ACRS 1989

Sections: [Agriculture & Soil][Agriculture & Forestry][Water Resources]
[Education & Training][Forestry][Mapping from Space][Oceanography][Land Use]
[Digital Image Processing 1][Digital Image Processing 2 ][Geology]
[Environment][Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resources Management]
[National Papers][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2]

Section 1 : Agriculture & Soil

  1. AGS89-1 The use of NOAA AVHRR data as a tool for operational agroclimatic assessment in Asia
    Gary E. Johnson, V. Rao Achutuni, Jan B. Orsini

  2. AGS89-2 Seagrass mapping using Landsat TM data
    Peter J. Lennon, Paul Luck

  3. AGS89-3 Soil erosion mapping using Remote Sensing data and Geographic Information System
    Manu Omakupt

  4. AGS89-4 Site Mapping Technique for Agricultural Land
    D.D. Fraser and G.P. Ellis

  5. AGS89-5 Interpretation and applications of the Slar imagery of Shanghai suburbs
    Chen Jian, Ding Yi

  6. AGS89-6 Digital image processing for large scale irrigation management and monitoring
    Janet E. Nichol

  7. AGS89-7 Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in soil erosion hazard mapping and land suitability analysis in Phewa watershed - A case study
    Krishna P. Pradhan

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Section 2 : Agriculture & Forestry

  1. AGF89-1 Establishment of landsat MSS spectral classes of fairly homogeneous tropical peat swamp forests by transect analysis on the Orser batch-oriented image analysis system
    A.B. Ismail, B. J. Turner

  2. AGF89-2 A study of paddy monitoring system using NOAA and MOS-1 data
    Tsukasa Hosomura, Yoshiaki Matsumae,Haruhisa Shimoda and Toshibumi Sakata

  3. AGF89-3 Landsat MSS imagery as an adjunct to aerial survey of Kangaroos
    G.J.E. Hill

  4. AGF89-4 Vegetation mapping using global, vegetation index and weather data
    Yoshiaki Honda and Shunji murai

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Section 3 : Water Resources

  1. WR89-1 Remote Sensing Monitoring on flood damanages and its evaluation system
    Chen Shupeng

  2. WR89-2 Flood disaster prediction model using Remote Sensing data and geographic information system
    Shiro Ochi,Shunji Murai,Suvit Vibulsresth

  3. WR89-3 Estimation of water quality using GIS data and Landsat TM data
    M. Shizukuishi, O. Imai, and H. Takeuchi

  4. WR89-4 Water Resources Studies by Remote Sensing Techniques in Bangladesh
    Dr. M.A H. Pramanik

  5. WR89-5 Ground water targeting using digitally enhanced imagery
    Dr. K. K. Rampal,K.V.G. Rao

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Section 4: Education & Training

  1. ET89-1 Thoughts on the integration of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Technology
    Cheng jichen

  2. ET89-2 Remote Sensing teaching tools: The benefits of computer based training
    Gail D. Kelly,Greg J. E. Hill

  3. ET89-3 Getting Satellite Remote Sensing from Demonstration Project to Operational use – The ongoing New Zealand Experience
    He Changchui

  4. ET89-4 Remote Sensing and natural resources training and research activities at AIT-Bangkok
    Bertrand Fleutiaux

  5. ET89-5 Some results of using Photographic Processing Facilities and Techniques for Landuses study in Vietnam
    Pham Trung Luong

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Section 5: Forestry

  1. FR89-1 Forest change detection A study of the flooded area in king amphoe phipunProvince of Nakhon SI Thammarat, Thailand
    Ake Rosenqvist,Shunji Murai,Suvit Vibulsresth

  2. FR89-2 Mulit-Spectral/Textural supervised classification - Land Cover Mapping with SPOT in Indonesia
    Gastellu-Etchegorry, Ducros-Gambart

  3. FR89-3 Remote Sensing for forestry applications In the tropical rain forest of Peninsular Malaysia
    Khali Aziz b.Hamzah, Yoshio Awaya, Itsuhito Ohnuki, Harrrrruo Sawada, Osamu Nakakita

  4. FR89-4 Effect of catastrophic flood of November 1988 on environment change at Songkhla coast, Thailand
    Absornsuda Siripong,Supichal Tangjaitrong,Prof. Dr. Shunji Murai,Hirokai Kakiuchi

  5. FR89-5 On a multisensor forest inventory system
    F. G. Bercha and D. H. Currie

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Section 6: Mapping from Space

  1. MSP89-1 Relative DEM Production from SPOT Stereo without GCP
    ASkihito Akutsu, Ryutaro Tateishi

  2. MSP89-2 DTM generation and bird eye view generation using a personal computer
    Suits Visehsin, Shunji Murai

  3. MSP89-3 Multi-Sensor image interpretation applications in Sabah
    F. G. Bercha, D.H. Currie, J. A. Dechka, P. Fuenning

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Section 7 : Oceanography

  1. OCN89-1 Application of Remote Sensing imagery for investigation in the Haiphong estuarine and costal zone
    Pham Viet Cuong, Nguyen Hong Cllau, Tran minh Hlen

  2. OCN89-2 Water depth determination from satellite data
    Dr. Mohd Ibrahim, Seeni Mohd

  3. OCN89-3 A new method for ocean wave observat, I on by marine radar
    Shintaro Goto

  4. OCN89-4 Preliminary evaluation of photogrammetric-Remote Sensing approach in monitoring shoreline erosion
    Mazian Hashim, Dr. Aziz Ibrahim and Adeli Abdullah

  5. OCN89-5 Monitoring of shoreline change by using satellite images in Cuulong river estuaries
    Nguyen Dinh Duong,Vo Duc Tuyen

  6. OCN89-6 Determination of primary production in the Japan coast the data of NIMBUS-7,CZCS
    Yasuhiro Sugimori, Hajime Fukushima, Yasuhiro Senga

  7. OCN89-7 Moisture flux divergence over the tropical Indian ocean using insat Ib data
    M. R. Ramesh Kumar and L. V. Gangadhara Rao

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Section 8: Land Use

  1. LU89-1 Detection of Land Use Changes using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Kam, Suan Pheng and Foo, Lay Kuan

  2. LU89-2 Land cover classification by principal component histogram method
    Pham Viet Cuong, Nguyen Hong Cllau, Tran minh Hlen

  3. LU89-3 PC based GIS land use capability evaluation
    Toshiaki Hashimoto, Shunji Murai, Norihisa Ohno

  4. LU89-4 Application of Landsat MSS Data in Land Use Mapping: A Malaysian Experience
    Darsu Ahand

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Section 9: Digital Image Processing 1

  1. DP189-1 A spatial analysis and modeling system of solve environmental problems
    C. H. Vermillion, F. L. Stetina and J. Hill

  2. DP189-2 Efficient preprocessing of generating DEM from digitized contour map
    Koji Kajiwara, Ryutaro Tateishi

  3. DP189-3 Land conditional analysis for flood disaster combining raster / vector data
    Masahiro Setojima, Yukio Akamatsu and Yoko Hirose

  4. DP189-4 Case studies of a natural resource and economic development analysis system
    John M. Hill, Daniel Flint, Gregory Gladish, Fran Stetina

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Section 10 : Digital Image Processing 2

  1. DP289-1 Why do mappers need control and intelligence anyway?
    Dr. Donald R. Woodley,Dr. Tarek M. Elgarf

  2. DP289-2 The development of interactive decision boundary determination method in the feature space of remotely sensed data
    Minoru Akiyama, Yasushi Shimoyama, Tamio Sekiguchi, Takashi Hayashi, Takio Mizuno

  3. DP289-3 Research on the geometric model of the aeroscanning images
    Li shukai, Liu tong and Zhou lihua

  4. DP289-4 Neural Approah to Remote Sensing Image classifiation
    Kozo Okazaki, Hisashi Taketani, Yutaka Fukui, Hiroshi Mitsumoto, Shinichi Tamura, Takashi Hoshi, Kiyoshi Torji, Masami Iwasaki

  5. DP289-5 Geometric and Radiometric Correction of MOS-1 Imagery in a Canadian Processing System
    Brain Robert, Kelly Wiebe

  6. DP289-6 Texture analysis using differnce statistics for land cover classification
    Michiyusu Akasaka, Katsunoii Furuya and Ryutaro Tateishi

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Section 11 : Geology

  1. GEO89-1 Gravity field mapping in the Malaysian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) from a combined GEOS-3 and seasat radar altimeter data base
    Abd. Majid, A. Kadir

  2. GEO89-2 A case study of the Khorat plateau and its vicinity in Thailand using high resolution satellite imagery
    Tokio Kachi, Yoshio Akiyama, Jiroh Komai, S. Yaemniyom, K. Kuntawang, T. apakasetr

  3. GEO89-3 Tectonic fabric mapping of the Sungei Jelai area, Pahang, Malaysia by Remote Sensing and digital processing techniques
    Lai Kok Hoohu

  4. GEO89-4 Geological Problems of Nepal, Himalaya and its solution
    K. D. Bhattarai

  5. GEO89-5 Requirements of Remote Sensing data for geological applications
    A. K. Gupta, K. Genesha Raj

  6. GEO89-6 Geologic Interpretation Japanese ERDS-1 Simulation data merged with geographic information
    H. Watanabe, M. Tsukada

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Section 12 : Environment

  1. ENV89-1 Better understanding of earth environment via satellite
    Mikio Takagi

  2. ENV89-2 ROSIS - An imaging spectrometer environmental research
    Heinz van der Piepen, Roland Doerffer, Bernd Kunkel

  3. ENV89-3 Investigation of landslide susceptible terrain using landsat TM Imagery - Preliminary results
    Scott L. Huang, Robert C. Speck, Been K. Chen

  4. ENV89-4 Evaluating Recreational Resources of South East Johar using Remotely Sensed Data
    Shattri Mansor, Mohd Isa Mansor, Azmi Hassan

  5. ENV89-5 Settlement Accesssubility: A case study in the south east part of chiangmai city, Thailand

  6. ENV89-6 Advanced Information Earth Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
    Takashi Moriyam, Shigeru Igarshi, Hideo SatohNobuo Takeuchi, Makoto Suzuki

  7. ENV89-7 Relationship between the ground surface temperature by NOAA-AVHRR and environmental factors
    Ryuzo Yokoyama, Chang Ming Zhou, Sumio Tanba

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Section 13: Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS for Natural Resources Management

  1. NRM89-1 The development of national topographic and cartographic data bases for geographical information system (GIS)implementation in Malaysia
    Marzuki Mohd. Kassim, Rosly Abdul Kadir

  2. NRM89-2 Asian applications of the 'WETNET' concept - A personal computer network to receive daily global satellite data sets and derived geophysical products
    James C. Dodge

  3. NRM89-3 The design of integrated Remote Sensing and geographic information system for natural resources management
    NIR Nasruddin Mahmood

  4. NRM89-4 Natural resources data management system - A spatial approach to micro-level planning
    R. K. Midha,P. S. Acharya,Bhoop Singh

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Section 14: National Papers

  1. NP89-1 Development of Remote Sensing in China : Status and Future
    Zou Xintie

  2. NP89-2 Remote Sensing activities in India-X
    M. G. Chandrasekhar, K. Radhakrishan, V. Jayaraman, A. K. Gupta, B. Manikiam

  3. NP89-3 Remote Sensing Center of Mongolia - Brief Outlook
    Dr. Saandar . M

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Section 15: Poster Session 1

  1. PS189-1 Consiraints and refinement of radiative transfer model for bathymetric mapping from satellite remotely sensed data
    Mazlan Hashim and Samsudin Ahmad

  2. PS189-2 Computer - Assisted HILL - Shadding Generation from DEM for cartographic enhancement on thematic maps
    A. Ghosal, S. Ghosh

  3. PS189-3 On the Appliation of the auxilary data in the composition of the multiple data: An example for Wuhan City
    Guan Zhe-Qun, Shu Ning

  4. PS189-4 Research related to Spatial Information System for Natural Resources Management and Environment Monitoring
    Li Qi, Li Jing, Ji Ran

  5. PS189-5 Study and application of Remote Sensing techniques for groundwater investigation: Case-study of coastalzones of Red River and Mekong River deltaic plainsof Vietnam
    Nguyen Kim Minh Cong

  6. PS189-6 Use of high resolution Remote Sensing data for land use investigation in Vietnam
    Pham Trung Luong, Truong Thi Hoa Binh

  7. PS189-7 Remote Sensing assessment of water stress effects on wheat
    R. K. Mahey, Rajwant Singh, S. S. Sidhu, R. S. Narang

  8. PS189-8 Land use planning in conjunction with nature:- A case study in Amethi
    A. Ghosal, S. Ghosh

  9. PS189-9 An integrated approach for development of hill areas using satellite and collateral data - A case study from India
    A.K. Gupta, K. Ganesha Raj, PP Nageswara Rao, CBS Dutt, P Balakrishnan and G. Behera

  10. PS189-10 Predicting water table depth using Remotely sensed data
    Om Prakash Dubey, Sriniwas, A. K. Awasthi

  11. PS189-11 Demarcation of ground water potential zones satellite data: A case study of Jaipur district (India)
    Ram Ratan Saini

  12. PS189-12 Mapping of Wastelands around align District, U. P. using false colour composite of Thematic Mapper (TM) Data the Relaxation
    Liaqat A.K. Rao, Syed Almad Andd Mohd. Asif

  13. PS189-13 Geomorphology and Its bearing on hater resource evaluation through Remote Sensing around Rajgarh district, M.P., India
    Liaqat, A. K. Rao, Mohd. Asif

  14. PS189-14 Digital, image processing of Landsat MSS data for identified, geomorphic, litho logical and structural, features in P.I.Shiresh Satpuli area of Garhwal Himalaya, India
    Sayed Ahmad Ali, Liagat A.K. Rao

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Section 16: Poster Session 2

  1. PS289-1 A Study of Euclidean classifier
    Subash Chelliah

  2. PS289-2 A simple technique for classifications of earth resources using DOPD silion
    V. K. Farkua

  3. PS289-3 An Automated Digital Elevation Extraction System
    Ram Srinivasan

  4. PS289-4 Coastal survey by video-image
    Yasutoshi Tsuji, Oshiaki Takahashi, Minoru Komiya

  5. PS289-5 Evaluation of thematic mapper data for mapping the rubber area under small holdings in Kerala
    G.Gopinathan,K. Abdul Samad

  6. PS289-6 On water management studies in some parts of central India using landsat imageries
    V.K. Farky A

  7. PS289-7 Monitoring urban Sprawl in Kanpur Metropolis, india, using Multidate Satellite data
    S.K. Shukla & Ms Suchandra Ray

  8. PS289-8 Wild life habitat assessment and forest mapping in Corbett National Park U.P. India using Landsat thematic mapper data
    T. S. Kanchhwaha

  9. PS289-9 Assessment of the status of surface waterlogging in Sarda Sahayak Command area of Uttar Pradesh, India using IRS-1A, LISS-1 Data
    P.N. Shah,A.C. Mathew

  10. PS289-10 Study of detecting defect porcelain insulators using infrared imaging technique
    Qiu Changtao, Sun Xintiang, Hou Shanjing

  11. PS289-11 Study of Panchet reservoir using Remote Sensing images
    Qiu Changtao, Sun Xintiang, Hou Shanjing

  12. PS289-12 Land Use Mapping by Remote Sensing
    Zhou Bomin

  13. PS289-13 Synergism of CIR aerial photographs and SPOT images for monitoring of project housing in Bandung, Indonesia
    Drs. Victor F.L. Polle

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