ACRS 1997

Sections: [Plenary Session][Agriculture/Soil][Water Resources][Disasters] [Education/Training][Forestry][Mapping from Space][Coastal Zone/ Oceanography/ Meteorology][Land Use][Digital Image Processing][Geology][GIS][Global Environment][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2][Poster Session 3]

Section 1 : Plenary Session

  1. PLS97-1 Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Hunger Free Area Programme and Coastal Weltlands Studies
    L. Gnanapazham, R. Krishnamoorthy, S.Rajagopal, & L.R.A.Narayan

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Section 2 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS97-1 SAR Backscater Response of Various Growth Stages of Wetland Rice Paddy in Malaysia
    Saiful Bahari B. Abu Bakar and Abdul Talib B. Shaari

  2. AGS97-2 Multi Seasonal Analysis of Optical Data for Agriculture in Mt. Pinatubo Area
    Marcelina M. Dumayac*, Genya Asito**, Nobuyuki Mino**, Shigeo Ogawa** and Ma. Arlene M.Evangelista ***

  3. AGS97-3 Integrated Agricultural Information Database For Tropical Forest Conservation
    Kei Sato, Tomoyuki Suhama, Krishna Kumar Mishra and Akira Ito

  4. AGS97-4 Pedogenesis in Relation to Physiography in Soils of Ropar Kandi ract (Punjab) India: A Remote Sensing Approach
    V. K. Verma, J. Prasad, C. Subrahmanyam, P. K. Sharma and T. Harikishore

  5. AGS97-5 Temporal Analysis of Agricultural Land Use in the Semi Arid Trophics of India Using IRS Data
    Satoshi Uchida

  6. AGS97-6 Spatial Modelling of Soil Alkalinity in GIS Environment Using IRS Data
    Nitin Kuamr Tripathi, Brijesh Kumar Rai and Praveen Dwivedi

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Section 3: Water Resources

  1. WR97-1 Subwatershed Prioritization for Watershed Management using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Bhuwneshwar Prasad. Sah Kiyoshi Honda & Shunji Murai

  2. WR97-2 Correlation of Total suspended Sediments and Reflectance of Landsat TM in Laguna De Bay, Philippines
    Fay F. Mancebo, Romeo C. Bruce, Zenaida B. Catalan, Medel P. Lim suan, Ben S. Malayang III

  3. WR97-3 Soil Erosion and Hydrological Study of the Bakun Dam Catchment Area, Sarawak Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)
    Roslinah Samad, Norizan Abdul Patah

  4. WR97-4 Pergau Reservoir Information System (PRIS) For Mapping and Sedimentaion Studies: A Study on the Development of the Reservoir Database
    Majid Kadir, Ghazali Desa & Tajul Ariffin Musa

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Section 4: Disasters

  1. DIS97-1 Slope Instability and Hazard Zonation Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in the Area of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
    Jasmi Ab. Talib

  2. DIS97-2 Flood Monitoring in Central Plane of Thailand Using JERS-1 SAR Data
    Kiyoshhi Honda, Francis X.J Cannisius and Bhuwneshwar Prasad Sah

  3. DIS97-3 Remotely Sensed Geohazards for Assessing Alternative Corridors
    Jian-King Liu

  4. DIS97-4 Detection of Fog and the Low Stratus Cloud at Night Using Derived Dual Channel Difference of NOAA/AVHRR Data
    Hye-Sook Park, Yeoung-Hwa Kim, Ae-Sook Suh, and Hee-Hoon Lee

  5. DIS97-5 Monitoring Kuwait's Oil Lakes Using Satellite Imagery
    Andy Yaw Kwarteng and Dhari Al-Ajmi

  6. DIS97-6 Estimation Method of Flood Damage to Rice Production
    Katsuo Okamoto, Shuji Yamakawa, and Hiroyuki Kawashima

  7. DIS97-7 The Application of Database in Monitoring Pine Caterpillar Damage Using Satellite Remote Sensing
    He Xiaoyun, Chen Gang and Hu Deyong

  8. DIS97-8 Structural Model of the Ionosphere and Mechanism of Natural Disasters and Calamities Emerging
    Kasumov F.K., Aslanvo F.A., Morzoyev V.B.,Alekperva R.Y.

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Section 5: Education/Training

  1. ET97-1 Human Resources Development Plan For Remote Sensing in Malaysia
    Nik Nasruddin Mahmood, Rejean Simard and Lee Choo Har

  2. ET97-2 NASDA's Remote Sensing Activities in Thailand
    Mr. Masaru Tsukamoto

  3. ET97-3 Undergraduate ands postgraduate Programmes in Remote Sensing At University Technology Malaysia
    Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd and Mazlan Hashim

  4. ET97-4 GIS and Remote Sensing Programme at the Mara Institute of Technology, Malaysia
    Muhammad Hj. Jaafar, Abdul Malek Mohd Noor and Wan Mohd Naim

  5. ET97-5 Remote Sensing Data Servers: An Enabling Technology for the development of Applications
    Yves Henaaf, Jean-Francois Gallet, Gilles Richard, Michel Mariton

  6. ET97-6 Why is GIS Difficult?
    Sally E. Goldin and Kurt T. Rudahl

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Section 6: Forestry

  1. FR97-1 Detecting Tropical Deforestation Using Satellite Radar Data: A Case Study From Central Sumatra, Indonesia
    Belinda Arunarwati Yousif Ali Hussin Michael Weir

  2. FR97-2 Electromagnetic Scattering from Foliage and Vegetation: Modelling and applications in Active Microwave Remote Sensing
    H.T. Chuah

  3. FR97-3 Study on Forest Change Detection in Eastern Forest by Remote Sensing Technique
    Thanomsri Rangsikanbhum, Pongsak Polsena, Chaowalit Silapathong, Dararat Disbunchong

  4. FR97-4 Separation (Recognition) of tree species or species composition in an old growth forest Plantation in Peninsular Malaysis using the Vegetation Index approach
    Nor Azman Hussein and Mazlan Hashim

  5. FR97-5 Development of Forest Canopy Density Mapping and Monitoring Model using Indices of Vegetation, Bare soil and Shadow
    A. Rikimaru, s. Miyatake

  6. FR97-6 Forest Monitoring Framework At Regional Level Using Multi-Resolution Satellite Data With Comdination Of Optical And Thermal Bands
    Dr. Surat Tertlum, Chair Prof. Shunji Murai, Dr. Kiyoshi Honda

  7. FR97-7 Biophysical Spectral Response Modeling Approach for Forest Density Stratification
    P.S. Roy, S. Miyatake and A. Rikimaru

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Section 7: Mapping from Space

  1. MSP97-1 Complementary Nature of SAR and Optical Data for Land Cover/Use Mapping in the State of Johore, Malaysia
    Z. A. Hasan, K. M. N. Ku Ramil, I. Selamat and K. F. Loh

  2. MSP97-2 Lahar Hazards Monitoring on the Eastern Side or Mt. Pinatubo Using Multi-Temporal JERS-1 SAR
    Salvador J. H. G., Kambara H., Obara K., Matano Y., Hato M., Almeda R. and Lacadin N.

  3. MSP97-3 Generation of Seismic Base Map Using Satellite Images in the Southern Deltaic Area, People's Republic of Bangladesh
    Yasuhiko Kotera, Masataka Ochi and Masami Hato

  4. MSP97-4 A Knowledge-based System for Automatic Extraction of Highway Network From Satellite Imagery
    Md. Mijanur Rahman and Dr. Abdelhamid Abdesselam

  5. MSP97-5 DTM Accuracy derived from interferometry SAR
    Mitsuharu Tokunaga

  6. MSP97-6 Effects of Interference noise with down link signal from JERS-1 Satellite on Thailand Receiving Ground Station
    Saowanne Thongthammachart, Kobachai Dejhan and Fusak Cheevasuvit, Chanchai Pienvijarngpong

  7. MSP97-7 Digital Orthophoto Rectification - 1:10,000 Sheet for Kandy City
    Thilak Senanayake, M. P. M. Sameeu and S. Munaweera

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Section 8: Coastal Zone/Oceanography/Meteorology

  1. OCN97-1 Integration of remote sensing-GIS Techniques for mapping Seagrass and Ocean Colour off Malaysian Coasts
    Maxian Hashim, Adeli Abdullah and Abd. Wahid Rasib

  2. OCN97-2 Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation and Management in Pang NGA Bay, Southern Thailand Using Remotely Sensed Data And GIS 1
    Somjai sremongkontip Yousif Ali Hussain Liza Groenindijk

  3. OCN97-3 Aerosol Optical Depth Derived From Spot Data
    Tang -Huang Lin, Gin-Rong Liu, and A.J. Chen

  4. OCN97-4 An Affection Study of Sewage Treatment Factory to Aqua- Environments
    Takashi Kano, Kiyoshi Torii and Hiroshi Yamakawa

  5. OCN97-5 Offshore and Onshore Wave Specta Along Chendering Coastline
    Maged Mahmoud Marghany and Shattri B. Mansor

  6. OCN97-6 Conception of Qualitative and Quantitative Classification of Mangrove Forest with TM Data of Landsat
    Kazuhiro Sato, Minoru Nakajima and Takashi Hoshi

  7. OCN97-7 Height and Thickness of Cirrus Cloud Estimation Using Nd: YAG Laser based-on Optical Remote Sensing Techniques
    Somkiat Lerkv Aranyu, Kobchai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit, Paiboon Tooprakai, Somnuk Yartpramote, Buntoon Phithakwong

  8. OCN97-8 Assessment of Natural Resources for Conservation of Harike Wetland (Punjab), India through Remote Sensing Technology
    Rajiv Chopra, V. K. Verma and P. K. Sharma

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Section 9: Land Use

  1. LU97-1 Land Use-Cover Change Detection Using Knowledge based approaches: Remote Sensing and GIS
    Mariamni Halid

  2. LU97-2 National Scale land use Change Modeling - Issues and Applications
    Ks Rajan and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. LU97-3 Land Cover Change Detection Radio metrically-Corrected Multi-Sensor Data
    Muhamad Radzli Mispan and Paul M.Mather

  4. LU97-4 Operational Urban Sprawl Monitoring using Satellite Remote Sensing: Excerpts from the Studies of Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat, India
    P. Jothimani

  5. LU97-5 Reserch The System Environmental Change Extraction using Satellite Data
    Toshihiro Kadowaki, Yoshikazu Fukushima, Hiroshi Masaharu, Keisuke Katsuta, Tsuneaki Shimoji,Yoshiyuki Mizuta, Valairat Wanpiyarat Damrong Buapradabkul

  6. LU97-6 Forest Cover and Land Use/Land Cover Mapping of Mazandran Province, using Remote Sensing Satellite Tm Data, to Prepare Atlas of Study Area
    Majid Ghiassi far, R.S. specialist, Ali Reza Majd

  7. LU97-7 Analysis of Tasseled Cap Transformation Features in Winter Land Cover Using Fuyo-1 OPS Data
    Choen Kim

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Section 10: Digital Image Processing

  1. DIP97-1 A Combination of a symbolic and a natural classifier applied to remote sensing images Case of study: Penang Island
    Lionel Beauge, Alain Ketterlin Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Ruslan Rainis, Jersy Korczak

  2. DIP97-2 Advanced Image Processing Tools for Future Satellite Image Exploitation Systems
    Jacques-Ariel Sirta, David Canu Frederic Perlant, Laurent Peytavin and Nicholas Ayache

  3. DIP97-3 A Fractal Approach to the Classification of Land Cover in Radar imagery
    Randy John N. Vinluan, Mark J. Encarnacion, Epifanio D. Lopez, Guillermo Q. Tabios

  4. DIP97-4 Adaptive Multi-Shell Mdian Filter for Improving Image Quality
    Narupon Panakulchaiwit, Danai Lisaw Atdiratanakul, Kobachai Dejhan and Fusak Cheevasuvit

  5. DIP97-5 Fractal Surface Dimension for Classification of Remotely Sensed Data
    H. T. Ewe, H. K. Low and H. T. Chuah

  6. DIP97-6 An ortho-image production method from stereoscopic images
    Nobuhiko Mori

  7. DIP97-7 Can DEM Enhance The Digital Image Classification?
    Apisit Eiumnoh and Rajendra P. Shrestha

  8. DIP97-8 Sattelite Image Data Compression using Vector Quantization on Wavelet Information
    S. Wongkharn, M. Chongcheawchamnan

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Section 11: Geology

  1. GEO97-1 Geological Applications of LANDSAT Thematic Mapper Imagery: Mapping and Analysis of Lineaments in NW Penisula Malaysia
    Juhari Mat Akhir and Ibrahim Abdullah

  2. GEO97-2 Spectral Characteristics of Pillow Lava Series Rock units in the Near-IR (1300-2500nm) Range, Troodos Massif, Cyprus
    K. T. U. S. De Silva

  3. GEO97-3 Geological and Mineral Prospecting in the Kuala Kelawang area using Remote Sensing and GIS Tecniques
    Azlikamil Napiah, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Adnan Hj. Ismail and Nik Nasruddin Mahmood

  4. GEO97-4 Geomorphologic Distribution of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
    Chi-Chung Lau

  5. GEO97-5 The Correlation of the Landsat TM Images Characteristic with the Geologic Information : A Preliminary Result of a Case Study in Langkawi Islands, Malaysia
    Ibrahim Abdullah & Juhari Mat Akhir

  6. GEO97-6 Analysis of Remote Sensing Data for Geologic Mapping - Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphic Belt and Collisional Tectonics of The Dabieshan Orogenic Belt, Central Eastern China*
    Zhang Wenhua, Zhao Zhongyan, Wang Changjiang

  7. GEO97-7 Investigation of Dynamics The Density of Horizontal Cut of Relief By Gartographic-Space Methods (On The Pattern of Key Site of Ajinour)
    Nabiyev A. A., Mekhbaliyev M. M., Mikailova H. H.

  8. GEO97-8 Therotic Foundation of Dynavic (Reasonance) Earthquake Model
    Kasumov F. K., Asianov F. A.

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Section 12: GIS

  1. GIS97-1 GIS Based Environmental Decision Support System (EDSS)
    Mohd. Idrus Mohd Diah

  2. GIS97-2 Spatial Data Annalysis and GIS Applied to Study the Urban-Rural Linkage in Change Mai-Lamphun Area, Thailand
    Tran Hung, Haja Andrianasolo and Kaew Nualchawee

  3. GIS97-3 A Physical Evaluation of Land Suitability for Rice : A Methodological Study using GIS*
    C. Mongkolsawat P. Thirangoon and P. Kuptawutinan

  4. GIS97-4 Talking GIS : A Theoretical Basis
    Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed Shariff Ph. D.

  5. GIS97-5 Development of New User Interface for 3D GIS using Mobile Terminal
    Akira Takuma, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Minoru Fuji

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Section 13: Global Environment

  1. GLE97-1 Satellite Land Surface Temperature for Sarawak Area
    Hadi Batatia and nabil Bessaih

  2. GLE97-2 Land Cover Map of West Asia Using 1-Km AVHRR Data
    Hussein Harahsheh and Ryutaro Tateishi

  3. GLE97-3 Simulation of Forest Cover Map for 2025 and Beyond using Remote Sensing and GIS
    Krishna Pahari, Shunji Murai

  4. GLE97-4 Global Inventory of Human Settlements Derived From DMSP-OLS Data
    Christopher Elvidge

  5. GLE97-5 Integrating Remotely Sensed and Terristrial Data for Environmental Conservation Management in Tasek Bera, Pahang, Malaysia
    Richard F. Dorall

  6. GLE97-6 ERS Wind Scattermeter Data For Vegetation Monitoring In The Thar Desert
    Haroon Stephen, Robert Schumann, Volkmar, Kiyoshi Honda and Keaw Nualchawee

  7. GLE97-7 Global Access and Distribution of Geospatial Information: An Operational Reality
    John Broadhead and Steve Smith

  8. GLE97-8 Generating Global NPP Map for Estimating Agricultural Productivity
    Atsushi Hirakoba, Ryosuke Shibasaki and Shiro Ochi

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Section 14: Poster Session 1

  1. PS197-1 Tropical Forest Cover Typees Differntiation using Satellite Optical and Radar Data:A Case Study From Jambi, Indonesia
    Abdul Hamid Marwat Agus Wary anta Yousilf Ali Hussin

  2. PS197-2 Watershed Prioritization For Soil Conservation Planning With Mos-1 Messr Data, Gis Applications And Socio- Economic Information
    Shyam Sundar Shrestha, Kiyoshi Honda And Shunji Murai

  3. PS197-3 Mapping Of Volcanic Series Rock Units Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery, Troodos Ophiolite Complex, Cyprus
    K.T.U.S.De Silva

  4. PS197-4 Mapping and Monitoring of Natural Resources of Kanjli Wetland Ecosystem (Punjab) India-An Integrated Approach for its Conservation.
    V.K.Verma, Rajiv Chopra and P.K. Sharma

  5. PS197-5 A Simple Metod for the Cloud Detection over Land using Daytime AVHRR Data
    MyoungSeok Suh, Kwangmi Jang, KyoungYoon park

  6. PS197-6 Assessing biologically Degraded Soil : A GIS approach
    Satya Priya and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  7. PS197-7 TEstimation of Percent Vegetation Cover of Grassland in Monglia using NOAA AVHR Data
    Tserenkhuu Purevdorj and Dryutaro Tateishi

  8. PS197-8 Comparison of Urbanization and Environmental Condition in Asian Cities using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
    Makoto Kawamura, Sanath Jayamana, and Yuji Tsujiko

  9. PS197-9 Characteristics Analysis of Water Body in Tidal land Reclamation Area using Landsat TM Image data
    Takashi Hoshi1, Kiyoshi Torii2, Moon Soo Choi3

  10. PS197-10 Remote sensing Application in Determination of Land Use Management Factors of the USLE
    Dr.Roslan Zainal Abidin

  11. PS197-11 Lower Tropospheric Aerosol Profile Obsevation by Ground -Based Lidar at Kmitl, Thailand (130 N, 1000e)
    Somkiat Lerkvarnyu, Kobchai Dejhan, Fusak Cheevasuvit, Paibon Tooprakai

  12. PS197-12 Colour Palette Compression via Vector Quantization for Colour Image Transmission
    A. Somboonkaew, F. Cheevasuvit, k.Dehan, S.Mitatha and S.Wongkharn

  13. PS197-13 Geometric correction by GPS
    V.Vorrawat, F.Cheevasuvit, K.Dejihan, S.Mitatha and A.Somboonkaew

  14. PS197-14 Computer Analysis of Spatial- Temporal Organization of Structure Landscapes of the Azerbaijan Republic
    Nabiyev Alipasha Alibek

  15. PS197-15 Land cover Mapping by Combining Satellite Estimated NDVI and Surface Temperature
    V.Saravanapavan, T.Saravanapavan and R.Shibasaki

  16. PS197-16 Identification of Non-Point Source Pollution Risk Using GIS and Remote sensing Techniques

  17. PS197-17 Sed Model: Sun-Spots, Robby's Vortices, Two-Spin Effect Solitonic Decision of Sed Mechanism
    Kasumov F.K., Aslanov F.A

  18. PS197-18 A Study Of Land Use/Land Cover Changes From 1988 To 1994 In Nilai and Surrounding Areas
    Mazlani Muhammad

  19. PS197-19 Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Vector-Borne Disease in Humans Through Rice Agroeco System
    Suwannee Adsavakulchai, Dr. Kaew Nualchawee, Prof. Shunji Murai Dr. Apisist Eiumnoh, Dr. Kiyoshi Honda

  20. PS197-20 The study of Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function ( BRDF) for the Grassland
    Chihiro Watanabe, Yoshiaki Honda, Koji kajiwara

  21. PS197-21 The Development of mutual utilize system which share GPS camera Image to make use through the internet
    Shinya Suzuki and Yoshiaki Honda and Kiji Kajiwara

  22. PS197-22 Development of Automatic Composite Processing System for NOAA/AVHRR GAC data
    Shinya Suzuki and Yoshiaki Honda and Kiji Kajiwara

  23. PS197-23 Graphical Analysis of Spectral Reflectance Curve
    Nguyen Dinh Duong

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Section 15: Poster Session 2

  1. PS297-1 The Usefulness of Radarsat for Monitoring Land Use Change in the Multimedia Super Corridor, Malaysia
    Judibal C.C., Kamaruzaman J., Marghany, M.M

  2. PS297-2 Marine Gravity Recovery for the Malaysia Region from TOPEX, ERS-1 and Geosat Satellites Radar Altimeter Data
    Shahrum Ses, Majid Kadir and Hassan Hashim

  3. PS297-3 Comparative study on image data model for integrating multiple resolution image/raster data
    Taizou Yamamoto and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  4. PS297-4 Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Study the Relationship Between Vector Borne Disease and Vegetation Cover: A Case of Malaria Chanthaburi Province of Thailand
    Dr. Kaew Nualchawee, Dr. Pratap Singhasivanon Dr. Krongthong Thimasarn, Dr. Darasri Dowreang Dr. Kenneth Linthicum, Ms. Ratana Sithiprasasna Mr. P.L.Rajbhandari

  5. PS297-5 Detecting management practices of improved grasslands using ERS-1 SAR data
    Nobuyuki Mino, Genya Saito and Shigeo Ogawa

  6. PS297-6 Remote Sensing Study for Potash Exploration in Kohar Playa in the East of Iran
    Simin Mehdizadeh Tehrani-Aloreza Namadmallan

  7. PS297-7 Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment for SPOT Images
    C.F.Chen, Y.S.Juang, and A.J.Chen

  8. PS297-8 Retrieval Of Ocean Winds Form Ers-1/2 Scatterometer And Sar Data Using Natural Network.
    K.S.Chem. J.T.Wang * and A.J.Chem.

  9. PS297-9 Use Of Satellite Data To Estimate Areal Evapotranspiration From A Tropical Watershed
    Amin, M.S.M, Amjad Nabi and Shattri Mansor

  10. PS297-10 NOVAA Weather satellite WWW Server at UKM
    Y.Y.Meng, M.Ismail, Z.A.Abdual Rashid ad O.A.Karim

  11. PS297-11 Change Detection Analysis of Urban Forest in Klang Valley using Multiemporal Remote sensing Data: some Preliminary Result
    Norhan Mat Yusoff and Mazian Hahin

  12. PS297-12 Cloud Masking Techniques for AVHRR Data for Oceanographic Applications in Malaysia
    Khiruddin Abdullah, Nasirun Mohd. Saleh, Alui Bahari, Ruslan Raints and Yusuff Mahamod

  13. PS297-13 NOAA Images of the Plumes in the south China Sea : Some Preliminary Observations
    Raja Mohammad Noordin and Ku Kassim Ku Yaacob

  14. PS297-14 Surface Temperatrue Rerieeval from Satellite Data Over South China sea
    Shattri, B.Manosr, Quazi Halid Hasan, Abd Rehman Ramli

  15. PS297-15 Application of Simulated Radarsat Sar Data in Land Use/Land Cover Mapping in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
    Laili Nordin

  16. PS297-16 Software Customisation :Costomisation of the Graphical User Interface in Digital Image Processing System
    Mohamad Sam Manaf

  17. PS297-17 Multi-Sensor Radiometric Correction: A Case Study from Malaysia
    Muhamad Radzali Mispan* and Paul M. Mather

  18. PS297-18 Satellite Monitoring of Coastal Topography in La Union, Northwestern Luzon, Philippines
    Salvador, J.H.G., Kanbara,H., Sato, T., Machida,S, Almeda, R.,Garelan, S., and Laserna, S.

  19. PS297-19 Satellite Monitoring of Landside and Rapid Erosion in Southern Luzon: Contributors to Sediment Deposition in the Lingayen Gulf, Northwestern Luzon, Philippines
    Salvador, J.H.G., Kanbara, H., Sato, T., Machida, S., Hato, M., Almeda, R., Gaerlan, S., Laserna, S. and Apil, F.W.

  20. PS297-20 Semi-automatic land cover classification using ADEOS/AVNIR multispectral data
    Nguyen Dinh Duong

  21. PS297-21 A Comparison of Bilinear Interpolation, Cubic Convolution, and Brownian Interpolation with Least Squares Matching
    Jin-Tsong Hwang and Tian-Yuan Shih

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Section 16: Poster Session 3

  1. PS397-1 Classification of Sand dunes Using JERS-1 Data for Petroleum Exploration in the Eastern Junggar Basin, People's Republic of China
    Masataka Ochi, Minoru Hatanaka and Yuichi Maruyama

  2. PS397-2 Development of land cover classification method using Noaa Avhrr, Landsat TM and DEM images
    Junichi Suzuki and Ryosuke shibasaki

  3. PS397-3 Monitoring NDVI of North Korea using NOSS AVHRR data exploring the possibility of early warning system of agricultural production
    Yoshide Sekimoto, Hiroaki Kndo and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  4. PS397-4 Evaluation of Handy GPSs and Their Applications
    Shiro Ochi

  5. PS397-5 Soil Nutrient Depletin Modelling using Remote Sensig and GIS: A Case Study in Chonburi, Thailand
    Soe Win Myint, Chakkrit Thongthap and Dr. Apisit Eiumnoh

  6. PS397-6 Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Landside Applications
    Richard Kho Shu Yuan and Mohd. Ibrahim Seeni Mohd.

  7. PS397-7 Mapping Seagrass From Satellite Remote Sensing Data
    Abd. Wahid Rasib and Mazlan Hashim

  8. PS397-8 Radar Backscattering of Vegetation from ERS-1 SAR Data and a Radiative Canopy Model
    Lau Yok King, Mohd. Ibrahim Seeni Mohd. And Samudin Ahmad

  9. PS397-9 Use of ERS-1 SAR Data for Some Marine Applcations in Malaysia
    Mohd Ibrahim Sensi Mohd, Samsudin Ahmad & Khor Soong Wei

  10. PS397-10 Determination of Haze from Satellite Remotely Sensed Data: Some Preliminary Results
    Asmala Ahmad and Mazlan Hashim

  11. PS397-11 A Monitoring Method of Land Cover/Land Use Change in Naiman, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China Using Landsat Data
    Toshiaki Imagawa, Michikazu Fukuhara, Wang Tao and Zhu Zhenda

  12. PS397-12 Estimation of Soil Erosion using USLE and Landsat TM in Pakistan
    Shigeo Ogawa, Genya Saito, Nobuyuki Mino, Satoshi Uchida, Nasir M. Khan, and Muhammad Shafiq

  13. PS397-13 A Study on Nature Reserve Geographic Information System in Xishuangbanna
    Li Hongga, Cui Weihong

  14. PS397-14 Agro-Ecological Zoning for South West Selangor using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
    K. F. Loh, M. Halid, N. Surip and S. A. Hashim

  15. PS397-15 Gold Mineralization Information Processing On TM Images
    He Guojin, Hu Deyong

  16. PS397-16 Suitability Assessment of A4 Format Desktop Publishing Scanners
    Wan Mohd Naim b. Wan Mohd.

  17. PS397-17 Possibilities of Introduction of Remote Sensing Within the Science Stream Curricula in Colleges and Univesities of India*
    P. Jothimani

  18. PS397-18 Land Use /Land Cover Classifications and Monitoring of Myanmar Using by Remote Sensing Data and GIS
    Ko Ko Lwin and Ryosuke Shibasaki

  19. PS397-19 Environmental Monitoring of Coral Reefs in Calatagan, Batangas, Phillippines Using multi-Temporal Satellite Images
    Salvador, J. H. G., Kanbura, H., Obara, K., Matano, Y., Muraoka, H., Almeda, R., Hernandez, S. and Panerio, L.,

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