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spectroscopy, spectral library, Savitzky-Golay, remote sensing
Charmaine A. Cruz, Homer Pagkalinawa Daniel Marc Dela Torre
Mapping of coastal resourcesusing the recent advances in remote sensing provides information to support the wide-scale monitoring, protection and conservation of these vulnerable resources. Development of a spectral library of coastal resources is a key component which will serve asa reference data for its remote sensing applications including spectral characterization of the features. This paper describes the sampling and field protocols in collecting spectral signatures of coastal resources (corals, seagrass, seaweeds, mangroves) in the Philippines. Field data collection using the standardized techniques was carried out by fifteen universities in various sites of the country. The instrument used for spectral measurement consisted of a 10-meter optical fiber probe cable attached to a portable visible-near infrared spectrometer unit which covers the 350 -1000 nanometer wavelength range. The reflectances were measured at an average depths of up to 5 meters in most of the study sites. Seventy-five in-situ spectral measurements for eachsample were averaged and filtered using the Savitzky-Golay algorithm. This method fits a least square polynomial curve in smoothing the data and is a function of filter size -for the calculation of the curve equation, and the degree of polynomial to be used. A complete and comprehensive metadata indicating the characteristics of the features, the equipment used, the sampling location, the acquisition settings, the parameter measured and the sky conditions at the time of measurement, was formulated to properly identify each sample during data processing, to assess the measured spectral data quality and to maximize the long-term value of the field spectral measurements. In summary, spectral signatures of various coastal resources in the Philippines were acquired. The developed spectral library could be used as aid in creating a detailed and accurate maps for the monitoring of the resources status.
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