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ACRS 1992

Sections: [Plenary Session][Agriculture/Soil][Water Resources][Agriculture/Forestry][Education][Forestry][Mapping From Space][Oceanography][Land Use][Digital Image Processing][Geology][Earth Environment][Poster Session 1][Poster Session 2 ][Poster Session 3]

Section 1 : Plenary Session

  1. PLS92-1 Remote Sensing activities in India
    M G Chandrasekhar, V. Jayaraman, K. Radhakrishnan, B. Manikiam and H Honne Gowda

  2. PLS92-2 Remote Sensing activities in Mongolia
    M. Badarch

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Section 2 : Agriculture/Soil

  1. AGS92-1 Rice field inventory using AVHRR data
    D. Bachelet, J.L.Mailander

  2. AGS92-2 Crop hectare estimation by means of satellite image analysis & sampling techniques
    Zahra Shoari

  3. AGS92-3 Analysis of Rangeland vegetation using Remote Sensing
    Shigeru Takahata

  4. AGS92-4 A study on single and multiple polarization SAR image interpretation for agri-application
    Zhang Wei, Yan Tailai

  5. AGS92-5 Methodology for estimation of soil moisture based on complex processing of ground observation and satellite data
    R. Oyun

  6. AGS92-6 Application of Remote Sensing Technology to investigate the Grassland Resources on Zhenglan Country, Inner Mongolia
    Su He, Ren Zhibi

  7. AGS92-7 Disaster Monitoring using Remote Sensing and Ground Data in Mongolia
    M. Badarch, L. Natsagdorj

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Section 3 : Water Resources

  1. WR92-1 Flood Studies in Asia by Remote Sensing
    M.A.H. Pramanik, S.Murai, Y. Honda, A.S.Herath, H. kakiuchi and M. Takagi

  2. WR92-2 Digital analysis of satellite data in water resourses studies
    A.K. Chakraborti, B. Ganbaatar

  3. WR92-3 Bathymetry in clear waters from Landsat-5 Satellite Data
    Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Seeni Mohd, Samsudin Ahmad, Mohamad Yem

  4. WR92-4 A primary estimation of surface water distribution in China
    Chensheng Shi, Ryotaro Tateishi, Koji Kajiwaa

  5. WR92-5 Studies of Glacier Change during Quaternary Period in Tibet by using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
    Sh1 Changan, Liu Jiyuan

  6. WR92-6 On refinement of Water Resources Mapping and development of Flood Forecast Method, using Remote Sensing and Ground Data
    Sumiya. G
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Section 4 : Agriculture/Forestry

  1. AGF92-1 Detecting forest areas and crops using vegetation indices
    Dr. Mohd. Ibrahim Seeni Mohd, Azhar Jj. Salleh

  2. AGF92-2 Detection and mapping of vegetal cover depletion of a catchment areas using Remote Sensing
    Mustapha K. Idris & Hamirdin I.

  3. AGF92-3 Remote Sensing Application Study on Environmental Hazards in Shaanxi, China
    Yang Minjun

  4. AGF92-4 Application and analysis on forest types and land-used classification using digital image processing
    Manasanan Kantontong

  5. AGF92-5 Detection of the windfall damage to forests caused by the Typhoons 9117 and 9119
    Gen Takao
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Section 5 : Education

  1. ED92-1 UNESCOS Remote Sensing activities - towards the operational use of Remote Sensing
    Kumon Tokumaru, R. Missotten, V. Moustafaev, M. Hashizume

  2. ED92-2 Training and Research Promotion on Remote Sensing in Thailand
    Chalomphon Bang-on,Boonboothara Vijitkulsawat

  3. ED92-3 A New Research Tool For Environmental Studies LUT map : Land Use and Topography
    L. Kithsiri Perera, Ryutaro Tateishi

  4. ED92-4 Perspective Approach in Remote Sensing Training
    AK Gupta, K Ganesha Raj, MG Chandrasekhar

  5. ED92-5 The Swedish ISY Contribution
    A Rosenqvist, H. Osterlund
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Section 6 : Forestry

  1. FR92-1 A Global Map for Forest Conservation
    Ryosuke Shibashki, Yoshiaki Honda, Shunji Murai

  2. FR92-2 Forest type mappign of Shiwalik hills near Haldiwani, Nainital, district, India through satellite Remote Sensing Technique
    Sangeeta Gupta

  3. FR92-3 Use of Photogrammetry for Researching of The Distribution of Damage from a Tornado
    Ichiro Adachi, Toshio Koizumi

  4. FR92-4 Monitoring of tropic forest using Remote Sensing in Xishuangbanna. China

  5. FR92-5 Studies of the vegetation change on the territory of Mongolia using AVHRR and Meteorological ground data
    Ts. Adyasuren, V. Bayarjargal
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Section 7 : Mapping From Space

  1. MSP92-1 Topographical Mapping from Stereo Satellite Data - Preliminary Findings
    Mazlan Hashim,Abdul Razak Abu Bakar Check Zainuddin Check Jusoh,Sansudin Ahmad

  2. MSP92-2 DEM Generation and Orthophoto Production With SPOT Imagery
    Kim Eui-Hong, Nah Bang-Hyun and Park Hong-Gi

  3. MSP92-3 Generation of Cloud Free Vegetation Index Map
    Toshiaki Hashimoto, Shunji Murai

  4. MSP92-4 Application of GER-II data For Geomorphological Analysis
    Cohen A, Amarsaikhan D and Dee Leeuw J, Andrews M

  5. MSP92-5 An Outlook on the National Mapping Tasks in Mongolia using Remote Sensing
    Dambyn Gangsukh

  6. MSP92-6 Approaches to establish Land Resource Information on a large scale by gathering advantages of every level government
    Chen Min Zhi

  7. MSP92-7 New Possibilities for SAR Observations
    Nobuhiko Kodaira
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Section 8 : Oceanography

  1. OCN92-1 A study on biological Co2 fixation in the sea on the earth
    Shintaor Goto,Shunji Murai

  2. OCN92-2 Sea surface effect in sea surface temperature detection
    Ryuzo Yokohama, Takashi souma, Sumio tanba
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Section 9 : Land Use

  1. LU92-1 Knowledge - based Approach to Update Landuse Layer of an Operational GIS
    Amarsaikhan. D,Gorte. B, Nieuwenhuis. W, Bakker. W

  2. LU92-2 Spatial land use/land capability data for northeast Thailand a new challenge resource planning
    C. Mongkolsawat, P. Thirangoon,P. MacLean, A. Sowana

  3. LU92-3 A Research on Remote Sensing Image Computer Recognition of Urban Land - Use Based on Knowledge
    Hu Baoxin Zhu Chongguang
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Section 10 : Digital Image Processing

  1. DIP92-1 A deductive object - oriented approach to Geographic Information Systems
    Vilas Wuwongse, Wiboon Promphanich

  2. DIP92-2 An Attempt to Observe Paths of Particle of Wind Flowing over Buildings Utilizing Simplified Aerial Photogrammetry
    Toshio Koizumi, Hiroto Hagura

  3. DIP92-3 Cloud cover and could shadow removing based on 2-dimensional histogram
    F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan, T. Tanapanpanich,D. Lisawadiratanakul

  4. DIP92-4 Feature extraction from remotely sensed data using modified Homomorphic Filtering Approach
    Nitin Kumar Tripathi,K V G K Gokhale

  5. DIP92-5 Neural network structure generation for the classification of remotely sensed data using simulated annealing
    Hosomura, P. K. M. M. Pallewatta, H. N. D. Karunasekara

  6. DIP92-6 An Attempt to Observe Paths of Particle of Wind Flowing over Buildings Utilizing Simplified Aerial Photogrammetry
    Wu Jianping

  7. DIP92-7 Automatic classification of NOAA GVI data Set
    Sunpyo Hong, Akira Inoue, Takashi Tada, Kiyonari Fukue, Haruhisa Shimoda,Toshibumi Sakata

  8. DIP92-8 Image and Graphics Processing of Computer-Aided Cartographic using Remote Sensing data
    Wang Weimin,Cui Weihong

  9. DIP92-9 Morphology based an automated approach for editing raster digitized contour maps
    Chen Xiaoyong, Shunji Murai,Michio Kawahara, Yoshinori Yajima, Kentaro Narigasawa, Doihara Takeshi

  10. DIP92-10 A noise reduction method for portable Lidar Echo data using statistical technique
    Hiroshi Okumura, Tradashi Sugita, Hironori Matsumoto, Nobuo Takeuchi

  11. DIP92-11 An algorithm of extracting contours to produce DTM from muti-color topographic map
    Guo Jun,Zhu Chongguang

  12. DIP92-12 A Interpolation method of Global Climate Data
    Teruyuki ITO, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Yoshiaki Honda

  13. DIP92-13 Study on Lossless Compression of Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
    Kai Xu,Hiroshi Okayama,Koji Kajiwara

  14. DIP92-14 A Surface Interpolation for Large-scale Representation of Terrain Surface in An Urban Area
    Huag Shaobo,R.Shibasaki
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Section 11 : Geology

  1. GEO92-1 Archaeological application of Remote Sensing in Mongolia
    Toshibumi Sakata,Haruhisa Shimoda,Masahiko Etaya, G. Ganzorig, Hiroshi Isobe and S. Kato

  2. GEO92-2 Applying Radar Imagery to Gold Exploration in Altai Area, Northwest China
    Li Lin,Lin Shudao,Guo Huadong,Lin Qizhong

  3. GEO92-3 Land Form Classification by using Neural Network
    Mitsuharu Tokunaga, Seiichi Hara, Toshiaki Hashimoto and Shunji Murai

  4. GEO92-4 Interpretation of Remote Sensing information related to uranium mineralization in quaternary covering area
    Huang Xianfang, Luo Fusheng, Tian Hua Zhang Shuiming, Feng Jie

  5. GEO92-5 Integrated Analysis of phytogeochemical anomalies and oil Remote Sensing abnormalities for prospecting oil pools in arid region in the west of China
    Yang Hong,Zhang Jianzhong,Zhu Boqin,Li Jiahong
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Section 12 : Earth Environment

  1. EEN92-1 Ecological Mapping and evaluation of Mongolian nature based on Remote Sensing Data
    Dr. M. Saandar, Dr. D. Gunin

  2. EEN92-2 A Solid angle based coordinate system for global GIS
    Koji Kajiwara

  3. EEN92-3 The estimation and mapping of the grassland and desertification status in the UVS NUUR HOLLOW using satellite and round data
    D. Sash, G. Tsolmon, M. Badarch, U. Bayarjargal

  4. EEN92-4 Application of Airborne Remote Sensing Data Transmission System in Earth Environment Monitoring
    Shi Zehua, Zhang Zhaming, Sun Maohua

  5. EEN92-5 Global Mapping for Global Environment
    Hiroshi Masaharu

  6. EEN92-6 Assessment of human impact on Co2 fixation due to vegetation change
    Y. Honda, S. Murai
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Section 13 : Poster Session 1

  1. PS192-1 On the fault tectonics of the Baruun Huuray basin by using Remote Sensing images
    G. Badarch, D. Dorjnamjaa and M. Saandar

  2. PS192-2 The registration of NOAA - AVHRR and ground truth data
    R. Oyun, M. Bayasgalan, Sh. Munkhtuya, M. Enkhbayar

  3. PS192-3 Tidal wetland mapping using remotely sensed data
    V. Shreedhara, A.N. Sherieff, M. Sabappa Reddy, C. R. Bannur and S. R. Nayak,Baldev Sahahi

  4. PS192-4 A Remote – Sensing study on the distribution pattern of ancient. PLATFORM – like ruins and earth-mounded graves of TH WU colture in southern Jiangsu, China and its relation. ship with palaegeographical evolution
    LIU Shuren YU Guopei

  5. PS192-5 Elimination and simulation of Terrain Effects on Remote Sensing images using DTM
    Weiqing Zhang,Runsheng Wang

  6. PS192-6 Ground target recognition: The operationally of Remote Sensing techniques in the tropics
    Mazlan Hashim,Mohd Ibrahim,Smasudin Ahmad,Sarudin Awang

  7. PS192-7 Thermal images and the search for Uranium Metallogenic Province
    Yu Baoshan

  8. PS192-8 The study of relationship between the ground targets spectral data and ATH data
    Zhang Z. G.

  9. PS192-9 Research on land Resource by Remote Sensing in inner Mongolia, China
    Zhao Ji

  10. PS192-10 Management of Wetlands – A Remote Sensing Approach
    S. Sudhakar, V. Jayasree, M. Prithviraj and A. K. Raha

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Section 14 : Poster Session 2

  1. PS292-1 Monitoring of surface temperature daily dynamics using NOAA-AVHRR data
    R. Oyun, S. Altankhuyag, S. Tuya

  2. PS292-2 Geological – Structural and Matallogenic features of the Shuteen Ring Structure
    B Delgertsogth and L. Daramsenqe

  3. PS292-3 Edge enhancement, using transform of subtracted smoothing image
    F. Cheevasuvit, K. Dejhan,A. Somboonkaew

  4. PS292-4 The Application of TM Lmagery to grassland resources investigation in loess plateau region
    Saiyinbatu,RenZhibi,Su He

  5. PS292-5 Analysis of the reintroduction of the asiatic wild asses in the Ramon nature reserve, ISRAEE using RS and GIS techniques
    Cohen A, Amarsaikhan D and De Leeuw

  6. PS292-6 The use of OR method and establishment of data bank in Land Resource Survey
    Chen Xi

  7. PS292-7 The application of the Remote Sensing in river engineering scale modelling
    Luo Dan,Chen Xuelian

  8. PS292-8 Intelligent control, measurement and data processing in microwave scatterometer
    B. Q. Zheng,H. Qin, X. Ao

  9. PS292-9 A method of measuring and calculating complex dielectric at broad microwave bands
    Hao Weixing

  10. PS292-10 To complite the tourist atlas of Guangdong province using Remote Sensed images
    Guan Luji,Chen Xiaoxiang

  11. PS292-11 The Analysis of Remote Sensing For Bay’s Self – purificability
    Li Tiefang, Chen Xiaoxiang, Li Jin

  12. PS292-12 Criteria for locating Tin Ore deposites by Remote Sensing detection
    Feng Junbi

  13. PS292-13 A primary analysis of influence factors on the ground based spectral reflectance of grassland vegetation
    Wang yanrong, Yun Shipeng

  14. PS292-14 Remote Sensing Monitoring of Land Utilization and Salinization for Decade Dynamics in Hetao Irrigation Area of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
    Wang Wen-sheg, Xiao Dong, Guo Ri – Qin, Li Ning, Wang Zhi, Guo Jin – sheng
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Section 15 : Poster Session 3

  1. PS392-1 Methodology Study on the Remote Sensing Geological Prospection is Shhanxi Province, China
    Bai Xing Feng,Ran Xing Min

  2. PS392-2 Monitoring urban expending by space Remote Sensing
    Wu Qiuhua

  3. PS392-3 The algorithm converting 2DRE quadtree to vector
    Xiao Ke

  4. PS392-4 Estimating Leaf-Area Index of a Crown Canopy in a Pecan Orchard
    Li Xiaowen Wang Jindi, Zhu Chongguang, Liu Yi and Alan H. Strahler

  5. PS392-5 Bidirectional Radiance Data Processing for Forest Canopy BRDF Model Studies
    Wang Jindi,Li Xiaowern,Alan H. Strahler

  6. PS392-6 The arcuate – structures on space borne remotely sensed imagery : their genesis and domination in gold mineralization
    Lin Qizhong, Guo Huadong, Shao Yun

  7. PS392-7 A Remote Sensing Basic Study on Relation Between the Spectral properties (0.40 – 1.10um) of the Oil and Gas Microseepage in East Hebei Province
    Tian Qingjiu,Liu Yi,Zhang Lei

  8. PS392-8 Image processing of airborne shortwave infrared split-spectral scanning data in detecting oil pools by using Remote Sensing techniques
    Li Jiahong, Zhang Jiangzhong, Yang Hong, Zhu Boqin

  9. PS392-9 Colour concordance theory and control techniques of LANDSAT image maps
    Shi Junmei,Zhang Shengkai

  10. PS392-10 Combining Bathymetric Mapping with Side Scan Sonar
    Yoshiaki Igarashi and Toshiaki Ueki

  11. PS392-11 Basic Study on Orhon – Ongin River Diversion
    G. Lakhan-Aasuren, A. Tsetsgee, M. Saandar, Hiroshi Yamamota, A. Hamamori

  12. PS392-12 Estimation of cloud type, its amount and precipitation area using NOAA – AVHRR data
    M. Bayasgalan, M. Erdenetuya

  13. PS392-13 Intercept Photosynthetically Active Radiation Estimated By Spectral
    Jin Zhonghui, Zhang Hongming, Wang Jiasheng, Huang Xinshou
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