Current Status of organizing ACRS2020

As you may know ACRS2020 is already scheduled to be organized in Deqing, China during November 9-13, 2020.
However, we are now facing the coronavirus crisis.
The council members of AARS have been discussing with Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (CNCRS) on this matter. They say that
”China’s outbreak of coronavirus is well under control,
and even the city Wuhan is expected to return to normal in late April. So we would still like and will try our best to organize ACRS2020 this year in Deqing. ”
This is a good news. We should also realize that not only China but also many other countries are suffering from coronavirus at this moment. This means that moving ACRS2020 to another country does not mean safe.
So, we came to the conclusion that we will keep our original plan to organize ACRS2020 in China. But, we will continue to investigate the coronavirus condition in the world and make new decision if necessary.
I would like to ask you for your kind understanding.

Kohei Cho
General Secretary
(March 12, 2020)