and Anusorn Rungsipanich

  2. TS 23.2 Monitoring of Paddy Rice Fields in Australia Using Aster Data and TM Data
    Aya Kitamura, D. Kunii, C. Yonezawa and G. Saito

  3. TS 23.3 Monitoring of Crop Yield in Bornuur Soum Using Leaf Area Index
    B. Batbileg and R.Tsolmon

  4. TS 23.4 Estimation of Grassland Condition in Mongolia from Field Survey and Satellite Images
    Madoka Hori, Chinatsu Yonezawa, Daisuke Kunii, Yu Yoshihara and Haruka Suzuki

  5. TS 23.5 Vegetation Recovery Monitoring at Landslides Caused by Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, Central America
    M.C. Valdez, C.F. Chen, N.T. Son and L.Y. Chang

Section TS24: Digital Photogrammetry

  1. TS 24.1 UAV Photogrammetry
    Armin Gruen

  2. TS 24.2 Generating Facade Texture from Close-Range Images for Photo-Realistic City Modeling
    Fuan Tsai, Pin-Shen Chen and Huan Chang

  3. TS 24.3 An Experimental Study on the Generation of Thematic Maps Using KOMPSAT-2 Image

    Kwangjae Lee and Younsoo Kim

  4. TS 24.4 Close-range Object 3D Surface Modeling using Multiple Cameras and Multiple Images
    Matching Technique

    Po Chia Yeh and Jiann Yeou Rau

  5. TS 24.5 A Platform of Network Design For Close- Range Photogrammetry
    Yu Shan Chien and Jen Jer Jaw

Section TS25: Change Detection

  1. TS 25.1 Change Detection with Color Transform Image Fusion on Multispectral Remote Sensing

    Wei-Jen Liang, Hsuan Ren

  2. TS 25.2 Land Disaster Monitoring by Using Multi Temporal ALOS/PRISM Stereo Imagery
    Keisuke Ishida, Mitsuhiro Kojima and Masataka Takagi

  3. TS 25.3 Land use/Land Cover Change Detection of Tonle Sap Watershed, Cambodia
    Nalin Senevirathne, Keo Mony, Lal Samarakoon and Manzul Kumar Hazarika

  4. TS 25.4 Searching of RS Images to Aid Change Detection: A Metadata Perspective
    Yao Hsien Yeh and Jung Hong Hong

  5. TS 25.5 Displacement Detection of Landslide by Using Ground Based Lidar
    Ryo Inada and Masataka Takagi

  6. TS 25.6 Preliminary Result of Remote Sensing Applications for Sustainable Development in Mekong

    Nguyen Lam Dao, Thuy Le Toan, Claudia Künzer and Viet Pham Bach

Section TS26: Hyperspectral / High Resolution / SAR Data Processing (2)

  1. TS 26.1 Back Projection and Rational Function Modeling for SAR Satellite Imagery
    Liang Chien Chen , Hsueh Yen Shih and Chao Yuan Lo

  2. TS 26.2 Oildetect 1.0 - A System for Analysis of Oil Spill
    Nguyen Dinh Duong, Nguyen Mai Phuong and Le Minh Hang

  3. TS 26.3 Accuracy Assessment of Quantization Methods for Panchromatic Satellite
    Alireza Sharifi

  4. TS 26.4 Texture Analysis of Urban Landcover Using Very High Resolution Optical Satellite Images
    Wee Juan Tan, Allan Yong Kiat Tan, Soo Chin Liew and Leong Keong Kwoh

  5. TS 26.5 Evaluation of ALOS PALSAR Applicability to Generate Bushfires Scars Map
    Y. Zuo, L. Ge and K. Zhang

  6. TS 26.6 Optimum Band Selection of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
    Farhad Samadzadegan andTahmineh Partovi

Section TS27: GPS & Photogrammetry

  1. TS 27.1 Satellite Imagery Geo-Positioning Aided by Aerial Imagery
    Ning Hsuan Chang and Jen Jer Jaw

  2. TS 27.2 The Use of Orthophoto Maps in Power Transmission System Management
    Randy John Vinluan, Virgilio Santos, Melchor Valdeabella, Medel Limsuan and Nicetas Caluya

  3. TS 27.3 Geometric Calibraton of KOMPSAT-2 MSC PAN Data And Mapping Performance
    DooChun Seo , JaeHun Jung , JiYean Yang and HyoSuk Lim

  4. TS 27.4 Assessment of DEM Accuracy Generated from ALOS Prism High Resolution Stereo-Optical
    Imagery Using LPS

    S.P. Chaminda , Xiaoyong Chen , Seishiro Kibe and Lal Samarakoon

  5. TS 27.5 Efficient 3D Modeling of Buildings in Dense Urban Areas
    Yuki Ota and Junichi Susaki

  6. TS 27.6 Acquistion of Building FACADE Texture from Close-Range Images
    Yu Yuan Chen and Liang Chien Chen

  7. TS 27.7 Application of Genetic Algorithm for GPS GDOP Computation
    Seyed Mohammad Reza Mosavi

Section TS28: Algorithm and Modeling (1)

  1. TS 28.1 Research on Automatic Dodging Method towards Aerial Image Seamless Processing
    Xiao Feng and Jiyuan Li
  2. TS 28.2 Investingating the Industrial Water Polution of Thi Vai River in Vietnam with MODIS
    Measurements and Modeling

    Bui Ta Long, Wataru Takeuchi and An Ngoc Van

  3. TS 28.3 Vlidation of Estimated TRMM Rainfall Data by Rain Gauges in Yemen
    Ayoub Almhab and van der Tol
  4. TS 28.4 A Comparison of Two Stereo-Matching Algorithms
    Yuan Bo, Liew Soo Chin and Kwoh Leong Keong

  5. TS 28.5 Development of Algorithm to Generate Three-Dimensional Urban Models in the Dense
    Urban Areas Using Airborne Lidar

    Junichi Susaki and Atsushi Kora

  6. TS 28.6 Modelling, Management and Distribution of Heterogeneous Data for A Web Based
    Information System

    Steffen Gebhardt, Thilo Wehrmann, Verena Klinger, Juliane Huth and Claudia Kunzer

Section TS29: Atmosphere / Oceanography (2)

  1. TS 29.1 Refinement of Biomass Burning PM2.5 Emission Model by Quality Assured MODIS Aerosol

    Hirotoshi Kishi, Wataru Takeuchi and Haruo Sawada

  2. TS 29.2 Aerosol Charactertics over Ulaanbaatar Using Satellite Remote Sensing
    Enkhbat S., Tsoloman R. and Gerelmaa D.

  3. TS 29.3 An Exploration and Analysis of Carbon Mapping and Estimation Methods
    JaeHoon Jung , Tony Oyana , KyungHun Cho Suhong Yoo, KyungMin Kim, Jungbin Lee and Joon Heon

  4. TS 29.4 Classification of Clouds with Object Oriented Technique
    Hamid Azari, Ali Akbar Matkan , Ali Reza Shakiba and Seyed Hossein Pourali

  5. TS 29.5 Estimation of Aboveground Carbon Using KNN Algorithm: A Case Study in Danyang, Korea
    JaeHoon Jung, Joon Heo, Suhong Yoo, KyungHun Cho, KyungMin Kim and Jungbin Lee

  6. TS 29.6 Detecting Air Pollution in Vietnam by Optical Satellite Images
    Luong Chinh Ke, Ho Thi Van Trang, Tran Ngoc Tuong and Nguyen Le Dang

Section TS30: GPS Application

  1. TS 30.1 Photogrammetic Orientation of UAV-Acquired Imagery for Road Condition Monitoring
    Chunsun Zhang and Ahmed Elaksher

  2. TS 30.2 Matching GPS Measurements on Locations in Digital Maps Using Neural Network
    Seyed Mohammad Reza Mosavi and Maryam Shemirani

  3. TS 30.3 Development of GPS Photos Database for Land Use and Land Cover Applications
    An Ngoc Van and Wataru Takeuchi

  4. TS 30.4 GPS Kinematic for Calculation of Geoid Undulation in Sulawesi
    Dadan Ramdani

  5. TS 30.5 On the Height Accuracy of Elevation from Digital Medium Format Camera
    Peter Tian Yuan Shih, Tee Ann Teo, Jyun Yi Wu, Yao Tsung Lin and Ching Mei Huangn

Section TS31: Land Use / Land Cover (2)

  1. TS 31.1 The Relationship of WORLDVIEW Satelite Image Digital Number With Land Cover and
    Peat Soil Occurence in U Minh Ha Natural Forest, Camau Province

    Vo Quang Minh

  2. TS 31.2 Application of Remote Sensing for Monitoring Land Use Change in Songkhla Lake at
    Songkhla Province, Thailand

    Phattaraporn Sangrawee and Anusorn Rungsipanich

  3. TS 31.3 The Interaction Analysis of UHI Effects and Land Cover Change in Taichung City
    Chih Heng Liu , Yuan Ling Chang and Tien Yin Chou

  4. TS 31.4 Evaluations of the Different Indices for Canopy/ Land Cover Estimation in Khalkhal County
    A. Ghorbani, H. Talebpour and A. Esmali Ouri

  5. TS 31.5 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Geologic Carbon Sequestration Field Monitoringcrs
    Rattanasuda Cholathat, Xiaojing Li, Linlin Ge, Hai Tung Chu

Section TS32: Vegetation & Crops (2)

  1. TS 32.1 Retrieving Oil Palm Plantation Based on Image Texture Analysis on THEOS Panchromatic

    Thanwarat Anan, Yoothaphom Phothiracha and Surassawadee Phoompanich

  2. TS 32.2 Remote Sensing for Monitoring Vegetation Structure on the Coastal Wetlands
    Hang Nguyen Thi Thuy

  3. TS 32.3 Crop Identification Using Radarsat-2 Multi-Polarization Data A Case Study of Lopburi
    Province, Thailand

    Tippathoo Teekapakvisit

  4. TS 32.4 A Study of Assimilating Various Satellite Data into Crop Growth Model
    KentaroKuwata, WenbinWu and RyosukeShibasaki

  5. TS 32.5 Mapping Summer Time Pasture Amount in North-Central Mongolia
    B. Batbileg, A. Hirano and K. Shindo

Section TS33: Data Processing (2)

  1. TS 33.1 Color Normalized Pan-Sharpening Method and Natural Color Enhancement for Fusion of
    Ikonos Image

    Le Minh Son , Luong Chinh Ke and Vu Phuong Lan

  2. TS 33.2 Evaluating the Sensitivity of Image Fusion Quality Metrics to Image Degradation in Satellite

    F. Samadzadegan and F. DadrasJavan

  3. TS 33.3 Fusion of ALOS PALSAR and ASTER Data for Land Cover Classification at Tonlesap
    Floodplain, Cambodia

    Nguyen Van Trung, Jung-Huyn Choi and Joong-Sun Won

  4. TS 33.4 Intelligent Sensors Fusion Algorithm
    L.Mary Immaculate Sheela and C.Xavier

  5. TS 33.5 Evaluating Effectivness of Radiometric Correction for Optical Satellite Image Using
    Statistical Parameters

    Luong Chinh Ke and Nguyen Le Dang

Section TS34: Capacity Building / Education / Training / Others

  1. TS 34.1 An Innovative Approach to the Implementation of GNSS Training Kit
    Phuong Xuan Quang, Fabrizio Dominici, Gianluca Marucco and Khalid Charqane

  2. TS 34.2 Application of Internet-GIS to Senior High Schools GIS Education
    Ting Yen Hung and Jinn GueyLayi

  3. TS 34.3 Building Sustained Capacity to Use Geospatial Data Effectively for Conservation in Lao PDR
    and Vietnam

    Le Minh Hanh , Le Xuan Canh, Ha Quy Quynh and Ned Horning

  4. TS 34.4 Satellites as a Tool for Capacity Building Leading to Sustainable Development
    Alex da Silva Curiel, Ben Stern, Zeger de-Groot, Luis Gomes, Paul Stephens, Owen Hawkings and Gary Holmes

  5. TS 34.5 Remotely Sensed Archeology: Recent Applications with "Daichi"
    Filiz Kurtcebe, Norbert Pfeifer and Cengizhan Ipbuker

  6. TS 34.6 Concept-based Intelligent Information Retrieval in Digital Library
    Thinn Mya Mya Swe

Section TS35: Feature Extraction

  1. TS 35.1 Road Extraction by Using Texture Analysis and Spectral Information
    Tsukasa Hosomura

  2. TS 35.2 New Approach for Extraction of Subsurface Cylindrical Pipe Diameter and Material Type
    from Ground Penetrating Radar Image

    Jaw Siow Wei, Mazlan Hashim and Maged Marghany

  3. TS 35.3 Feature Extraction for Metric Characterization of Residential Urban Form of Hanoi City
    Pham Van Cu, Pham Van Thang and Le Minh Phuong

  4. TS 35.4 Subsurface Utility Mapping for Underground Cadastral Infrastructure
    Mazlan Hashim, Jaw Siow Wei and Maged Marghany

  5. TS 35.5 Feature Extraction for High-Resolution Imageries Based on the Human Visual Perception
    Hongsheng Zhang, Hui Lin and Yan Li

  6. TS 35.6 Clouds and their Shadow Removal in Remote Sensing Image
    Yi Chung Chen and H. Ren

  7. TS 35.7 Landslide Detection with Feature Vectors Extracted from Video of Fixed Monitor
    Yen Shuo Lin and Hsuan Ren

Section TS36: Agriculture & Soil

  1. TS 36.1 An Approach for Estimating Area of Rubber Plantation: Integrating Satellite and Physical
    Data over the Northeast Thailand

    Charat Mongkolsawat and Putklang Wasana

  2. TS 36.2 Estimating Land Surface Soil Moisture Variability in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta Using
    Modis Data

    Son Thanh Nguyen,, C.F. Chen , C.R. Chen, L.Y. Chang and M.C. Valdez

  3. TS 36.3 Buffering-Based Analysis of Calving Front of Jakobshavn Isbrae, West Greenland
    Seongsu Jeong, Changjae Kim, Hyoung-Sig Cho and Joon Heo

  4. TS 36.4 Surface Soil Moisture Assessment for Rice Areas in Taiwain Using Modis Data
    Yi Jeng Lin, C.F. Chen, L.Y. Chang and N.T. Son

  5. TS 36.5 Estimation of Rain-fed Wheat Cultivation by Using Satellite Images (Case Study:
    Khodabandeh District, Zanjan Province)

    Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty,Yoshihisa Maruyama and Alireza Rabet

  6. TS 36.6 Development of Hyperspectral Data Utilization Technology by Using Data Mining Method
    for Paddy, West Java, Indonesia

    Atsushi Uchida, Hozuma Sekine, Kotaro Fukuhara, KeigoYoshida, Taichi Takayama, ChiakiKobayashi, Osamu Kashimura, M.Evri, Agus Wibowo, M.Sadly, Arief D.., Nadirah Pudi and Sidik Muljono

  7. TS 36.7 Application of Multimedia Technology with Remote Sensing, GPS And GIS for Discovering
    Karst Ground Water in Haging Province

    Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Pham Ngoc Hai, Nguyen Van lam and Duong Thi Thanh Thuy

Section TS37: Laser Sensors / LIDAR / Microwave Sensors / SAR / InSAR / D-InSAR (2)

  1. TS 37.1 Online SLAM and Moving Objects Detection Using Laser Scanner on Vehicle Platform
    Yulin Duan, Yun Shi, Xiaowei Shao, Huijing Zhao and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. TS 37.2 On the Published Patents of Airborne Bathymetric Lidar by 2009
    Peter Tian Yuan Shih, Jie Chung Chen and Jia Hsun Chen

  3. TS 37.3 Full-Waveform Lidar Processing with Different Computation and Classification Methods
    Wei Tsun Lin, Peter Tian Yuan Shih and Tee Ann Teo

  4. TS 37.4 Accuracy Assessment of INSAR DEM Tropospheric Noise Reduction Technique Against GPS Observations
    Alireza Sharifi

  5. TS 37.5 A Geocoding Method for Interferometric DEM in Difficult Mapping Areas
    Luo Qingli, Zhang Jixian and Lin Hui

  6. TS 37.6 Comparision of Elevation Derived from Insar Data with DEM from Topography Map
    Nguyen Ba Duy

  7. TS 37.7 Development of Semi-Automated Framework for 3D Building Modeling Using Terrestrial
    Laser Scanning Data

    Hyokeun Park, Seongsu Jeong , Il Hong Seo, Hyung Sig Cho, Soo Hee Han , Joon Heo and Hong Gyoo Sohn

Section TS38: Algorithm and Modeling (2)

  1. TS 38.1 The Analysis of Polder BRDF Database Data by Simple Linear Shadowing Model
    Yoshiyuki Kawata

  2. TS 38.2 Debris Flow Detection for Fixed Video Camera with Optimal Theory
    Yen Liang Chen and Hsuan Ren

  3. TS 38.3 Generation 250m Daily Cloud-free MODIS Image Using Dynamic Composite Algorithm
    Sun Hwa Kim, Sung Jin Kang and Jeong Eun Kyu Sung Lee

  4. TS 38.4 Multi-Objective Optimization for Multi-Satellite Scheduling System
    Feng Tai Hwang , Yi Yao Yeh and Sheng Yi Li

  5. TS 38.5 Image Smoothing of Multispectral Imagery Based on the HNN and Geo-statistics
    Nguyen Quang Minh

  6. TS 38.6 Applying Genetic Algorithm to GPS GDOP Classification
    Mohammad Reza Mosavi

Section TS39: Land Use / Land Cover (3)

  1. TS 39.1 Remote Sensing for Forest Cover Change in Cat Tien National Park Support for Redd Pilot
    Study in Vietnam

    Nguyen Hanh Quyen, Tran Minh Y, Tong Sy Son, Dinh Ngoc Dat, Pham Viet Hoa , Richard Mc. Nelly, Timothy Holland and Pham Thanh An

  2. TS 39.2 Land Cover Classification Using Combinations of L- and C- Band SAR and Optical Satellite

    Chu Hai Tung and Linlin Ge

  3. TS 39.3 Analysis of Peatland Development and Degradation Processes in Jambi, Indonesia
    Jianjun Wang, Jukka Miettinen, Aljosja Hooijer, Soo Chin Liew and Leong Keong Kwoh

  4. TS 39.4 Land Cover Analysis in Landscape Typology in Ninh Binh Province - A Spatial Approach
    Using Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis

    Hang Thi Thuy Nguyen

  5. TS 39.5 Full Polarimetric Observation of Rice Growth by PALSAR
    Takahiro Imai, Daisuke Kunii and Chinatsu Yonezawa

  6. TS 39.6 TWOPAC – A new approach for automated classification of satellite imagery
    Juliane Huth, Thilo Wehrmann, Steffen Gebhardt, Verena Klinger and Claudia Kuenzer

Section: Poster Presentation Session 1

  1. PS 1.1 Study on Monitoring Taipei Land-Use Change
    Yeong Kuan Chen, Chi Chuan Cheng, Su Fen Wang and Rong Peng Wang

  2. PS 1.2 Study on Monitoring the Landscape Structure of Leucaena Leucocephala
    Chi Chuan Cheng, Huan min Chen, and Hann Chung Lo

  3. PS 1.3 Radiometric Calibration Coefficients of Water-Body for “HJ-1” Satellite Multispectral CCD Sensor by Cross-Calibration Based Method
    Huang Miaofen, Xing Xufeng, Niu Shengli and Sun Zhongping

  4. PS 1.4 Developoment of the Web GIS Based GRIMS
    MyungHee Jo, Hyongsub Kim and Yunwon Jo

  5. PS 1.5 Application of Photogrammetry and Markov Model on Monitoring Human Disturbance in
    Shihmen Reservoir Catchment

    Chi Chuan Cheng, Yeong Kuan Chen and Chih Da Wu

  6. PS 1.6 Updating Land Use Map with High Resolution Satellite Imagery
    Pham Vong Thanh, Le Thu Trang, Tran Quoc Khanh and Phan Van Khue

  7. PS 1.7 Determining the Surface Deformation in Ilan Plain Using PSI Technique
    Chu Chun Kang and Chung Pai Chang

  8. PS 1.8A New Method to Retrieve Soil Roughness Parameter from C-Band SAR Data
    Weilin Yuan, Qiming Qin and Hongbo Jiang
  9. PS 1.9 Detection of Clear-Cut Areas Using the Image Differencing Method with LANDSAT/TM Data
    Takuhiko Murakami, Tetsuji Ohta, Tsuyoshi Kajisa, Nobuya Mizoue and Shigejiro Yoshida
  10. PS 1.10 Continental Scale Land Cover Classification Using MODIS Surface Reflectance Products
    Mikio Maeda, Kiyonari Fukue and Haruhisa Shimoda
  11. PS 1.11 Temporal Change of Crested Ibis Habitat in Shaanxi Province, China
    Shota Mochizuki and Takuhiko Murakami
  12. PS 1.12 Land Use Change Analysis in Uvurkhangai Province
    Undram G., Tungalag A. and Tsolmon R.
  13. PS 1.13 A Study on the Growth Monitoring Method of Rice Plants by Laser Scanner from Above
    Kazuyoshi Takahashi, Atsushi Rikimaru and Kenta Sakata
  14. PS 1.14 Monitoring and Spatial Analysis of Marine Debris by RS and GIS
    Sun Woong Jang, Jae Moon Park and Hong Joo Yoon
  15. PS 1.15 Study on the Variations of Catch of Anchovy and Saury Due to Oceanic Climate Change in the Korean Seas by Using RS/GIS
    Seung Yeol Oh, Jae Moon Park and Hong joo Yoon
  16. PS 1.16 Statistical Relationship Between Lai Indices and Canopyspectral Data of Crops
    Heng Dong, Qiming Qin, Lin You, Hongbo Jiang, Weilin Yuan, Jinliang Wang and Ning Zhang
  17. PS 1.17 3D Model Retrieval and Assessment for Point Cloud Modeling
    Po Chi Hsu, Jyun Yuan Chen and Chao Hung Lin
  18. PS 1.18 Mapping of Precipitable Water Using MTSAT Data
    Shin Akatsuka, Kei Oyoshi and Wataru Takeuchi
  19. PS 1.19 Detection of Land Use/ Land Cover Change in War Ravaged Area in Sri Lanka Using Image
    Fusion Technique

    G.M.W.L. Gunawardena and Wataru Takeuchi
  20. PS 1.20 Correction on NDVI from QUICKBIRD MS Data Due to Topographic Effects
    Min Gee Hong , Hien Thi Thu Nguyen, and Choen Kim
  21. PS 1.21 A Comparative Study on Shadow Detection of Remote Sensing Image in Color Models
    I Chun Tsai and Chao Hung Lin
  22. PS 1.22 Implementation of A Detailed Biotope Mapping Using Kompsat-2 Imagery and the
    Arcbiotope Tool

    Byeong Hyeok Yu, Byung Seon Kahng, Hyun Kyung Oh, Sun Gu Lee and Yong Shik Chun
  23. PS 1.23 One Method of Estimating Vegetation Leaf Area Index from ENVISAT-ASAR Data
    Shuai Gao ,Liang Guo, Jie Wu, Lu Yu, Chaoyang Wu, Yu Meng, Ting Mei and Liping Zhou
  24. PS 1.24 Assessment and Monitoring the Effects of Coastal Dynamics Changes in South Johore Using
    Remote Sensing Data

    Mohd Aizuddin Mohd Raes, Ab.Latif Ibrahim and MohdSaniSaayon

Section: Poster Presentation Session 2

  1. PS 2.1 Geometric Accuracy Evaluation of Theos Imagery
    Shijie Liu, Clive S. Fraser, Chunsun Zhang, Mehdi Ravanbakhsh and Xiaohua Tong

  2. PS 2.2 The Display and Analysis of Bathymetric Lidar Waveform
    Jyun Yi Wu, Peter Tian Yuan Shih, Jie Chung Chen and Jia Hsun Chen

  3. PS 2.3 Change Detection from ALOS/PALSAR Imagery for the 2008 Chinese Wenchuan

    Jung Hum Yu and Linlin Ge

  4. PS 2.4 Combining of Aerial Laser Scanning Data, Terrestrial Mobile Scanned Data and Digital

    Karel Pavelka, Jan Reznicek, Martina Faltynova and Lucie Pikhartova

  5. PS 2.5 Experiment of the Modification and Updating of National Base Maps Using the LiDAR-based
    Mobile Mapping System

    Jaemyoung Cho, Hongsik Yun, Miran Lee and Hyunjoon Cho

  6. PS 2.6 GIS-Based Analysis of Beech Forest Decline Using Time-Series Aerial Photographs: Case Study of the Tanzawa Mountains, Central Japan
    M. Yamane, T. Suzuki and H. Sasakawa

  7. PS 2.7 Empirical Mode Decomposition and Wavelet Analysis of Time-Series Spot Data for Evaluating Rice Planting Calendar
    C.F. Chen, S.W. Huang, L.Y. Chang, N.T. Son and C.R. Chen

  8. PS 2.8 A Study on Estimating Thin Ice Thickness with Formsat-2 RSI Data
    Tsukasa Niioka, Kohei Cho and Chi Farn Chen

  9. PS 2.9 Interannual Variations of SST in the Northeast Asian Sea by Using NOAA/AVHRR Data
    Seung Hwan Min, Dae Hyun Kim and Hong Joo Yoon
  10. PS 2.10 Estimate Ambient Population Density: Discovering The Current Flow of the City
    Teerayut Horanont and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  11. PS 2.11 Design and Implementation of MODIS Based Korean Peninsula Monitoring System
    Sung Jin Kang, Sun Hwa Kim, Jeong Eun, Seung Yub Kim and and Kyu Sung Lee

  12. PS 2.12 Semi-Automatic Clustering for a Registration of Radar Images
    Joz Wu and Hsien Yu Tsai

  13. PS 2.13 Development of A Visual SAR Processor and Its Calibration Function
    Yosuke Ito, Yuuhei Teramoto and Kenji Abe

  14. PS 2.14 A Maximum Noise Fraction Transform Based on a Sensor Noise Model for Hyperspectral Data
    Naoto Yokoya and Akira Iwasaki

  15. PS 2.15 SARSHIPS: a Component-Based System For Ship Detection on SAR Images
    Yuan Bo, Liew Soo Chin and Kwoh Leong Keong

  16. PS 2.16 The Extraction of 3-D Structural Lines For Building Facade Modelling
    Chung Hsian Kao and Tee Ann Teo

  17. PS 2.17 Developing an Emd-Based Data Filtering Method for Airbourne LIDAR
    K.T. Chang, M. H. Peng, E. H. Wang and J. Y. Cheng

  18. PS 2.18 Quality Assessment and Control of DEM Generation from Airborne LIDAR Data
    C.K. Wang, Y.W. Liu and Yi Hsing Tseng

  19. PS 2.19 True-Orthorectification by Mosaicking Aerial Images
    Wen Chi CHANG, Liang Chien CHEN, Chia Hwa LIN, Chien Liang LIU, Yao Tsung LIN and Shin Hui LEE

  20. PS 2.20 A Comparative Analysis of fusion Methods for MODIS 250m Images
    Sung Jin Kang, Sun Hwa Kim, Jeong Eun and Kyu Sung Lee

  21. PS 2.21 Towards DTM Generation from ASTER GDEM and SRTM3 in Hilly Terrain Using Wavelets
    Ryotaro Takeda and Wataru Takeuchi

  22. PS 2.22 Coral Reef Mapping in Vietnam's Coastal Waters from ALOS AVNIR-2 Satellite Image and Field Survey Data
    Van Dien Tran, Stuart Phinn and Chris Roelfsema

  23. PS 2.23 The Estimation of Pollution Level on Making the Thematic Map for Pollution
    Jae Moon Park, Hyun Woo Choi and Hong Joo Yoon

  24. PS 2.24 Determination of Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) Value for Mangrove Ecosystem Using MODIS Satellite
    Ahmad Thaariq Bin Mohd Khairudin, Ab Latif Ibrahim and Abd. Wahid Rasib

  25. PS 2.25 The Utilitlization of Intelligent Geospatial Information for the Implementation of Green Energy Test Bed
    MyungHee Jo, YunWon Jo, KyungJun Kim, KwangDeuk Kim and YunChang Yeo

Section: Poster Presentation Session 3

  1. PS 3.1 Evaluating the Effect of Vegetation Index of SPOT Imagery on the Accuracy of Castanopsis
    Carlesii Potential Habitat Model

    Chun Hao Tu, Nan Jang Lo, Wei I Chang and Kai Yi Huang

  2. PS 3.2 GIS and Predictive Modeling: a Comparison of Methods Applied to Schima Superba Potential Habitat and Decision Making
    Hou Chang Chen, Nan Jang Lo, Wei I Chang and Kai Yi Huang

  3. PS 3.3 Predicting the Suitable Habitat of Brainea Insignis by Using three Multivariate Statistical
    Methods with GIS

    Wen Chiao Wang, Nan Jang Lo, Wei I Chang and Kai Yi Huang

  4. PS 3.4 Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Identify Ecotourism Potential Sites
    of Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand

    Saroj Gyawali and Parichart Visuthismajarn

  5. PS 3.5 Development of Geographical Information System for Investigations of Long-Term Change
    in Lake Mikatas

    Jun Kumagai, Masahiko Nagai, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Gou Matsubara and Tomoyuki Hino

  6. PS 3.6 Natural Disaster Vulnerability Mapping in the Province of Banten, Indonesia
    M. Khifni Soleman, Agus Hermawan Atmadilaga and Fitri Nurcahyani

  7. PS 3.7 Simulation of Hyperspectral Image Using Multispectral Image for Land Cover Mapping
    Jung il Shin and Kyu sung Lee

  8. PS 3.8 An Interoperable Perspective towards the Distribution of 3D Building Data
    Shi Wen Lin, Jung Hong Hong and Kai Ling Huang

  9. PS 3.9 Predicting Soil Erosion by Change of Land-Cover and Rainfall Using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation
    Cheong Gil Jin, Oh Che Young, Cho Kyung Chull and Choi Chul Uong

  10. PS 3.10 Application of Remote Sensing on Carbon Sequestration in Taipei Forestland
    Chi Chuan Cheng and Hsin Hung Chen

  11. PS 3.11 Historic Shoreline Changes: an Indicator of Coastal Vulnerability to Human Landuse and
    Development in Kien Giang, Vietnam

    Hai Hoa Nguyen, David Pullar, Norm Duke, Clive McAlpine, Hien Thu Nguyen and Kasper Johansen

  12. PS 3.12 The Application of VRS-GPS In Land Use Change Surveying
    Hongbo Jiang and Heng Dong
  13. PS 3.13 Vehicle-Based Mobile Mapping System for the Frequent Unscheduled Revision of National Base Map
    Hongsik Yun , Jinsang Hwang, Taejun Jeong and Younghyen Kim
  14. PS 3.14 Modeling the Potential Habitat of Rhododendron Formosanum in Huisun by Multivariate
    Statistical Analysis Coupled with 3S

    An Ya Cheng, Nan Jang Lo, Wei I Chang and Kai Yi Huang
  15. PS 3.15 Photogrammetrical Measuring of the Dynamical Deformation of the Joint and the Column
    Web Panel at Elevated Temperature

    K. Pavelka and J. Reznicek
  16. PS 3.16 Development of the Multi-Referential Reverse Dictionary for Interoperating Earth
    Observation Data

    Masafumi Ono, Masahiko Nagai, Kenji Sugimoto and Ryosuke Shibasaki
  17. PS 3.17 Integrated Spectral and Spatial Information for Image Classification Based on Support
    Vector Machine

    Jin Tsong Hwang, Yi-Ting Tsai, Jie Shi WENG and Si han CHEN
  18. PS 3.18 Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Monitor Arsenic Dispersal from a Gatsuurt Mining Area,

    Gandoljin N., Batbileg B., Enkhdul T. and Darjaa T.S.
  19. PS 3.19 Monitoring Landscape Changes of Coastal Zone Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
    Jihn Fa Jan, Yu Ching Hsu and Chih Da Wu
  20. PS 3.20 Computation of Complete Bouguer Anomalies from Marine Gravity Models in East Sea
    Dongha Lee, , Hongsik Yun, Eunseok Jang and Jeonggi Park
  21. PS 3.21 Monitoring of Landscape Dynamics in a Typical Reservoir System in the Northern Taiwan
    Chih Da Wu, Shih Chun Candice Lung and Yung Chung Chuang
  22. PS 3.22 Analysis of vegetation indices by using hyperspectral hyperion data
    Nor Liyana Bt Mohammad Khan, Alvin Lau Meng Shin, Ab.Latif Ibrahim and Raja Elfyda binti Raja Hashib
  23. PS 3.23 Determination of Net Primary Productivity of Oil Palm Using Modis MOD17A2 Data
    Raja Elfyda binti Raja Hashib, Ab.Latif Ibrahim, Abd Wahid Rasib and Nor Liyana Bt Mohammad Khan
  24. PS 3.24 Improvement of Extract Accuracy for Snow Coverage Area on the Images Using Dynamic
    Threshold Methodology

    Kenta Sakata

Section SS01: Disaster Management (1)

  1. SS 01.1 Flashflood assessment in Central Thailand - A case study
    Alkema D., Prachansri S. and Masters K.

  2. SS 01.2 Using the PRECIS – regional climate model to develop climate change scenario in 21st century for Vietnam
    Nguyen Van Thang, Hoang Duc Cuong, Nguyen Dang Mau and Truong Ba Kien

  3. SS 01.3 Potential of Near Real Time Satellite Rainfall Products in Monitoring and Predicting
    Geohazards in the Caribbean

    Sumith Pathirana, Kelly Aliasgar and Serwan Baban

  4. SS 01.4 Comparative Study of Satellite Remote Sensing Systems for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation
    Hiroyuki Koma and Haruo Sawada

  5. SS 01.5 Catastrophic Flood and Forest Cover Change in the Huong River Basin, Central Viet Nam: A Gap Between Common Perceptions and Facts
    Phong Tran, Fausto Marincioni and Rajib Shaw

  6. SS 01.6 Use of Satellite Technology for Operational Pollution Monitoring, Source Detection and

    Marte Indregard, Jan Petter Pedersen, Line Steinbakk, Tony Bauna and Børre Pedersen

Section SS02: Current Status of SAFE activities

  1. SS 02.2 The Overview of Space Applications for Environment Initiatives
    Shin-ichi Sobue, Toru Fukuda, Toshio Koike, Wataru Takeuchi, Tsugito Nagano, Tomoyuki Nukui

  2. SS 02.3 Carbon Stock Calculating and Forest Change Assessment Towards REDD+ Actitives for the
    Mangrove Forest in Vietnam

    Wataru Takeuchi , Dien Vu Tien and An Ngoc Van

  3. SS 02.4 Assessment of Vulnerabilities by Sea Level Rise on Sri Lankan Coasts
    Bandula Wickramarachchi, Lal Samarakoon and Yoshimitsu Tajima

  4. SS 02.5 Contribution of Asian Institute of Technology for Implementation of SAFE
    Lal Samarakoon, Kavinda Gunesekera and JSM Fowze

  5. SS 02.6 The Use of Remote Sensing Disaster Risk Management – A Building Capacity Training Course at Water Resources University (WRU)
    Le Thi Chau Ha

  6. SS 02.7 Applying Satellite Data, Numerical Rainfall Forecast, Combinning with Ground Observations in Flood Forecasting for the Red River System
    Tinh Dang Ngoc

Section SS03: Disaster Management (2)

  1. SS 03.1 Trends of Natural Hazards in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Manzul K. Hazarika, Sahdev Singh, Md. Shahab Uddin and Lal Samarakoon

  2. SS 03.2 Flood Inundation Modeling in the Lower Reach of the Kalu river, Sri lanka
    J.S.M. Fowze, H.K. Nandalal, D.P. Welideniya, S.M.J.S. Samarasinghe, Anoja Senevirathne, A. Borumudai, M.K. Hazarika and Lal Samarakoon

  3. SS 03.3 Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Agricultural Land Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A
    Case Study in East Java, Indonesia

    J.S.M Fowze, V. Thakar, S.Wahyu , R Shofiyati , M. K. Hazarika and L. Samarakoon

  4. SS 03.4 Volcano Monitoring by Combination of Ground-based and UAV-based System with Sensor

    Masahiko Nagai and Yoshinori Araki

  5. SS 03.5 Potential Use of ALOS PALSAR in Flood Hazard Mapping, A Case Study in Five Districts,

    A.Bormudoi, M.K.Hazarika, R.Schumann, L. Samarakoon, V. Phaengsuwan and K. Thanasack

Section SS04: JAXA Mini Project

  1. SS 04.3 Earthquake Deformation Study Using SAR Interferometry, A Case Study in Pamir-Alai Area, Kyrgyz Republic
    Chandima N. Subasinghe, Teshebaeva Kanayim, Manzul Kumar Hazarika and Lal Samarakoon

  2. SS 04.4 Cyclone Hazard Modeling and Vulnerability Assessment in a Coastal District of Bangladesh
    Using GIS and Remote Sensing

    Kavinda Gunasekara, Md. Sohel Rana, Manzul Kumar Hazarika, Lal Samarakoon and Munir Siddiquee

Section SS05: Earth Observation Satellite Programme

  1. SS 05.1 JAXA's Earth Observation Satellite Program
    Toru Fukuda, Shinichi Sobue, Tomoyuki Nukui and Fumiko Oda

  2. SS 05.3 Sensors for Indian Earth Observation Programme
    S.S. Ran

  3. SS 05.4 An Omni-Directional Assessment of THEOS Operational Projects
    Ravit Sachasiri























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