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Year: 2009

  • Tsai, F. & Lin, W. J. (2009). Generalization of 3D Building Models for Cyber City Visualization. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Kumagai, J., Kanasugi, H. & Shibasaki, R. (2009). Study on Development of Input Method for Structuring of Human Flow Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Wang, H. P., Fang, Y. & Chou, T. Y. (2009). AHP and Fuzzy Theory Application on Debris Flow Potential Assessment. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Hsieh, Y. C., Wu, J. & Hsieh, C. H. (2009). Using FORMOSAT-3 Data to Monitor GPS Tropospheric Zenith Delays. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Lee, I., Kim, T., Lee, Y. W. & Suh, Y. (2009). Management of National Geodetic Control Points: A System Framework. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Liu, L., Qiao, Y. & Chang, Y. (2009). Research and Implementation of a Web Forest Pest Management Information System(FPWMIS). [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Li, W., Qiao, Y. & Chang, Y. (2009). A Supervising and Inspecting System for Forest Pests Based on PDA. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Ouri, A. E. & Amirian, S. (2009). Landslide Hazard Zonation Using MR and AHP Methods and GIS Techniques in Langan Watershed, Ardabi, Iran. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Hsiao, K. H., Liu, J. K., Lau, C. C. & Rau, J. Y. (2009). Automation of Landslide Detection Using Optical Images and LIDAR Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Li, R. Y., Hsieh, C. Y. & Tseng, Y. H. (2009). 3D B-spline Curve Fitting with MMS Image Features of Road Lines. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Akatsuka, S., Takeuchi, W., Nagano, T. & Samarakoon, L. (2009). Development of Training Packages for Satellite Remote Sensing Data Processing for Forest Resource Management in Southeast Asia. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Ali, Y. & Zagdaa, N. (2009). Modeling Forest Fire Hazard in Mongolia using RS/GIS: A case Study of Batsumber. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yoon, H. J., Denny, W., Kim, D. H. & Chung, Y. H. (2009). Study on Characteristics of Harmful Algal Blooms in the South Sea of Korea by Using Satellite and In-situ Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Akiyama, Y., Sengoku, H. & Shibasaki, R. (2009). Development of Time-series Dataset of Shops and Offices Through the Integration of Digital Map and Yellow Page Data and Analysis of Present State of Local Shopping Areas. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Hidayatullah, T., Suwarno, Y. & Nahib, I. (2009). Mapping the Coral Reef Natural Resource Balance and Economic Valuation at Liukang Kalmas Sub District, Pangkajene Dan Kepulauan District, Sulawest Selatan Province, Indonesia. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Sharifi, M. A. & Farhadi, B. (2009). Development of Spatial Planning Support Systems for Agricultural Policy Formulation. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Kim, T., Suh, Y. & Lee, Y. W. (2009). Comparison of change detection methods in terms of threshold determination. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Ogawa, S., Takaku, K. & Shibazaki, R. (2009). Relationship Between Nazca Lines and Groundwater Streams. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yoon, H. J. & Sahu, S. K. (2009). Impact of ENSO and IOD Event on Sea Surface Height Elevation Over the Korean Region. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Zhang, Y., Zhang, X., Lin, Y., Zhai, W. & Jiang, J. (2009). Design and Simulation of VHF Surface Penetrating Imaging Radar. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Medvedeva, M. (2009). New Method of Analysis of Climate-Induced Long-Term Vegetation Dynamics in Northern Asia Based on NOAA AVHRR Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Liu, H., Xu, X., Yang, S. & Xu, K. (2009). Study on Optimal Weighting in Altimeter Retracker with an Eye to Waveform Correlations. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Khine, E. K., Kyaw, T. W., Aye, Z. C. & Thein, Y. (2009). Recognition and Voice Production of Online Handwritten Myanmar Compound Words Applying MICR and MVM Systems. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]

Year: 2008

  • Kamthonkiat, D., Kiyoshi, H., Charoenhirunyingyos, S. & Aung, K. S. (2008). Near Real-Time Decision Support System for Drought Monitoring and Impact Assessment on Rice in Ubon Ratchathani, Northeastern Thailand. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yang, C. M. & Chang, Y. C. (2008). Assessing Disease Severity of Rice Bacterial Leaf Blight with Canopy Hyperspectral Reflectance. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Meti, S., Rao, D. V., Nair, N. U. & Jacob, J. (2008). Distribution of Natural Rubber Cultivation in Relation To Soil and Landscape Attributes in India. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Cai, X. L., Thenkabail, P. S. & Platonov, A. (2008). Benchmarking Cotton Water Use and Productivity Using Spectral Indices. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yasamuth, V. & Thawikun, P. (2008). Application and Integration of Remote Sensing Technology in Narcotic Crops Survey. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Auynirundronkool, K., Deeudomchan, K., Prakobya, A., Jarnkoon, V., Ratchasema, M. T. & Seechan, M. (2008). Analysis of Economic Crop Reflectance by Field Spectral Signature: Case Study Sugarcane. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Saito, G., Kunii, D., Yatsu, I., Yabe, K., Namiwa, F., Imai, K. et al. (2008). Understandings for Regional Characteristics of Agriculture Using Terra/Aster Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Shamal, S. A., Knox, J. W. & Weatherhead, E. K. (2008). Difficulties in Using Spectral Properties To Map Irrigated Areas in a Temperate Climate: A Case Study of Potatoes in England. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Chen, C. F., Chen, Q., Chang, L. Y. & Chen, C. Y. (2008). Mapping Paddy Rice Using Multi-Temporal MODIS Images. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Ogawa, S., Shiono, T. & Yoshisako, H. (2008). Evaluating The Function of Soil Erosion Prevention on Farmland Based on Satellite Images and GIS Database - Case Study of all Farmlands on Okayama Prefecture, Japan. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Salam, M. A. & Rahman, H. (2008). Role of Space Technology for Crop Monitoring and Food Security Planning in Bangladesh. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Mishra, P. & Panwar, S. (2008). Forest Cover Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study of Chamoli District, Uttarakhand, India. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Amini, M. R. & Shataee, S. (2008). Forest Extent Mapping Using Fusion of Multi Spectral and PAN Data, Comparison of ETM+ and IRS-PAN Imagery. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yu, B. H. & Chi, K. H. (2008). An Application Research of Multi-Temporal Satellite Images for Forest Reclamation Monitoring in The Abandoned Mine Area. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yabe, K., Namiwa, F., Sugihara, T., Yatsu, I., Saito, G. & Odagawa, S. (2008). Classification of Tree Species in Field Science Center, Tohoku University, Using Aerial Hyper Spectral Data. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Sugihara, T., Namiwa, F., Imai, K., Kunii, D. & Saito, G. (2008). Monitoring of Japanese Forest Biomass Using Stereoscopic Ability of Aster Sensor. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Takao, G., Priyadi, H. & Nursal, W. I. (2008). Expected Properties of Remote Sensing Applications for Forest Managers: Lesson Learnt From Their Experiences and Expectations. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Takeuchi, W., Rakwatin, P., Shimada, M. & Sawada, H. (2008). Investigating The Performance of JERS-1 SAR and ALOS PALSAR Mosaics for Forest Cover Mapping in Vietnam. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Evans, P., Wilkie, M. & Gerrand, A. (2008). The FAO global Forest Resource Assessment Remote Sensing Survey. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Imvitthaya, C. & Honda, K. (2008). Evaluation of BIOME-BGC Model for Estimating NPP and LAI of Teak Plantation of Thailand Using SPOT-Data As Reference. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Liu, C. T., Doong, D. J. & Chang, C. J. (2008). UAV Mapping of Surface Wave Spectra Under Influence of Bathymetry. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Junyong, F., Qingting, L., Xue, L., Ziwei, L. & Qingxi, T. (2008). Applications of Multi-Mode Airborne Digital Camera System in Wenchuan Earthquake and Qingdao Algae Disaster Monitoring. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Piyasena, N. M. & Perera, G. S. (2008). Error Pattern Recognition of Static GPS Observation with Change of PDOP, Baseline and Observation Duration. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Yoshimura, T., Hasegawa, H. & Sakai, T. (2008). Accuracy Variation of Dual-Frequency GPS Surveying Under Forest Canopy by Using an Extendable GPS Antenna Pole. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Rathnayake, C. S. (2008). Detecting and Locating Landmines by Using GPS & GIS Enabled Remotely Controlled Robot. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Mosavi, S. M. (2008). A Smoothing Algorithm Based on Least-Squares Estimation for GPS Data Processing. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Lo, C. Y. & Chen, L. C. (2008). An Experimental Test for The Extraction of Structure Lines Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
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