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Urban area, Resilience, Linear Unmixing, Adaptive capacity, Vulnerability
Lakshani, P. A. K. R.; Welikanna, D. R.
Investigating naturally occurring phenomena spatially using a single time frame is a task that lacks true potentials. This lack of promise in the whole modeling process is promoted by the nature of the natural phenomena (ex, Cyclones, Landslide, Rainfall) to be analyzed and its temporal frequency. One significant global parameter that estimates the ability of structural entities to withstand against the damages is known as the resilience. This is mainly a function of vulnerability and adaptive capacity. The main aim of this study is to analyze the urban resilience of Rathnapura within a time span of eleven years starting from 2003 to 2014. More concern in the study was given to the years 2003, 2008 and 2014, because flood vulnerability in the Ratnapura Municipal Council area had si gnificant fluctuations during these years. The evaluated resilience showed there is an increment with the shrinking effect in the presence of floods when compared to the early stages. So the highlighted fact is the boost of the flood resilience in Rathnapura urban area with the time. Further the experiments were extended to see whether there is a correlation between resilient level change and the urbanization. Urbanization was parameterized by using impervious surface distribution, measured through Linear Unmixing of Landsat 7 and 8 Imagery. The analysis which was done using the probability density functions of the resilient levels and impervious surface values suggested that when the imperviousness is in the midrange the highest and the lowest resilience ca n be expected. This positive resilient level change experienced in Ratnapura was proven according to the recent major flood situation in SriLanka on May, 2016. Even though most of the cities which are vulnerable to the floods were affected, Rathnapura which was highly vulnerable had the chance to escape due to the growth in its resilience levels
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