Mapping of Global Rice Paddy Map with MODIS and AMSR2 by Spatio-temporal Un-mixing Technique

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Global Rice paddy field, Spatio-temporal analysis, MODIS, AMSR2, FAOSTAT
Sakti, Anjar Dimara; Takeuchi, Wataru
Rice is one of the most consumed grains in the world and produced more than 114 countries, that is why it become an important factor in view of food security. The global analysis of rice paddy area using FAO statistic data still can not be done because there are some country that have not being monitored. In order to monitor global rice paddy area, previous spatial distribution research of rice paddy field around the world was developed by combining NDVI and new water index. NDVI was developed from MODIS whereas new water index was developed by un-mixing LSWC from AMSR2 and V-S-W from MODIS. In this research, the country level of rice paddy fields developed by MODIS-AMSR2 was calibrated with statistic data from FAO, where around 118 countries data of rice paddy have been existing in FAO. The next goal is to analyze the spatio-temporal changes of rice paddy area from 2000 to 2014 by utilizing MODIS-AMSR2 data in selected region and country especially in countries that have no statistic data in FAO to analyze correlation between changes in rice paddy area with MDGs target achievement. Remote sensing approach has been an alternative technology for monitoring rice paddy area in global scale especially to complete the rice paddy area data in countries that had not documented by FAO. Some countries that was not documented are having actual large number of rice paddy area based on MODIS-AMSR2 data result. The result of long year analysis shows that there is a significant increasement and decreasement of rice paddy area in some countries. The future research is to analyze the phenomena of this rice paddy changes with some other factors such as rice paddy supply and demand, population growth, and gross domestic production (GDP) in country level.
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