ACRS 2004

Sections: [New Generation Sensors and Applications: Hyperspectral Sensing][New Generation Sensors and Applications: Application of New Sensors][New Generation Sensors and Applications: Airborne Sensing][New Generation Sensors and Applications: 3 Line Scanner][New Generation Sensors and Applications: LiDAR][New Generation Sensors and Applications: Digital Camera][New Generation Sensors and Applications: New Generation Sensors][Data Processing: DEM/3D Generation][Data Processing: Change Detection][Data Processing: Data Fusion][Data Processing: Data Fusion][Data Processing: Hyperspectral Data Processing][Data Processing: Automatic Feature Extraction][Data Processing: High Resolution Data Processing][Data Processing: Automatic Classification] [Data Processing: High Resolution Data Processing][Data Processing: Image Classification] [GPS & Photogrammetry: Navigation System][GPS & Photogrammetry: Digital Photogrammetry]

Section 1 : New Generation Sensors and Applications: Hyperspectral Sensing

  1. HSS04-1 Spectral discrimination and classification of sugarcane varieties using EO-1 Hyperion Hyperspectral Imagery
    Armando Apan, Alex Held, Stuart Phinn, John Markley

  2. HSS04-2 Ratio of photosynthentically active radiation to global solar irradiance

  3. HSS04-3 An Adaptive Spectroellipsometric Technology for The Remote Ecological Monitoring of The Aquatic Environment
    F. A. Mkrtchyan, V. F. Krapivin, V.I. Kovalev, V.V. Klimov, A. I. Rukovishnikov, and S.P. Golovachev

  4. HSS04-4 Measuring Inter-Band Spatial Separation by Using Cross-Correlation Operation
    Miss Li-Hsueh Chang, Mr. Ming-Fu Chen, and Dr. Nai-Yu Chen

  5. HSS04-5 Hyperspectral Data for Tropical Mangrove Species Discrimination
    Chaichoke Vaiphasa, Suwit Ongsomwang

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Section 2 : New Generation Sensors and Applications: Application of New Sensors

  1. ANS04-1 HY-1 satellite and its application in China
    Liang-Chien Chen, Shih-Che Lin, Tee-Ann Teo

  2. ANS04-2 Inversion of object spectrum characteristics
    Quiwen Zhang, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Cheng Wang

  3. ANS04-3 Applications of ROCSAT-2 Images in Daily Monitoring
    An-Ming Wu, Frank Wu, Ching-Jyh Shieh

  4. ANS04-4 The perfomance of groundbase mobile platform for C-Band Microwave Scatterrometer System
    H.Aziz, N.N.Mahmood, A.Ali, H.Jamil, K.A.Mahmood, Z.Ahmad, N.Ibrahim, P.V.Brevern, H.T.Chuah V.C.Koo, L.K.Sing

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Section 3: New Generation Sensors and Applications: Airborne Sensing

  1. ABS04-1 Geographic Synthetic Aperture Radar (GEOSAR) - A new generation Radar System suitable for Geoscience Applications in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Dr Ian J. Tapley and Professor Anthony K. Milne, Ms Janet Dewar

  2. ABS04-2 3D feature extraction by integrating Laser Scanner and CCD Sensor with IMU for an unmanned Helicopter Platform
    Masahiko Nagai, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Dinesh Manandhar, Huijing Zhao, Hideo Kumagai, Shintaro Mizukami, Eun-Khung, Lee, Chul-Uong, Choi, Young-Chan, Seo, Nam-Chun, Cho

  3. ABS04-3 Research for development of small-format multi-spectral aerial photographing system named PKNU 3
    Eun-Khung, Lee, Chul-Uong, Choi, Young-Chan, Seo, Nam-Chun, Cho

  4. ABS04-4 DEM Generation using Adaptive Point Cloud Filtering Algorithm
    Miao Wang, Yi-Hsing Tseng, Fu-Chen Chou

  5. ABS04-5 Research for verification and calibration of Multi-spectral aerial photographing system(PKNU 3)
    Nam-Chun, Cho, Chul-Uong, Choi, Seong-Woo, Jeon, Hui-Chul, Jung

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Section 4: New Generation Sensors and Applications: 3 Line Scanner

  1. 3LS04-1 Three Dimensional Positioning for Airborne Three-Line-Scanner Images
    Liang-Chien Chen, Shih-Che Lin, Tee-Ann Teo

  2. 3LS04-2 Reconstruction of “Next-generation” 3D Digital Road Model By Using Air-borne Three Line Scanner Imagery
    SHI Yun, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI

    Hiroki MATSUDA, Masafumi NAKAGAWA, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI

  4. 3LS04-4 Measurement of Landslide Displacement by object extration with ground based Portable Lased Scanner
    Kouji UJIKE and Msataka TAKAGI

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Section 5: New Generation Sensors and Applications: LiDAR

  1. LiD04-1 A Method for counting pedestrians using a Laser Range Scanner
    Kyoichiro Katabira, Katsuyuki Nakamura, Huijing Zhao, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  2. LiD04-2 Solving single photo orientation by corresponding to line features of LiDAR Data Set
    Jen-Jer Jaw* Nei-Hao Perng

  3. LiD04-3 Structuralization of LiDAR Point Cloud
    Shing-Hung Lin, Jen-Jer Jaw

  4. LiD04-4 Objects recognition in traffic scenes by using multiple laser range scanners
    Kazuyoshi IWATA, Katsuyuki NAKAMURA, Huijing ZAHO, Ryosuke SHIBASAKI

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Section 6: New Generation Sensors and Applications: Digital Camera

  1. DCM 04-1 Acquisition of Multispectral Images Using Digital Cameras
    Hao-Hsiung HUANG

  2. DCM 04-2 Remote Sensing of Turbidity Mapping from Digital Camera Imagery
    Sultan AlSultan, H. S. Lim, M. Z. MatJafri, K. Abdullah and M. N. A. Bakar

  3. DCM 04-3 Application of Digital Camera Data for Air Quality Detection
    H. S. Lim, M. Z. MatJafri, K. Abdullah, Sultan AlSultan and N. M. Saleh

  4. DCM 04-4 Determination of Aerosol Optical Thickness from Spectral Sky Transmittance
    H. S. Lim, M. Z. MatJafri, K. Abdullah, N. M. Saleh, and Sultan AlSultan

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Section 7: New Generation Sensors and Applications: New Generation Sensors

  1. NGS04-1 Reconstruction of missing image lines due to defect sensor elements and transmission losses
    Looi Wan Min, Timo Bretschneider

  2. NGS04-2 Study on the improvement of instrument's image spatial resolution on the three-axis stabilized platform
    Guo Qiang, Xu Jianmin

  3. NGS04-3 ROCSAT-2 Programming Management and Scheduling
    Fengtai Hwang, Hongyu Chen

  4. NGS04-4 Evaluation of Water Stress on a Crop Using the Portable Hyper Spectral Imager
    Hidetomo Fujiwara, Takahiro Endo, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  5. NGS04-5 Terminals on the Base of Untscan™ Technology – The Newest Solution for Monitoring of the Earth From Space
    Olga Gershenzon, R&D Center ScanEx

  6. NGS04-6 LIDAR Surveys For Road Design in Thailand
    Rejean Simard

  7. NGS04-7 Application of Airsar Data in Land Use / Land Cover Classification
    Nion Sirimongkalerkal, Banjerd Phalakarn, Chaowalit Silapathong

  8. NGS04-8 Calibration Methodology for Laser Scanner External Parameters
    Masahiko Nagai, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Dinesh Manandhar

  9. NGS04-9 Nonlinear Internal Waves in the South China Sea
    Ming-Kuang Hsu, Antony K. Liu

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Section 8: Data Processing: DEM/3D Generation

  1. 3DG04-1 Automatic Flight Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Utilizing GIS Analysis on Digital Elevation Model
    Itthi Trisirisatayawong, Pannee Cheewinsiriwat

  2. 3DG04-2 Automatic DEM Generation From Satellite Images
    Leong Keong Kwoh , Soo Chin Liew, Zhen Xiong

  3. 3DG04-3 Orientation and Automated DSM Generation From SPOT-5/HRS Stereo Images
    Daniela Poli, Zhang Li, Armin Gruen

  4. 3DG04-4 Fuzzy Algorithm for 3-D Coastal Geomorphology Reconstruction From Radarsat-1 SAR
    Maged Marghany

  5. 3DG04-5 Accuracy Assessment Between Dem Generated by Hypsographic Dataand RADARSAT Stereo Images in The Production o fHilly Forest Road Alignment Map
    Musa, M. K. A

  6. 3DG04-6 Realistic Texture Mapping on 3D Building Models
    Fuan Tsai, Hou-Chin Lin

  7. 3DG04-7 SPOT 5 Builds a Global Multi-Purpose 3D Database: Reference3D
    F. Axes, M. Bernard

  8. 3DG04-8 DEM Generation From LIDAR Data Using Morphology Filtering Methods
    Yi-Chen Shao, Liang-Chien Chen

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Section 9: Data Processing: Change Detection

  1. CDT04-1 Automated Near-Realtime Flood Detection and Mapping Using Terra Modis
    John Low, Soo Chin Liew, Leong Keong Kwoh

  2. CDT04-2 Assessments of Land Cover/Use and Fractional Cover Analyis in Northern Thailand
    Sangawongse S, Urod S, Pinkantayonk P

  3. CDT04-3 Feature Extraction in Land Use Changes of the Gyeongan River basin Using High Resolution Aerial Photographs
    So Young Park, Kwang-Woo Nam

  4. CDT04-4 Sigma 0 for Urban Change Detection
    François Cavayas, Yves Baudouin, Rejean Simard

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Section 10: Data Processing: Data Fusion

  1. DF104-1 Assessment of the Method-Inherent Distortions in Wavelet Fusion
    Buntilov, Timo Bretschneider

  2. DF104-2 Fusion of LIDAR Data and Large-scale Vector Maps for Building Reconstruction
    Liang-Chien Chen, Chih-Yi Kuo, Jiann-Yeou Rau

  3. DF104-3 Development of a Seismic Risk Assessment Method by Estimating Building Inventory Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery Data and Digital Video Imagery Data With Geo-Locational Data
    Manabu Watanabe, Haruo Hayashi, Masasuke Takashima

  4. DF104-4 Integration of Street Networks and LIDAR for Modelling and Visualisation of Terrain Data
    Martin Kada, Norbert Haala

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Section 11: Data Processing: Data Fusion

  1. DF204-1 Neural Network for Surface Current Trajectory Modeling From RADARSAT-1 SAR Data
    Maged Marghany

  2. DF204-2 Classification of Polarimetric SAR Imagerary Based on Target Decomposition and Neural Network Classifier
    Chen Jin Song, Shao Yun, Lin Hui

  3. DF204-3 Mathematical Models of Trees by Fractal
    Nana Mayuzumi, Mayumi Ishikawa, Susumu Ogawa

  4. DF204-4 Vegetation Classifications by Structures Estimated From Difference of BRF
    Yoshifumi.Takafuji, Koji.Kajiwara, Yoshiaki.Honda

  5. DF204-5 A Supervised Dynamic Learning Back-Propagation (DLBP) Neural Network Approach for Airborne Fully Polarimetric SAR Target Classification
    Jaan-Rong Tsay, Yih-Ling Lee

  6. DF204-6 Swap Crop Model Parameter Identification Using SPOT Vegetation in Suphanburi, Thailand
    Panithan Srinuandee, Kiyoshi Honda, Yann Chemin

  7. DF204-7 Application of Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) for the Reconstruction of Annual Phenological Profiles of NDVI Time Series Data
    Jose Edgardo L. Aban, Ryutaro Tateishi

  8. DF204-8 Multi-Temporal Cloud Removing Technique Via Adaptive Kalman Filter
    Kobchai Dejhan, Sompong Wisetphanichkij, Chaiwut Ariyapattanakul, Chanchai Pienvijarnpong

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Section 12: Data Processing: Hyperspectral Data Processing

  1. HDP04-1 Super-Resolution of Remotely Sensed Images Using Drizzle and Wavelets
    Jorge Nunez, Maria Teresa Merino

  2. HDP04-2 On the Atmospheric Correction for a Hyperion Scene
    Tian-Yuan Shih

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Section 13: Data Processing: Automatic Feature Extraction

  1. AFE04-1 Wavelets Algorithm for Shoreline Change Model From RADARSAT-1 SAR Image
    Maged Marghany

  2. AFE04-2 Quantitative Measurement for Geospatial Information Content
    Kyaw Sann Oo, Xiaoyong Chen

  3. AFE04-3 Hardware Implementation of Sobel-Edge Detection Distributed Arithmetic Digital Filter
    Sorawat Chivapreecha, Kobchai Dejhan, Chanchai Pienvijarnpong

  4. AFE04-4 Automatic Precision Correction of Satellite Images Using the Chips of Different Resolution
    Yong-Jo Lim, Moon-Gyu Kim, Taejung Kim

  5. AFE04-5 Automated Road Extraction and Updating Using the Atomi System - Performance Comparison Between Aerial Film, ADS40, IKONOS and Quickbird Orthoimagery
    Chunsun Zhang, Emmanual Baltsavias

  6. AFE04-6 Extraction of Shrimp Ponds Using Object Oriented Classification VIS-À-VIS Pixel Based Classification
    Ravi Chauhan, Nitin K.Tripathi, Sayedur R.Chowdhury

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Section 14: Data Processing: High Resolution Data Processing

  1. HR104-1 The Utilization of the Old Technology in the High Resolution Satellite Image Management
    Varisara Yasamuth

  2. HR104-2 Anisotropic Diffusion Despeckling for High Resolution SAR Images
    Chen Xi, Wang Chao,Zhang Hong

  3. HR104-3 A Modified Watershed Technique for Segmentation of High Resolution Satellite Images
    Li-Yu Chang, Chi-Farn Chen

  4. HR104-4 Orthorectification of SPOT5-2.5m Image and Result Comparison
    Xiaoge Zhu, Dong Wentong, Zou Liqun

  5. HR104-5 Characterising Elements of Urban Morphology From High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images
    B. K. Mohan, J.Hogg

  6. HR104-6 An Object-Oriented Classification Method on High Resolution Satellite Data
    Sun Xiaoxia, Zhang Jixian, Liu Zhengjun

  7. HR104-7 An Alternative Sensor Orientation Model for High – Resolution Satellite Imagery
    Clive Fraser

  8. HR104-8 IKNOS, High Resolution Imagery Evaluation
    Jedsada Kerdsrilek

  9. HR104-9 Feature Extraction in Land Use Changes of the Gyeongan River basinUsing High Resolution Aerial Photographs
    So-Young, Park, Kwang-Woo NAM, Young-Seup KIM

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Section 15: Data Processing: Automatic Classification

  1. ACL04-1 Spreadsheet Programming for Remote Sensing Image Analysis
    Kiyotada Sato, Ryuzo Yokoyama

  2. ACL04-2 Expert Classification For Land Cover Mapping of Bang Pakong Watershed, Thailand
    Siam Lawawirojwong, Sura Pattanakiat, Charlie Navanugraha

  3. ACL04-3 Segmentation-Based Change Detection Method for Remotely Sensed Images
    Chi-Farn Chen, Chun-Shao Hsu

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Section 16: Data Processing: High Resolution Data Processing

  1. HR204-1 Automated Procedure of a Prototype Mapping System
    Yubin Xin, Doug Parent

  2. HR204-2 Modis Cloud Masking for Southeast Asia Region
    Vivarad Phonekeo, Preesan Rakwatin, LalSamarakoon

  3. HR204-3 Acquisition Method of High Accuracy Ground Control Points for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
    Takeshi Miyata, Masataka Takagi

  4. HR204-4 Visually Optimal Seam-Line Determination in Image Mosaicking
    Jaechoon Chon, Hyongsuk Kim, Takasi Fuse

  5. HR204-5 The Mathematic Model and Application of Satellite Phototopography
    Yang Ming Hui, Ren Wei Chun

  6. HR204-6 An Improved Compression Algorithm for SAR Images Using Wavelet Transform
    Sang Huiyong, Lin Hui, Guo Huadong

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Section 17: Data Processing: Image Classification

  1. ICL04-1 Mapping Bamboo Forest Expansion in the Suburb of Fukuoka City Using Aster Data
    Yuko Fukui, Tetsushi Tachikawa, Yasuteru Imai

  2. ICL04-2 Application of GIS & Remote Sensing Data in Monitoring of Plantation in the Protected Forests of Barak Basin, Manipur
    R.K. Chingkhei

  3. ICL04-3 Illisys V2: A Solution Dedicated to the Monitoring of Illicit Crops
    Laurent Bascle

  4. ICL04-4 A Distributed Non-Parametric Unsupervised Classification Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Optical Imagery
    B. Liu, T. Bretschneider

  5. ICL04-5 Land Use Classification Using Satellite Data For Stormwater Management
    Lourdes V. Abellera, Michael K. Stenstrom

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Section 18: GPS & Photogrammetry: Navigation System

  1. NVS04-1 A Review of Stochastic Models Used in Static GPS Positioning Technique
    Chalermchon Satirapod

  2. NVS04-2 GPS Based Ionospheric Scintillation for Space Weather
    Prasert Kenpankho and Peerawut Suwanjan

  3. NVS04-3 A Study on the Relationship Between Seasonal Variation and Positioning Accuracy by GPS
    Chuan-Sheng Wang

  4. NVS04-4 Software-Based GPS Receiver a Research and Simulation Tool for Global Navigation Satellite System
    Dinesh Manandhar, Ryosuke Shibasaki

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Section 19: GPS & Photogrammetry: Digital Photogrammetry

  1. DPH04-1 Finding True Position of Buildings in Orthophotos
    Deeboon Methakullachat

  2. DPH04-2 DTM-Controlled Block Adjustment for Satellite Images With Weak Converging Geometry
    Liang-Chien Chen, Yi-Chung Tung, Tee-Ann Teo

  3. DPH04-3 Errors in Digital Surface Models Derived From Airborne Ifsar
    David Bruce

  4. DPH04-4 Orthorectification of Very High Resolution Satellite Images
    W. Wolniewicz , P. Jaszczak

  5. DPH04-5 Sparse GCPs Supported High-Resolution Airborne SAR Triangulation Test in China
    Pang Lei,Zhang Jixian, Yan Qin, Zhang Mingbo

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