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ACRS 2006

Sections: [Agriculture] [Agriculture (2)] [Agriculture (3)] [Geology] [Urban] [Urban (2)] [Oceanography/Meteorology] [Oceanography/Meteorology (2)] [Disaster] [Disaster (2)] [Disaster (3)] [GIS] [GIS (2)] [GIS (3)] [Forest] [Forest (2)] [Forest (3)] [Data Processing] [Data Processing (2)] [Data Processing (3)] [Mapping] [Mapping (2)] [SAR] [SAR (2)] [Environment/Ecosystem] [Environment/Ecosystem (2)] [Satellite System] [Satellite System (2)] [Land Use/Land Cover] [Photogrammetry/Lidar] [Photogrammetry/Lidar (2)] [Hydrology/Water] [Poster Session P-1] [Poster Session P-2] [Poster Session P-3] [Poster Session P4]

Section 1: Agriculture

  1. A-1_A1 GIS Application to Spatial Distribution of Soil Salinity Potentials in
    Northeast Thailand

    C. Mongkolsawat. S. Paiboonsak

  2. A-1_A2 Assessment Differences in Growth and Yield of Rice Crop between
    Satellite Data Simulated from Near Ground Hyperspectal Data

    Chwen-Ming Yang, Rong-Kuen Chen

  3. A-1_A3 Biomass Estimation at Miyagi Prefecture in Northeast Japan using
    RS and GIS

    Ryoko Iwasa, Takahiko Sugihara, Fumiko Namiwa, Kazumasa Osawa, Genya Saito

  4. A-1_A4 Predicting Tillage Practices and Agricultural Soil Disturbance in
    North Central Montana with Landsat Imagery

    Norov Battogtokh, Ross S. Bricklemyer, Rick L. Lawrence, Perry R. Miller

  5. A-1_A5 Biological Soil Crusts internal Classifi cation Using Ground –
    Level Spectra Temporally-based Image selection for detection of
    Biological Soil Srusts in Southern Australia

    Ardavan Ghorbani, David Bruce

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Section 2: Agriculture (2)

  1. A-2_A6 An Investigation on Spectral Properties and Soil EC to Map Salt affected Soils in Thailand
    Rajendra P Shrestha

  2. A-2_A7 Rice Yield Estimation using Aero Digital Imagery
    Tzu-yi Liao

  3. A-2_A8 Spatiotemporal Characterization of Mongolian Grassland Based on
    Vegetation Trend Analysis

    Akira Hirano

  4. A-2_A9 GIS Application for Mulberry Rust Disease at Pophra District, Tak

    Vicharn Amarakul

  5. A-2_A10 Using Uncertain Element in the Multi- Spectral Imager Assessment
    Chih-Hao Ou-Yang

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Section 3: Agriculture (3)

  1. A-3_A11 The Construction of Land-use Data Map for Effi cient Management
    of Large-scale Irrigated Farmlands in Uzbekistan

    Takeo Amano, Kiyoyuki Yaota, Yoshihiko Ogino, Yoshiaki Mori, Tadashi Ushino, Kiyoshi Torii

  2. A-3_A12 Mapping of Basic Capacity in Rice Production Saved from
    Chemical: A Case of Sustainable agriculture Network in Phichit
    Province, Thailand

    Achariya Nate-Chei

  3. A-3_A13 Analysis of Spatial Distribution of Paddy Field in the Northeast
    China Obtained by Using a Mapping Method Adapted to MODIS

    Satoshi Uchida

  4. A-3_A14 Application of Boosting to Improve Image Classifi cation Accuracy
    in Rice Parcel with Decision Tree

    T. Y. Chou, T. C. Lei, H. H. Chen

  5. A-3_A15 A Suitable Schedule for Harvesting and delivering of Sugar cane
    (application using remote sensing and GIS)

    Sununtha Kingpaiboon, Supatsorn Yodpartum, Wanpen Soonprakhon

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Section 4 : Geology

  1. B-1_B1 Application of Multi-sensor Image to Monitoring Mining Activities
    and Related Environment Changes: a Case study at Daye, Hubei

    Yu Shiyong, Chen Zhihua

  2. B-1_B2 Planning and Implementation of National Geo-scientifi c, Geo-
    Economic and Environmental Information Management System - an
    experience report

    Andreas Barth, Karl-Otto Zeissler, Beak Consultants GmbH

  3. B-1_B3 Debris Flow Occurrence Factors with Rough Sets Theoryi
    H. C. Pai, T. C. Lei, T. Y. Chou, I. L. Shih

  4. B-1_B4 Monitoring of mining areas of Mongolia using satellite data
    R. Tsolmon, Enkhbayar, Erdene

  5. B-1_B5 Rate if Sand Dune Movement and Aeolian Deposits Distribution
    with the Information Technology

    Mushtaki T. Jabbar, Xiaoling Chen, Hui Li

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Section 5: Urban

  1. C-1_C1 Progressive Streaming and Rendering of 3D Terrain for Cyber city

    Hau-Shiung Liu, Fuan Tsai, Jim-Kim Liu, Kuo-Hsing Hsiao

  2. C-1_C2 A study on an Effi cient Making Method of Detailed Time-series
    Urban Dataset by Spatial Integration of Yellow-page Data and Digital maps for Urban Analysis

    Yuki Akiyama, Takeshi Shibuki, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  3. C-1_C3 Integrating GPS, GPRS and Inmarsat for Improved Effi ciency
    Albert Cheung, Chun-Jung Hsu

  4. C-1_C4 Evaluation of Urbanization Process in Ulaanbaatar City using
    Multitemporal RS Images

    D. Amarsaikhan, M.Ganzorig, Tae-Heon Moon, Ts.Lhavgajav, I.Gantuya, G.Tsogzol

  5. C-1_C5 3D Structure Line-based Building Roof Reconstruction
    Chieh-Chung Cheng, Jen-Jer Jaw

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Section 6: Urban (2)

  1. C-2_C6 Building Modeling by the Integration of Multi-Source Data
    Lien Chien Chen, Tang-Yu Li, Tee-Ann Teo

  2. C-2_C7(P46) Urban Sprawl and Landuse Change in Suvanabhumi Airport
    (New Bangkok International Airport-NBIA) Area, Bangkok,

    Varaiporn Sintop, Surachai RATANASERMPONG, Chaiyan MAOLANONT

  3. C-2_C8 Investigation of Land Use in Residential Areas of Ulaanbaatar City
    Using Very High Resolution Satellite Images

    D.Amarsaikhan, Tae-Heon Moon, M.Saandar, B.Chinbat

  4. C-2_C9 Multi-scale Generalization of Three-dimensional Building Features
    in Urban Area

    Cheng-Lien Fa, Chen Chi-Farn

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Section 7: Oceanography/Meteorology

  1. D-1_D1 Retrieving Water Depth, Inherent Optical Properties and Bottom
    Refl ectance from Hyperspectral Data by Spectrum Matching

    Narvada Dewkurun, Alice W. C. Heng, Chew Wai Chang, Jiangcheng He, Santo Salinas, Soo Chin Liew

  2. D-1_D2 Taipei Hot Spring Web Geographic Information System
    Chia-Hui Shih, Chieh-Cheng Yen, Da-Ko Cheng, Pao-Tang Chung, Ming-Fong Yu, Wei-Chieh Teng, Chih-Chun Lai, Shi-an Feng, Hsiang-Po Chen

  3. D-1_D3 HY-1 Satellite and Applying its Data to Monitoring Red Tides
    Lin Mingsen

  4. D-1_D4 Determination of the Cloud Threshold for MODIS Imagery over
    Taiwan Region

    D. Gerelmaa, G. R. Liu, C. W. Lan, T. H. Kuo, T. H. Lin, K. W. Lin, Y. H. Liu

  5. D-1_P81 Simulation of Tsunami Wave Spectra on Sri-Lanka and Indonesia
    Maged Marghany, Mazlan Hashim

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Section 8: Oceanography/Meteorology (2)

  1. D-2_D6 The Dynamic Analysis of Coastal Land Use Patterns in Inner
    Lingdingyang, The Pearl River Estuary

    Xia Zhen

  2. D-2_D7 Spectral Refl ectance of Clouds in Multiple- resolution Satellite
    Remote Sensing Images

    C. W. Chang, S. V. Salinas, S. C. Liew, L. K. Kwoh

  3. D-2_D9 Detection and Analysis of Post – Typhoon Three – Dimensional
    Changes in Haeundae Beach Topography using GPS and GIS

    Hyun Jung Hong, Chul Uong Cho, Hyun Choi, Dong Jin Yoon

  4. D-2_D10 Shoreline Detection and Changes of North Banggi Island, Sabah,

    Ejria Saleh, Md. Azharul Hoque, Shahbudin Saad

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Section 9: Disaster

  1. E-1_E1 Assessment of Tsunami Damage to Mangrove in South Eastern
    Coast and South Andaman Islands of India using Remote Sensing
    and GIS

    Yousef Ali Hussein

  2. E-1_E2 Risk Assessment of Forest Fire Vulunerability
    Anusorn Rungsiapnich, Kampanat Deeudomchan

  3. E-1_P34 Field Validation of Rapid Post - Disaster Damage Maps of the 27
    May Indonesia Earthquake Site

    Norman Kerle

  4. E-1_E4 The Use of MODIS Active Fire Products for Strategic Fire

    Meissner Bernd

  5. E-1_E15 Assessment of Flood Vulnerability and Mitigation planning in
    Munshiganj District, Bangladesh using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Kulapramote Prathumchai, Lal Samarakoon

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Section 10: Disaster (2)

  1. E-2_E5 Time Series Analysis for Drought Monitoring and Impact
    Assessment on Agricultural Area in Khon Kaen Province,
    Northeastern Thailand

    Daroonwan Kamthonkiat, Honda Kiyoshi

  2. E-2_E6 Compositing of MODIS Images for Burnt Area Detection in
    Southeast Asia

    Jukka Iimani Miettinnen, Soo Chin Liew

  3. E-2_E7 A Bayesian Network for Landslide Susceptibility Map using Aerial
    Photo and DEM

    Chi-Chung Lau, Tsun-Cheng Weng, Jin-King Liu

  4. E-2_E8 The Study of Flood Risk Assessment on the Mae Klong River by
    Integrated Hydraulic Model with Geographic Information System

    Thudchai sansena

  5. E-2_E9 Combating Land Degration and Desertifi cation in Drylands of India
    using Remote Sensing Technology and GIS


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Section 11: Disaster (3)

  1. E-3_E10 Application of Satellite Data and Geographic Information System
    for Drought Risk Analysis in Bandanlanhoi district, Sukhothai

    Wipop Paengwungthong, Sirirat Sanyong

  2. E-3_E11 Evaluation of Landside Hazard Potentials in Shei-Pa National Park
    T. C. Lei, T. Y. Chou, J. J. Chang, Y. H. Liu

  3. E-3_E12 ALOS Palsar and Radarsat Application on Flood Detection in the
    Lower North of Thailand

    Kannika Komwong, Ramphing Simking

  4. E-3_E13 Disaster Management in India – Some Issue
    Narpat Sinh Rathore, Narender Verma

  5. E-3_E14 Research and Management of Coal Fire in China
    Guan Haiyan, Kong Bing, Wu Chacha

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Section 12: GIS

  1. G-1_G1 Mobile Wireless GIS with Near Real-Time Access to Satellite

    A.V. Huynh and T. Bretschneider

  2. G-1_G2 Elevation Surface Interpolation of Point Data using Different
    Techniques a GIS Approach

    Kulapramote Prathumchai, Lal Samarakoon

  3. G-1_G3 The Query System of Eco-environment Remote Sensing Monitoring
    Theme for the Three Gorges Project based on WebGIS

    Xinhui Ma

  4. G-1_G4 Platform of Visualization and Web-based Collaboration of Spatial

    Satoshi Ueyama, Yuki Akiyama, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  5. G-1_G13 Use of GIS to Find the Risk Area of Leptospirosis Nakornratchasima, Thailand
    Sitthisak Moukomla, Siam Lawawirojwong, Wijitr Fungladda, Jaranit Kaewkungwal, Kamolnetr Okanurak

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Section 13: GIS (2)

  1. G-2_G5 Using SSM/ I- derived Air-sea Parameters to Analyze the Formation Mechanisms of Equatorial Typhoon Vamei
    C. C. Liu, G. R. Liu, C. S. Huang, T. H. Kuo, Y. J. Chen

  2. G-2_G6 GIS and Socio- Economic Study of Kaew Noy Dam
    Makasri Chaowagul

  3. G-2_G7 A Method of DataTransformation for Satellite Images Metadata for
    Remote Sensing Imagesi

    Z. Y. Zeng

  4. G-2_G8 An Analysis for Tenants Change Using Digital Telephone Directory
    and Town Map in Tokyo Region

    Takeshi Shibuki, Yuuki Akiyama, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  5. G-2_G14 Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information
    System (GIS) for Coastal Zone Management off Cochin Coastal
    Region, India

    Wimon Pathtong

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Section 14: GIS (3)

  1. G-3_G9 Geo-Informatics and Space Technology for Education and Research in Naresuan University
    Wiboon Wattanatorn

  2. G-3_G10 Design and Implementation of an Integrated GIS Application for
    Transportation Network Modeling

    Yong-Jin Joo, Soo-Hong Park, Kye-Hyun Kim

  3. G-3_G11 Experience of Russia and Kazakhstan on Remote Sensing for
    Decision Making Support

    Vladimir Gershenzon

  4. G-3_G12 Adapting the LMF Temporal Splining Procedures from from Serial to MPI/ Linux Clusters
    Sajia Akhter, Ipshita Sarkar, Kazi Golam Rabbany, Nahid Akter, Shamim Ahkter, Yann Chemin, Honda Kiyoshi

  5. G-3_G15 Application of RS/ GIS for Monitoring Typhoon and Storm in

    Siriluk Prukpitikul

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Section 15: Forest

  1. F-1_F1 Optical and Microwave Image Fusion to Detect and Monitor
    Illegal Logging and Tropical Rain Forest Encroachment in East
    Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Yousef Ali Hussein

  2. F-1_F3 Modelling Forest Canopy Using Airborne LiDAR
    Jihn-Fa Jan, Hao-Hsiung Huang, Sheng-Hsin Su, Li-Hao Kuan

  3. F-1_F4 The Linear Mixture Model Applied to Landsat Data for Saxaul

    B. Suvdantsetseg, R. Tsolmon, Ya. Aruinzul

  4. F-1_F14 Estimating timber volume in a commercial Eucalytus plantation
    from Landsat ETM+ imagery: Results from two aspects

    Pranab J. Baruah, Takahiro Endo, Toru Katsura, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  5. F-1_F15 Net primary productivity estimation of Broadleaf forest by 3PG
    model comparing with MODIS image

    Supannika Potithep, Yoshifumi Yasuoka, Takahiro Endo, Pranab J. Baruah

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Section 16: Forest (2)

  1. F-2_F5 Shape-based Tree Crown Detection and Delineation in High Spatial
    Resolution Aerial Imagery

    Min-Hsin Chen, Chi-Farn Chen, Shu-Min Ma

  2. F-2_F6 Long-term Monitoring for Vegetation at Mt. Sugihara
    Hanae Sato, Kazumasa Osawa, Takahiko SugiharaA, and Genya Saito

  3. F-2_F7 Watershed Characterization Based on Changes in Land Use and
    Forest Cover

    Abigail Joy Ramos-Dumaup

  4. F-2_F8 Forestland Classifi cation and Zoning with Liwoshe Working Circle
    by Using Ecological Method

    Yeong-Kuan Chen, Yaw-Nan Wu, Chi-Chuan Cheng, Yin-Lin Wu, Ying-Hsuan Shih

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Section 17: Forest (3)

  1. F-3_F9 Using SPOT Satellite Image to Monitor the Forest Dynamics at Landscape Level on Nanjen Mountain Ecological Reserve in Taiwan
    Yuh-Lurng Chung, Shou-Tsung Wu, Ming-Lun Lu

  2. F-3_F10 Biomass Estimation of Japanese Forest Using ASTER Data
    Takahiko Sugihara, Hanae Sato, Fumiko Namiwa, Ryoko Iwasa, Genya Saito

  3. F-3_F11 Habitat Suitability Evaluation for Asian Elephant (Elephants
    maximus in the Bardia National Park, Nepal)

    Tej B. Thapa

  4. F-3_F12 Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Forest
    Management Capacity Building in Mongolia

    Bernd Meissner, Daniel Wyss, Hans Hoffmann, Stefan Teusan

  5. F-3_F13 Monitoring Forest Landscape Using Photogrammetric Techniques
    and Landscape Models

    Chih-Da Wu, Chi-Chuan Cheng, Li-Ta Hsu

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Section 18: Data Processing

  1. I-1_I1 Automated Optimum Size Determination of Artifi cial Neural
    Network for an Effi cient and Accurate Satellite Image Classification

    Joel Bandibas, Koji Wakita

  2. I-1_I2 Line Extraction in Remote Sensing Image using Hough Transform
    Based on Granular Computing

    Wu Zhaocong, Liang Jing, Wan Qianting, Zhang Guifeng

  3. I-1_I3 Texture Analysis for Three Dimension Remote Sensing Data by 3D

    Fuan Tsai, Chun-Kai Chang, Gin-Rong Liu

  4. I-1_I4 The Investigation Land Surface Feature using Optical and SAR

    M.Ganzorig, D.Amarsaikhan, G.Batbayar, G.Bulgan, A.Munkherdene

  5. I-1_I5 Fractal Analysis for Hyper-spectrum in Remote Sensing
    Yamato Yamaura, Susumu Ogawa

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Section 19: Data Processing (2)

  1. I-2_I15 A new Feature Selection Method for EO-1/ Hyperion Image
    Classification: A case study of Subei region, China

    Xianbin Li, Xiaoguang Jiang, Xiaohuan Xi, Liang Liu,Lingli Tang

  2. I-2_I6 Development of Linux-based Archived Data Processing System in

    Yoshikazu Miyano

  3. I-2_I7 A new Robust Data Compressor for LIDAR Data Compression
    B. Pradhan, Shattri Mansor, Abdul Rahman Ramli, Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Sharif, K. Sandeep

  4. I-2_I8 Proposal of the Methods of Evaluating Similarities between
    Trajectories by Describing the Shapes of Them

    Tomoyuki Suzuki, Kyoichiro Katabira, Huijing Zhao, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  5. I-2_Q49 Automatic Geometric Correction of Geostationary Weather Satellite Images
    Hyunsuk Kim, Dongseok Hur, Taejung Kim

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Section 20: Data Processing (3)

  1. I-3_I10 The Research of Knowledge Expression on Image Classifi cation by
    using Rough Sets Theory and PCA

    T. Y. Chou, T. C. Lei, I. L. Shih

  2. I-3_Q46 Variational Method of speckle Reduction and Boundary Detection
    in SAR Imagery

    Chaomin Shen, Fang Li, Ling Pi

  3. I-3_I12 Automatic Bridges Extraction from Multi-sources Satellite Imagery
    Using Fusional Level set Model

    Yun Yang

  4. I-3_I13 A Neural Network Selective Endmember for Pixel Unmixing
    Wu Ke ,Niu Rui-Qing ,Zhang Liang-Pei ,Li Ping-Xiang

  5. I-3_I14 Orienting FORMOSAT -2 Imagery by Control Entities
    Jen-Jer Jaw, Yi-Chien Lin

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Section 21: Mapping

  1. H-1_H1 Dense Digital Surface Model and TrueOrtho image allow
    Supporting Versatile and Innovative Application

    Myriam Chikhi, Frank Bignone

  2. H-1_H2 Extracting the Characteristic Information of Coast Environment
    Using high resolution Satellite Images in West Sea Garolim Bay

    Myung-Hee Jo, Kyung-Hwan Choi, Sung-Jae Kim

  3. H-1_H3 A Comparison of Neural Network and Maximum likelihood for
    Landuse/ Landcover Mapping in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand

    R. Suwanwerakamtorn, P. Supunee

  4. H-1_H4 Application of ALOS PALSAR Data for Effi cient Land Cover

    Damdinsuren Amarsaikhan, Mijiddorj Saandar

  5. H-1_H5 A study for Rapid Phase Ambiguity Resolution on Precise Kinematic
    GPS Positioning

    Chi-Hsiu Hsieh Joz Wu

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Section 22: Mapping (2)

  1. H-2_H6 A test on the Determination of GCP and ICP for 1-m High
    Resolution Satellite Image

    S. Y. Park, D. C. Seo, J. H. Song, B. Y. Baek, D. H. Lee, H. S. Lim

  2. H-2_H7 A Study of Cadastral Coordinate Transformation Using Artifi cial
    Neural Network

    Lao-Sheng Lin, Yi-Jing Wang

  3. H-2_H8 Applying DEM to Analyze Topographic Attributes on the Spatial
    Distribution of Vegetation

    Li-Hsin Hsieh

  4. H-2_P70 Evaluation for the Velocity of Debris Flow through Image
    Processing Techniques

    Hsiu-Yi Ko, Tian-Ying Chou,Ying-Hui Chang, Chih-Heng Liu

  5. H-2_H10 Fusion of Shape and Spectral Features for the Classifi cation of High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed imagery
    Xin Huang, Liangpei Zhang, Pingxiang Li

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Section 23: SAR

  1. J-1_J1 Classification of Polarimetris SAR Data Using an Alpha-Entropy
    David Bruce

  2. J-1_J2 Assessment of Single Date ENVISAT AlternatingPolarization
    ASAR Data for Rice Mapping

    Tan Bingxiang, Li Zengyuan, Li Bingbai, Zhang Pingping

  3. J-1_J3 Initial-period Data Analysis of PALSAR
    Tomonori Deguchi, Masatane Kato

  4. J-1_J4 On Detecting Edges in Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar

    Ken Yoong Lee, Timo Bretschneider

  5. J-1_J5 Polarization Signatures of Microwave Emission from Dry Snow
    Alexandar A. Chukhlantsev, Aleksey A. Chukhlantsev, Vladimir F. Krapivin, Alexander A. Khaldin

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Section 24: SAR (2)

  1. J-2_J6 Coherent Target Analysis for Detecting Long-Term Subsidence in

    Li Deren, Liao Mingsheng, Lu lijun, Wang Yan, Wang Teng, Fang Zheng

  2. J-2_J7 Rainfed Rice Area Mapping and Backscatter Analysis Using Multitemporal RADARSAT-1 Images in Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija
    Provinces of Philippines

    Mehdiyev Magsud, Bikash Ranjan Parida, Lal Samarakoon, Sonia A. Asilo, Cheryll B. Casiwan, Wilfredo B. Collado

  3. J-2_J8 Construction of A Mobile Platform for Microwave Remote Sensing
    Scatterometer System

    A. Halim, N.N.Mahmood, A.Ali, H.Jamil, K.A.Mahmood, Z.Ahmad, N.Ibrahim, P.V.Brevern, H.T.Chuah V.C.Koo, L.K.Sing

  4. J-2_J9 Monitoring of Bar Transformation in the Han River Estuary Using
    RADARSAT/ SAR Images

    Chan-Su Yang

  5. J-2_J10 Analysis on temporal changes of soil moisture with SAR iamges for
    agricultural drough monitoring in north-eastern part of Thailand

    Junichi Susaki, Juthasinee Thanyapraneedkul, Lal Samarakoon, Yoshihumi Yasuoka

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Section 25: Environment/Ecosystem

  1. T-1_T1 The ecosystem research of Yingtai in Jilin Oil Field Based on
    Remote Sensing Data

    Shen Jinli, Yu Wu-yi, Qi Xiao-ping

  2. T-1_T2 Analysis of the Geographical Process of Land Degrations in Plateau
    Region with Time-series Satellite Images

    Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Wanglin Yan

  3. T-1_T3 Dust and Sand Storm Monitoring of Mongolia
    L.Ochirkhuyag, R.Tsolmon

  4. T-1_T4 The Heat Island Patterns over the western Taiwan Plain with
    MODIS and Airborne IR Imager Data

    T. H. Kuo, G. R. Liu, C. W. Lan, K. W. Lin, Y. C. Chang

  5. T-1_T5 Application of Remote Sensing Quantitative Retrievals in the High
    Performance GeoComputational Environment

    Ying Luo, Yong Xue, Zhengfang Wang

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Section 26: Environment/Ecosystem (2)

  1. T-2_T6 The construction of spatial integrated data map for control the crop losses damaged by wild beasts
    Kiyoyuki Yaota, Masao Fukui, Kazuhiko Kuge, Shigemitsu Kimura, Takashi Takebe

  2. T-2_T7 Predicting Invasive Species Distributions at the Large-scale Using
    GIS and Remote Sensing

    Hao Chen, Lijun Chen, Qinfeng Guo, Thomas P. Albright

  3. T-2_T8 Current Status of GOSAT Ground System Design and the Role of

    Hiroshi Watanabe

  4. T-2_T9 A Study of Developing GIS-based Water Quality Management
    System of Rural Area

    Tao Song, Kyehyun Kim

  5. T-2_P15 The Environmental Database Issue in Mongolia
    M. Bayasgalan

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Section 27: Satellite System

  1. O-1_O1 Report on RICESAT project
    Guo Huadong

  2. O-1_O2 THEOS Data Processing and its Image Quality
    D. Niammuad, R. Nutpramoon, R. Fraisse

  3. O-1_O3 Development of National Geo- information Centre for Natural
    Resource Management in Mongolia


  4. O-1_O4 FY-3 satellite and its applications in future
    Liu Yujie

  5. O-1_O5 How to achieve cost –effective earth observation missions
    approaches for countries emerging in space technology

    Rainer Sandau

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Section 28: Satellite System (2)

  1. O-2_O6 Digital Asia Data Sharing in Asian Region
    Ponthip Limlahapun, Tun Tun Win and Lal Samarakoon, Hiromichi Fukui

  2. O-2_O7 Topo Map Generation by ASTER data and its Accuracy Evaluation
    Hiroshi Watanabe

  3. O-2_O8 Retrieval and Utilization of Online Available Satellite Imagery
    T. Bretschneider

  4. O-2_O9 RazakSAT Images Receiving and Processing Station
    Shamasul Azman Samsuddhin, Norhizam Hamzah, Norhan Mat Yusoff, Jean-Philippe Thomarat

  5. O-2_O10 Improve performance of Aqua MODIS band 6
    Preesan Rakwatin, Wataru Takeuchi, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

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Section 29: Land Use/Land Cover

  1. L-1_L1 Classification Smoothing in Land Cover Mapping Using MODIS

    Nguyen Dinh Duong

  2. L-1_L2 The Study of using multi-scale spatial data in landslide monitoring
    and landuse classifi cation interpretation

    Yeh Mei Yeh, Jung Chi Lien, Wen Pin Sung, Ying Chih Chen

  3. L-1_L3 Local Specifi c Characteristics of Land Use in Regions of Sudan
    Gezira Irrigation Scheme

    Kiyoshi Torii, Takeshi Hata, Akio Tada, Haruya Tanakamaru, Kiyoyuki Yaota, A.W.Abdelhadi, Bashir Aahmad, Kazutoshi Hoshikawa

  4. L-1_L4 Platform for Visualization and Web-based Collaboration of Spatial

    Shigeo Ogawa, Atsushi Rikimaru, Hiroshi Yoshisako, Takeo Shima

  5. L-1_L5 A Study on Cadastral Coordinate Transformation Using Artifi cial
    Neural Network

    Lao-Sheng Lin, Yi-Jing Wang

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Section 30: Photogrammetry/Lidar

  1. M-1_M1 Digital OrthoPhoto Camera System
    Chen Xiangning, Tong Guoxiang, Zhou Shengming

  2. M-1_M2 Objects Tracking and Positioning Using Multiple Active Video

    Chi-Farn Chen, Bing-Cyuan Lai, Li-Yu Chang

  3. M-1_M3 Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Road Models by Using 2D Road
    Maps and Airborne LiDAR Data

    Liang-Chien Chen, Chao-Yuan Lo, Yi-Chen Shao, Tee-Ann Teo

  4. M-1_M4 Using a Tree Dimensional Spatial Database to Orthorectify
    Automatically Remote Sensing Images

    Myriam Chikhi, Simon Baillarin, Marc Bernard

  5. M-1_M5 Planar Feature Extraction from LIDAR Data Based on Tensor

    Chung-Cheng Lin, Rey-Jer You

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Section 31: Photogrammetry/Lidar (2)

  1. M-2_M6 Development of Orientation and DEM/Orthoimage Generation
    Program for ALOS PRISM

    Izumi Kmamiya

  2. M-2_M7 The Generation of True Orthoimages Using DEM, 3D Road models
    and Multi-View Aerial Images

    Liang-Chien Chen, Shin-Hui Li, Tee-Ann Teo

  3. M-2_M8 Characteristics of Intensity Signal from Airborne LiDAR Data
    Jung-Il Shin, Jong-Suk Yoon, Kyu-Sung Lee, Tae-kun Kim

  4. M-2_Q53 Automatic Building Height Extraction by Monoscopic Shadow

    Tsend-Ayush Javzandulam, Taejung Kim, Kyung-Ok Kim

  5. M-2_M10 A Wavelet Approach for Determining Surface Covered with
    AirborneLiDAR Points

    Jaan-Rong Tsay, Cheng Wei Yen
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Section 32: Hydrology/Water

  1. N-1_N1 Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Water Reservoirs

    Liu Yi-Hsuan

  2. N-1_N2 Ecosystem evaluation around Watarase retarding base - A Case
    Study of Subei Region, China

    Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Susumu Ogawa

  3. N-1_N3 Soil Moisture Estimation Mongolia using ALOS PALSAR Data
    Motoyuki Sato

  4. N-1_N4 Matrix Overlay for Drought Assessment in the Nam Choen
    Watershed NE, Thailand

    R.Suwanwerakamtorn, C. Mongkolsawat, K. Srisuk, S.Ratanasermpong
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Section 33: Poster Session P-1

  1. P-1_P1 Abstraction Information of Active and Concealed Faults by the
    Remote Sensing Technology

    Aixia Dou, Xiaoqing Wang, Xiang Ding

  2. P-1_P2 Extracting Urban Building Density and Floor area ratio Based on
    QuickBird Image

    Jin-ye Li, Bing-fang Wu, Lei Zhang, Xin-hui Ma

  3. P-1_P3 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Summer Corn
    Li jing ,Wu Bing-fang,Yan Na-na ,Xiong Jun

  4. P-1_P4 The Decision-making Support System of Sustainable Development
    of Agriculture and Pasturing Industry in the Ecology-pasturing Economic Zone of Yanmengyuan of Shanxi Province Based on “3S”

    Wang Yimin, Li Wenke

  5. P-1_P5 Study the Vanished Causation of Culture of Kuahu Bridge in North
    of Zhejiang Province with Remote Sensing Data

    Wang Yongjiang, Li Zhizhong, He Haixia

  6. P-1_P6 The Infl uence of Atmospheric Correction on Remote Sensed
    Parameters in multi-temporal Evapotranspiration Monitoring

    Wu Bing Fang

  7. P-1_P7 A Study on the Method to Retrieve land Surface Refl ectance based
    on IRS P6 Data

    Zhang Zhao-ming, He Guo-jin

  8. P-1_P8 Quantitative Remote Sensing by the Combination of LiDAR, Sun
    Photometer and Earth Observation Images

    Wei Gong, Pingxiang Li, Shalei Song, Zhongmin Zhu, Yingying Ma, Mengyu Liu, Zhongyu Hao, Jun Li

  9. P-1_P9 The SSMC Method for the Classifi cation of High Spatial Resolution
    Remotely Sensed Images

    Xin Huang, Liangpei Zhang, Pingxiang Li

  10. P-1_P10 An Analysis of Coastal Topography and Land Cover Changes
    at Haeundae Beach, South Korea, by Merging GIS and Remote
    Sensing Data

    Ji Yeon Yang, Chul Uong Choi, Seong Woo, Jeon

  11. P-1_P11 Wildfi re Fuel Mapping Using hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
    Yeosang YoonYongseung Kim

  12. P-1_P13 Developing 3D Satellite Images Based Geographic Information
    System for Coast Disaster Area Management

    Myung Hee Jo

  13. P-1_P16 Introduction of The Forest Renovation Activity by Fishermen in
    Nortneast Japan, using RS and GIS

    Daisuke Kunii, Masahiko Saigusa, Kazumasa Osawa, Makoto Hanayama, Genya Saito

  14. P-1_P17 Estimation of the Bamboo Aboveground Biomass Using Different
    Resolution Satellite Data

    Fuping Zhang

  15. P-1_P18 Synergetic use of MODIS and ASTER/ Landsat TM/ETM Data
    for Land Cover Classification in Arid and Semi-arid Area of the
    Northern China

    Hasi Bagan, Qinxue Wang, Yoshifumi Yasuoka, Masataka Watanabe

  16. P-1_P19 A New Method for Individual Tree Detection Using Airborne
    LiDAR Pulse Data

    Hitoshi Taguchi, Takahiro Endo, Masahiro Setojima, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  17. P-1_P20 Self-Information Project: A Study on Context -aware and
    Relationship Based on self-information

    Jun Kumagai, Ta Duy Thang, Hiroshi Kanasugi, Masako Tsuruoka, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  18. P-1_P21 Extraction of Nazca Lines by Satellite Data
    Katsuya Takaku, Susumu Ogawa

  19. P-1_P22 3D Images of the Remains of the ancient Mojos civilization from
    Digital Photographs

    Kazuki Ishii, Susumu Ogawa, Naoki Okada, Kota Imai

  20. P-1_P23 Field Detection of Non-Use Paddy Fields at Miyagi Prefecture in
    Japan Using Satellite and GIS Data

    Kazumasa Osawa, Ryoko Iwasa, Daisuke Kunii, Genya Saito, Chinatsu Yonezawa

  21. P-1_P24 Projecting Future Food Demand and Supply: Global Modelling for
    Land Use and Cover Change

    Kenji Sugimoto, Kan-ichiro Matsumura, Wenbin Wu, Tan Guoxin, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  22. P-1_P25 Identifi cation for Relic Excavation of the Amazon Civilization from JERS-1/ SAR and ASTER images
    Kohta Imai, Naoki Okada, Susumu Ogawa

  23. P-1_P26 Land use management for the prevention of losses outbreak in
    Ordos of Inner Mongolia

    Shimpei Iida), Takeshi Yamamuara, Takao Aamaya, Ryouichi Kaneki, Kiyoshi Torii

  24. P-1_P27 Diastrophism Evaluation of Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake by Aerial

    Nana Mayuzumi, Susumu Ogawa

  25. P-1_P28 Storm Surge Disaster of Typhoon 9918 at New Moji District with a
    Distributed Runoff Model

    Naoki Okada, Susumu Ogawa

  26. P-1_M9 Automatic Registration of Ground-based LiDAR Data Sets by
    Using 3D

    Jen-Jer Jaw1 Tzu-Yi Chuang

  27. P-1_Q20 Bridge Monitoring System Using Close Range Digital
    Photogrammetry and Web GIS

    Jong Hyeok Jeong and Masataka Takagi

  28. P-1_Q27 Accurate Geomatic Transformation of Laser Scanner Data by Multi Surfaces Maesurement
    Kazu Kinoshita

  29. P-1_Q28 Establishing Image Database for Slope Disaster Information System with GPS Digital Camera and Web GIS
    Yuta Yamamoto, Jong-Hyeok Jeong, and Masataka Takagi

  30. P-1_Q55 Changes of NDVI associated with typhoon disturbance in
    subtropical forest ecosystems in central Taiwan

    Meng-Fen Lee, Teng-Chiu Lin, Jeen-Liang Hwong

  31. P-1_Q56 Sedimentary Environmental Monitoring Using Satellite Remote
    Sensing on Tidal Flat in the West Coast of Korea

    Joo-Hyung Ryu, Yoon-Kyung Lee, Hong-Rhyong Yoo

  32. P-1_Q57 Underwater and airborne remote sensing of corals
    Cho-Teng Liu, Yuan-Jie Chyou, Yong-Ching Fu, Chang-Wei Lee

  33. P-1_Q58 Object oriented approach for rubber and oil palm classification
    Sutat Suravanit, Nitin K Tripathi, Roberto S. Clemente

  34. P-1_I11 An Error Correction Method for NOAA Image
    An Ngoc Van, Yoshimitsu Aoki

  35. P-1_Q59 Road extraction from very high resolution remote sensing imagery with level set methods
    Hongchao Ma, Yun Yang

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Section 34: Poster Session P-2

  1. P-2_P29 Monitoring a Volcanic Plume at Miyake Island with Satellite Data
    Naoya Osawa, Susumu Ogawa

  2. P-2_P30 GIS- based land Evaluation for Combining Economic Crops as a
    Model for Agricultural Landuse Planning

    C. Mongkolsawat, S. Paiboonsak

  3. P-2_P31 Runoff Change with Urbanization in Tama New Town Watershed
    and its Fractal Geometry

    Shun Yamakawa, Susumu Ogawa

  4. P-2_P32 Identification for the Undersea remains at Yonaguni Island with
    Satellite Data

    Tatsuma Jahana, Susumu Ogawa

  5. P-2_P33 Fire Risk Assessment for Tiger Preybase in Chilla Range and
    Vicinity Rajaji National Park, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Yousif Ali Hussein

  6. P-2_P37 OpenDragon Programmer’s Toolkit: A Framework for Learning
    Geoinformatics Software Development

    Sally E. Goldin, Kurt T. Rudahl

  7. P-2_P39 High Resolution Data Fusion: Increasing Image Quality for
    detection and Identifi cation of Different Objects

    Mehdiyev Magsud, Lal Samarakoon

  8. P-2_P40 Site Suitability Analysis for Industrial Area in Haridwar and Its
    Surroundings Using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Patkorn Theopjorn

  9. P-2_P41 An application of Direction Finding Antennas for Lightning
    Locating System

    Raungyudh Raungsakul

  10. P-2_P42 Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for Mapping the
    Tsunami Affected Areas in Southern Thailand

    Suthep Chutiratanaphan

  11. P-2_P43 NOAA- AVHRR and Terra/Aqua MODIS Data Receiving Systems
    in Asian Institute of Technology

    Vivarad Phonekeo, Lal Samarakoon

  12. P-2_P44 Risk Management for Chemical Emergency System based on GIS
    and Decision Support System

    W. Kanarkard

  13. P-2_P47 Classification of Old-Growth Structure Characteristics Using
    Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

    Chi-Chuan Cheng, Hsiao-Wen Juan

  14. P-2_P48 Using a GIS Road Network to Improve GPS Positions
    Chi-Farn Chen1, Chun-Jung Hsu

  15. P-2_P49 Foresty Monitoring with MODIS-derived Vegetation Indexes in

    D. Gerelmaa1, G. R. Liu, C. W. Lan, T. H. Kuo, T. H. Lin, K. W. Lin, Y. H. Liu

  16. P-2_P50 Morphological Processing of Video for 3D Building Model

    Fuan Tsai, Jin-Kim Liu, Kuo-Hsing Hsiao

  17. P-2_P51 Solving Photo Orientation by means of Control Entities
    Jen-Jew Jaw, Nei-Hao Perng

  18. P-2_P52 Feature Extraction of LiDAR Point Cloud Sets and Accuracy

    Shin-Hung Lin

  19. P-2_P53 Landslides Detection using Aerial Ortho-Image and LiDAR Data
    Jiann-Yeou Rau, Yi-Chen Shao, Liang-Chien Chen, Chi-Chung Lau, Kuo-Hsin Hsiao

  20. P-2_P54 A Hierarchical Perspective towards the Management and
    Application of Metadata for Remote Sensing Images

    Jung-Hong Hong, Tzen-Chen Tseng

  21. P-2_P55 Single-Epoch Ambiguity Resolution for Airborne GPS Carrier-
    Phase Observations

    Kang-Wen Chu, Joz Wu

  22. P-2_Q50 Effect of Atmospheric Correction for Land Cover Classifi cation
    Using Hyperspectral Data

    Sun-Hwa Kim, Jung-Il Shin, Hwa-Ryun Yoo, Kyu-Sung Lee

  23. P-2_Q51 Extracting Bare Ground Points Airborne LiDAR Data in
    Mountainous Forested Area

    Jong-Suk Yoon, Kyu-Sung Lee, Choong-Sik Woo, Jung-Il Shin

  24. P-2_Q52 Estimation of Land Surface Temperature Using NOAA-A VHRR
    Thermal Infrared and Weather Station Data in the Mongolian

    S. Tuya, K. Kajiwara, Y. Honda

  25. P-2_D8 Change Analysis of Waisanding Offshore Sandbar by LiDAR Dem
    W.C.Hsu, J.K.Liu, T.K.Chen, K.S. Hsiao

  26. P-2_N5 Ground Based All Sky Imager to Study Large-scale Wave Feature
    P. K. Rajesh, J. Y. LIU, H. S. S. Sinha, S. B. Banerjee, R. N. MISRA, N. Dutt, M. B. Dadhania

  27. P-2_Q60 Mapping Peat Swamp Forest in Southeast Asia using MODIS Data
    Naoya Osawa, Susumu Ogawa

  28. P-2_D5 GIS for Coastal Zone Site Plan Scenario Development after Tsunami Disaster in Meulaboh West Aceh
    W. Wardhana, E. Soraya, E. Yanto

  29. P-2_Q22 A study on distribution tendencies of commercial clusters in urban area by detailed time-series urban dataset
    Tatsuro Osada, Yuki Akiyama, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  30. P-2_Q23 A Method of Human Extraction in Crowded Scenes by using
    Multipli Laser Range Scanners and CCD Camera

    Hiroki Takahashi, Katsuyuki Nakamura, Huijing Zhao, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  31. P-2_Q24 Crowds Flow Detection and Monitoring of Indoor Temperature
    Distribution for Advanced Air Conditioning Control

    Kyoichiro Katabira, Huijing Zhao, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Masatoshi Sekine, Kaoru Sezaki

  32. P-2_Q25 A study of Information Delivering Based on Context-awareness for Migration Walking
    Masaki Saito, Noriko Mikami, Ryosuke Shibasaki

  33. P-2_Q26 Daily Activities Support System based on User's Self-Information
    Action log

    Ta Duy Thang, H.Kanasugi, J.Kumagai, H.Tsuruoka, R.Shibasaki

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Section 35: Poster Session P-3

  1. P-3_P56 Application on Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Plotless Sampling
    Techniques on Estimating the Total Basal Area of Forest Stands

    Knag-Sheng Yeh, Yeong-Kuan Chen, Chi-Chuan Cheng, Jihn-Fa Jan, Hsiao-Wen Juan

  2. P-3_P57 Terrain Change Detection Combined Photogrammetric DEM and
    Airborne LiDAR Data

    Kuo-Hsin Hsiao, Jin-King Liu, Da-Ko Cheng, Ming-Fong Yu, Wei-Chen Hsu, Chin-Lun Wang

  3. P-3_P58 Using Segmentation Techniques and Fractal Theory to Extract
    Cloud Coverage for Fromosat-2 Quick-Look Images

    Li-Yu Chang, Chi-Farn Chen, A. J. Chen

  4. P-3_P59 Estimating Tree Height and Locations Using Airborne Lidar in Old
    Tree Area

    Ta-Ko Chen , Zu-Yi Liao, Hsin-Yu Ho, Hui-Jung Lee

  5. P-3_P61 Applying SSM/I data in Estimating the Typhoon Precipitation via a
    Rotational TRaP Method

    Yen-Ju Chen

  6. P-3_P62 Derivation and Analysis of annual LAI from MODIS
    Y. C. Chen, G. R. Liu1, T. H. Kuo, T. H. Lin, C. K. Liang

  7. P-3_P63 Monitoring of Illegal Dumping Using Spatial Data Mining and
    Remote Sensing

    Chi-Farn Chen, Ching-Yueh Chang

  8. P-3_P64 Multi-Temporal Satellite Image Classifi cation Using Spectral Class Database
    Ching-Luen Ju, Chi-Farn Chen, Li-Yu Chang, Hung-Yu Chang

  9. P-3_P65 Forest Cover-type Classifi cation Using SPOT4 and SPOT5 Images
    Su-Fen Wang, Chi-Chuan Cheng, Yeong-Kuan Chen

  10. P-3_P66 Semi-Automatic Extraction of 3D Building Roofs from Airborne
    LiDAR Data

    Shih-Hong Chio

  11. P-3_P67 A Split and Merge Tehcniques for Building Shaping
    Tee-Ann Teo, Jiann-Yeou Rau, Liang-Chien Chen, Jin-King Liu, Wei-Chen Hsu

  12. P-3_P68 Establish A 3D Model Using Laser Scanner at A Fixed Station
    Hao-Hsiung Huang, Wei-Kai Fang

  13. P-3_P69 Ground Based LiDAR Systematic Error Analysis and Calibration
    Yi-Hsing Tseng

  14. P-3_P71 The Research of Checking Paddy Field Thematic map by Using
    Dempster-Shafer Theory

    Y. R. Wang

  15. P-3_P72 Automatic Cloud Cover Information for Multi-Spectral Imager

    Chih-Heng liu

  16. P-3_P73 Urban Expansion Simulation Based on Cellular automat - A Case
    Study on Nantun Region

    Lung-Shih Yang, T.C. Lei, Tien-yin Chou, Yao-Chih Hu, Hung-Chieh Pai

  17. P-3_P74 Estimating Vehicular Pollution Effects in Coimbatore using GIS

    K. Shanthi Viswanathan

  18. P-3_P75 Location Based Service in Geomatics
    Tanvee Gupta

  19. P-3_P76 Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in the Analysis of the
    Environment of the Bay of Bengal Using Some Oceanic Parameter

    Bal Krishna Patidar, Andrew Menezes

  20. P-3_P77 Relationship of Temperature and Vegetation Changes in Urban Area with Multitemporal Satellite Data
    K.Wikantika, A.Rooseno , A.Budi Harto

  21. P-3_P79 The Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Data to Enhancedthe Information on Decision Processes for Defi ning the Typology of Forest Management Unit in Tropical Forest Certifi cation Decision Process
    W. Wardhana, A. Sharifi, Y.A. Hussin

  22. P-3_P81 1. Interferomatry for Coastal Spite Geomorphology Mapping
    2. Canny and Velocity Bunching Algorithms for modelling Shoreline
    Changes Using Multisar Data

    Maged Marghany, Mazlan Hashim

  23. P-3_P82 A Simple Spectral Index Using Refl ectance of 735 nm in Mapping
    of Nitrogen Status of Rice Canopy

    Yuh-Jyuan Lee, Kuo-Wei Chang, Jeng-Chung Lo, Yuan Shen

  24. P-3_P83 Development of GT Simulator for Learning Spectra Measurement
    Atsushi Komaki, Kohei Cho, Kazuyuki Tomoshige, Haruhisa Shimda

  25. P-3_Q45 The Point-Source Pollution Management based on GIS and DSS
    Wiroj Taweepworadej, Wanida Kanarkard,Daranee Hormdee

  26. P-3_Q48 3D Road Shape Production Techniques by Fusion of Laser Data and CCD Image
    Sooahm Rhee, Taejung Kim

  27. P-3_Q30 Land-use/ Land-cover Classifi cation Method Under Spatial

    You Shu-cheng

  28. P-3_Q31 Monitoring Forest Biomass in Mongolia
    Z.Narangererl, R.Tsolmon, D.Narantuya

  29. P-3_Q32 Application of remote sensing data in determining regional landslide hazard analysis by using logistic regression model and GIS
    Biswajeet Pradhan, Jasmi Ab Talib, Saro Lee

  30. P-3_Q33 Using SPOT Satellite Image to Monitor River Water Quality
    Pollution Index

    Po Jen Lin, Min Luen Shih, Pao Shan Yu, Terng Jou Wan, Huei Ru Lin, Shih Peng Io

  31. P-3_Q35 IKONOS and SPOT-5 Application in Large Scale Mapping
    Piyawan Jaruphummik, Ramphing Simking

  32. P-3_Q37 The Study of Flood Risk Assessment on the Mae Klong River by
    Integrated Hydraulic model with Geographic Information System

    Thudchai sansena

  33. P-3_Q38 Metadata Implementation for Thailand Spatial Data Infrastructure
    Thitawadee Suvachananonda, Chaowalit Silapathong, Anusorn Kunarsa

  34. P-3_Q39 Comparison of NDVI from Multi-dates SPOT and LANDSAT for
    Forest Monitoring

    Thanwarat Anan, Amornchai Prakobya

  35. P-3_Q40 Mangrove Changes after Tsunami in Thailand
    Kampanat Deeudomchan, Yootthapoom Potiracha, Thanwarat Anan

  36. P-3_Q43 Study of Urban Evolution and Settlement Patterns of Pak Kret
    Municipality, Changwat Nonthaburi by Using Satellite Data

    Chanika Sukawattanavijit

  37. P-3_Q44 Leaf Area Index Estimation by Using Remote Sensing Technique in Khao Phra Wihan National Park
    Apinan Kantirach, Praneet Ditsariyakul

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Section 36: Poster Session P4

  1. P-4_Q1 An Application of Direction Finding Antennas for Lightning
    Locating System

    Raungyudh Raungsakul, Yuttapong Rangsanseri

  2. P-4_Q2 Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Landslide Detection
    Yung-An Yang, Pai-Hui Hsu

  3. P-4_Q3 Wavelet Networks for Hyperspectral Images Classifi cation
    Hsiu-Han Yang, Pai-Hui Hsu

  4. P-4_Q4 Building Extraction from LiDAR Data Using Wavelet Analysis
    Cheng-Kai Wang, Pai-Hui Hsu

  5. P-4_Q5 Comparison of Projection Pursuit and Matching Pursuit in Feature
    Extraction of Hyperspectral Images

    Pai-Hui Hsu

  6. P-4_Q6 Impact of Atmospheric Water Vapor Content on Land Surface
    Temperature Retrieving from NOAA/AVHRR Data

    Shin Akatsuka, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  7. P-4_Q7 A study on estimation of bio-physical parameters of individual tree stands derived from LIDAR data and digital matrix camera image
    Tatsuya Nawamura, Takahiro Endo,Yoshifumi Yasuoka, Masahiro Setojima

  8. P-4_Q8 Analysis of Forest Edges and Interiors Using Landsat TM data
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Yoshifumi Yasuoka

  9. P-4_Q10 Damage Estimate of Waterworks Networks in the Earthquake
    Miyuki Umezawa, Susumu Ogawa

  10. P-4_Q11 Use of GIS and Database Technologies for Knowledge Based
    Prediction of Geological Phenomena by Stochastic Method

    M. Sieste

  11. P-4_Q13 Prediction of the Summer Convection with MODIS and NOAA
    Satellite Data

    G. R. Liu, Y. C. Chaung, T. H. Kuo, Y. J. Chen

  12. P-4_Q14 Using SPOT Satellite Image to Monitor River Water Quality
    Pollution Index

    Min Luen Shih, Pao Shan Yu, Terng Jou Wan, Po Jen Lin, Huei Ru Lin, Shih Peng Lo

  13. P-4_Q15 Analyzing Spatial Pattern of Drought in the Northeast of Thailand
    using Multi-temporal of the Standardized Precipitation Index ( SPI )

    N.Wattanakij, W.Thavorntam, C.Mongkolsawat

  14. P-4_Q16 Development of MODIS Fire Information System for Forest Fire Monitoring in Southeast Asia
    Vivarad Phonekeo, Kyaw Sann Oo, Lal Samarakoon

  15. P-4_Q64 Light environmental monitoring in tropical rainforest
    Mitsunori Yoshimura, Megumi Yamashita, Tomoaki Ichie

  16. P-4_Q65 PAR Estimation based on sky condition modeling using whole sky

    Megumi Yamashita, Mitsunori Yoshimura

  17. P-4_Q66 Different aggregation methods for sustainable forest management assessment
    M. Ali Sharifi, Retno Kuswandari

  18. P-4_Q67 Spatial multiple criteria decision analysis supporting site selection for flood water spreading
    Ali Sharifi

  19. P-4_Q68 Polarimetric SAR obesrvation of environment in Mongolia by

    Motoyuki Sato, Koichi Iribe, D. Anarsaikhan

  20. P-4_Q17 Analysis of the Spatial Continuity Vegetation-covered Areas on a
    Regional Scale

    Kiichiro KUMAGAI, Sosuke MAEDA

  21. P-4_Q18 A time series evaluation of ASTER surface emissivity products
    Takashi Shinoda, Hideyuki Tonooka

  22. P-4_Q19 A study on impact of band-to-band misregistration on ASTER TIR

    Hideyuki Tonooka, Tomoharu Muneta

  23. P-4_Q21 A Comparative study on classifi cation techniques to extract
    urbanization area using satellite images

    Ayako Tanaka, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Koki Iwao

  24. P-4_Q29 Application of Multi-temporal Satellite Data and GIS for the
    Environmantal Change Detection

    Ch. Bolorchuluun, O. Batkhishig, D.Amarsaikhan, V. Battsengel

  25. P-4_Q61 Building Damage Detection of the 2003 Bam, Iran Earthquake
    Using QuickBird Images Based on Object-Based Classifi cation

    Yoshihisa Yano, Fumio Yamazaki

  26. P-4_Q62 Extraction of damaged buildings using high-resolution Satellite
    images in the 2006 Central Java Earthquake

    Kazuki Matsumoto, Tuong Thuy Vu, Fumio Yamazaki

  27. P-4_Q63 Estimation of overturning ratio of tombstones by image analysis of aerial photographs
    Tetsuhiro Nitto, Fumio Yamazaki

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