ACRS 1994

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Section 1 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS94-1 Rice Crop Monitoring Using RADARSAT - simulated SAR Imagery
    Gordon C. Staples, Stephane Rossignol, Dennis Nazarenko, Greg Elms, Chao Wang, Huadong Guo, Ron Brown, Brian Brisco

  2. AGS94-2 Suitability of Multidate ERS - 1 SAR Data for Crop Acreage Estimation
    P. V. Narsimha Rao, K. Sreenivas, K. V. Ramana and L. Venkataratnam

  3. AGS94-3 Agriculture Applications Of Remote Sensing : Paddy Yield Estiamtion form Landsta-5 Thematic Mapper Data
    Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd , Samsudin Ahmad, Adeli Abdullah

  4. AGS94-4 GIS Based Model for Agro-Ecological Zoning: A Case Study of Chitwan District, Nepal
    Madan P. Pariyar, Gajendra Singh

  5. AGS94-5 Agricultural Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in Land-use and Land Suitability Mapping
    Eng. Hussein Harahsheh

  6. AGS94-6 Effect of Time of Data Acquisition on Crop Identification in North -Eastern India using NOAA -AVHRR Data
    S. Panigarhy S.S. Sharma and J.S. Parihar

  7. AGS94-7 Investigation on the upgrade of landuse in irrigation project area using satellite image data in Thailand
    Kiyoshi Torli, Tomoyuki Mase, Masami Iwasaki, Takashi Hosh, Prasert Millintangul and Prapant Svetanant

  8. AGS94-8 Corp Discriminational in Ssalt Affected Soils by Satellite Remote Sensing
    R.K. Sharma, K S Sundara Sarma and D K Das

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Section 2 : Water Resources

  1. WR94-1 Multi-scale Remote Sensing of Ground and surface Water Interactions.
    Tim R Mc Vicar, David LB Jupp, Alex Hel, V.K. Choubey and Li Lingtao

  2. WR94-2 System Performance Evaluation and Diagnostic Analysis of Canal Irrigation Projects
    S. T. Chari, S. Jonna, P. V. Raju, C. S. Murthy and K. A. Hakeem

  3. WR94-3 Runoff Analysis in South East Asia using DEM and Remote Sensing Data
    Masataka TAKAGI and Shunji MUKAI

  4. WR94-4 Recession of Dead Sea Through the Satellite Images
    Eng. Omar Qudah, Eng. Hussein Harahsheh

  5. WR94-5 Estimation of basin Snow water equivalent (SWE) using accumulation and depletion patterns of Snowcover from optical satellite Data
    P. Reuben Paul, Ch. L. V. Ramana roa, E. Siva Sankar

  6. WR94-6 Water Quality Analysis on the Chao-Phra-Ya Estuary Using Remote Sensing Data
    Hansa Vathananukij, Shunji Murai, Suvit Vibulsresth, Prof Mushiyaka Kalsumi, Ass. Prof. Shibasaki Ryosuke, Dr. Yoshifumi Yasuaka, Mr. Yoshiki Yamakata, Mr. Hiroaki Kakiuchi

  7. WR94-7 The Evaluation of Coherent Scatterng in Rain Radar
    Jiro Aoyagi and Nobuhiko Kodaira

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Section 3 : Disasters

  1. DIS94-1 Soil Erosion Mapping with Universal Soil Loss equation and GIS
    C.Mongkolsawat, P. Thirangoon,S. Sriwongsa

  2. DIS94-2 Tropical Cyclone Monitoring Using INSAT, ERS-1, NOAA and DMSP Satellites.
    B M Rao M S Narayanan, C M Kishtawal P K Pal, V S Prasad, A N Nath, K H Rao, M V Rao and S K Subramanyam,

  3. DIS94-3 Monitoring and forecast of disasters in bangladesh using remote sensing technology
    Dr. A.M. Choudhury

  4. DIS94-4 Land Degradation Analysis of Rainfed Agricultural Area in Pakistan using Remote Sensing Data
    Satoshi Uchida, Rakhshan Roohi and Shahid Ahmad

  5. DIS94-5 Remote Sensing Applications in Disasters Monitoring in Bangladesh
    M. A. H. Pramanik

  6. DIS94-6 Antecedent Precipitation Index – A Dual Approach Between Soil Moisture and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVT) as An Input to GIS Based Locust Control and Surveillance
    Rajashree V Bothale, Dibyendu Dutta and J R Sharma

  7. DIS94-7 Flood Study in The Meghna - Dhonagoda Polder, Bangladesh
    J. A. M. de Brouder

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Section 4 : Education/Training

  1. ET94-1 The Impact of New Technologies on Remote Sensing Education
    Kurt T. Rudahl and Sally E. Golden

  2. ET94-2 Strategies for The Introduction of Remote Sensing in The Educational Curriculum in India
    A.K. Gupta, V Jayaraman and M.G. Chandrasekhar

  3. ET94-3 Dilemma of Remote Sensing Education for Surveyors in Meeting Market Needs and Expectations
    Noordin Ahmad and Muhammad Jaafar

  4. ET94-4 Regional Remote Sensing Promotion Centers of Thailand
    Dr. Suvit Vibulsresth, Ms. Chalomphon Boomboothara and Dr. Chaowalit Silapathong

  5. ET94-5 Training in Remote Sensing and GIS Through Short Programes
    P. Venkatachalam

  6. ET94-6 Prospect of data distribution by Thailand Remtoe Sensing Center
    Praneet Ditsariyakul Niramon Limlamai Leelawan Sutheparuks

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Section 5 : Forestry

  1. FR94-1 Forest Fires Monitoring and Assessment by using TM Images
    Dr. Suvit Vibulsresth, Dr. Surachai Ratanasermpong, Rasamee Suwanweekakamtorn

  2. FR94-2 Role of Remote Sensing in Forest Management
    C. B. S. Dutt, V. Udayalakshmt, A. S. Sadhasivaiah

  3. FR94-3 A Comparative Study on Relationships between Forest and Soil Series upon Different Topographies by GIS Technique at a Mae Huad Demonstrative Forest Plot, Lampang Province, Thailand
    Manasanan Kantontong

  4. FR94-4 Forest Mapping with NOAA AVHRR Data Case Study: Effect of Thermal Band for Refiing Forest Mapping
    Mr Surat Lertlum, Prof. Shunji Murai

  5. FR94-5 Forest Resources Study in Mongolia using Remote Sensing and GIS
    B. Enkhtuvshin, M. Ganzorig, D. Amarsaikhan, H. Tulgaa

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Section 6 : Mapping From Space

  1. MSP94-1 Achievements in Remote Sensing Applications in India
    MG Chandrasekhar, K Radhakrishana, V Jayaraman, B. Manikiam and H Honne Gowda

  2. MSP94-2 Using SPT Image in Topographic Mapping at Scale 1:50000
    Ramin Rahimi Dgafari

  3. MSP94-3 Mapping by Graphical Method using Remotely Sensed Data (A Case Study)
    H. S. Mehta

  4. MSP94-4 GPS Application to Optimize the Utilization of Remote Sensing
    Edi Sutopo

  5. MSP94-5 DEM Generation using JERSI OPS Stereo Data
    Mitsuharu Tokunaga, Seiichi Hara

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Section 7 : Poster Session

  1. PS194-1 Resource Constraint Mapping in Mansa District, Punjab (India) using Remotely Sensed Data
    V. K. Verma, Charanjit Singh, Rajiv Chopra and P. K. Sharma

  2. PS194-2 Wasteland Mapping in Punjab (India) using Remote Sensing Techniques
    Rajiv Chopra, R. K. Litoria, A. Thomas and P. K. Sharma

  3. PS194-3 Environmental Analysis on Vegetation in Chiba Prefecture
    Masayuki Matsuoka and Ryutaro Tateishi

  4. PS194-4 Estimation of Areal Evapotranspiration Using Landsat TM Data Alone
    Yongfen WEI and Kimiteru SADO

  5. PS194-5 Regional Geomorphological Survey for Landuse Programming Over the Narmada Basin, India
    R N Padhi, S.G. Krishna, K. Sarkar and S. M Dutta

  6. PS194-6 Regional Geology and Structure of the Sakoli, India from Space Data Application
    S. G. Krishna, S. M. Dutta

  7. PS194-7 Alteration Mapping by Remote Sensing Techniques in South Iran A Case Study
    Iraj Navai & Simin MehdiZadej-Tehrani

  8. PS194-8 Reconstruction of 3-dimension image from topographic map and satellite image
    F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan and T. Pavitpok

  9. PS194-9 Spectral Inputs Incorporation into A Wheat Simulation Model for Improving Yield Predictability
    F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan and T. Pavitpok

  10. PS194-10 Crop Yield Prediction in Command Area using Satellite Data
    C. S. Muthy, S. Jonna, P. V. Raju, S. Thurivengadachari and K. A. Hakeem

  11. PS194-11 Forecasting Crop Production under Abnormal Weather Conditions: A Case Study for Groundnut Crop in Gujarat
    S. S. Pokharna and S. S. Ray

  12. PS194-12 Agro Ecosystem Soil Organic Matter Decomposition Modeling A Remote Sensing and GIS Based Integrated Approach
    S. K. Saha and L. M. Pandi

  13. PS194-13 Multithematic Study for Water Management and Selection of Water Conservation Sites using Integrated Remote Sensing Technique in Tahsil, Mandsaur District, M. P.
    T. Habib, S. Goyal, N. K. Sharma and S. N. Rajak

  14. PS194-14 Mapping of Bara Shigri Glacier, H. P. using Digital Image Processing Techniques
    A. Jeyaram, Y. V. N. Krishna Murthy and D. S. Srinivasan

  15. PS194-15 Application of Remote Sensing in Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Coastal Wetland Vulnerability - A Case Study on Samang Lake of Orissa
    P. Kumar, M. K. Sanabada and P. R. Mohanty

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