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Urbanization, landscape metrics, land use, land cover, landscape pattern
Ankita Dadhich, Rohit Goyal Pran Nath Dadhich
Dynamic urban land use/land cover processes influence the landscape pattern at multiple scales in terms of infrastructure, amenities, environment quality and local climate. In addition rapid and unplanned urban expansion increase the social, physical and environmental problems in an area. Therefore, it is necessary to quantify and manage urban grwoth for sustainable development of city. This study intends to assess the effectiveness of landscape metrics in quantifying the urbanization-induced land use/land cover (LULC) changes for Kota city of Rajasthan state. Based on satellite images derived land use/land cover data, landscape metrics were calculated to characterize long-term trends and patterns of urbanization during 1989-2016. Changes of landscape pattern during the study period were analyzed by different landscape metrics viz. shannon's entropy, Edge Density (ED), Number of Patches (NP), Largest Patch Index (LPI), patch cohesion index, clumpiness, Landscape Shape Index (LSI) and fractal dimension index. The spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the land use/cover changes reveals significant increase in built-up land. NP results explains that there was increase in number of patches for built-up and cropland class during 1989 to 2011, this signifies the patched/fragmented growth in city. However, in 2016, the NP decreases which indicates that there was coalescence of grown patches to a single patch. ED and LPI results reveal increasing trend for built up area during the study period. Agricultural land at the urban fringe is converted into residential and industrial areas, which has been supported by decrease in NP and ED of cropland and fallow land. Results reflects that city was more compact in 1989 and began to expand in all directions, especially in the north-east and northwest region of the city. This study will help the decision makers to understand the landscape dynamics and linking the agents of change for better planning and sustainable development of the city.
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