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UAVs, RS Applications, Legal Issues, crop damages, hydropower
P L N Raju, Bijoy Krishna Handique Chirag Gupta
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), popularly known as Drones, is an airborne system or an aircraft operated remotely by a human operator or autonomously by an on-board computer. UAV based Remote Sensing (UAV-RS) is the new addition to the North Eastern Space Applications Centre (NE-SAC) for large-scale mapping and real time assessment and monitoring activities of various applications.NE-SAC has taken the initiative for design and assembling of UAVs for various applications. Different components of the UAV are selected based on the design parameters and assembled as per the requirements. A Hex Copter was designed and assembled at NE-SAC, which can carry maximum payload up to 2.5 Kg of different sensors such as thermal, multi-spectral, optical and hyper-spectral etc. Multiple UAVs have been procured with varying payload capabilities and supporting software tools for all State Remote Sensing Centres of North Eastern Region with the full financial support of North Eastern Council.NESAC is also venturing into fixed wing UAVs which will have higher flying time and thereby covering larger areas.The UAVs are added advantage of providing very high resolution imagery and the benefit of repeat coverage of any particular area, otherwise very difficult to obtain from satellites. The major advantage of UAVs is getting minute details, generation of seamless mosaics, DEMs with centimeter level accuracy, ortho photoand video coverage etc and useful for large number of applications.The NESAC has carried out large number application studies such as dam site analysis, rice crop infestation, landslides, urban studies, survey for butterfly park, cherry blossom mapping, flying of airport area and line of sight studies, multi-spectral studies of crops,mapping cultural events and its surveillance etc. The details of all the application studies carried out will be discussed as part of technical presentations.
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